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[PC] Steam - Square-Enix Publisher Weekend Sale, Games Discounted by up to 75%


As an extension of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Sale, Square-Enix is having a general publisher sale on Steam.

  • Genre refers to the genres listed on the Steam Storefront.
  • All prices listed below use the Australian Steam Storefront prices (Square-Enix generally does NOT regionally price discriminate for Australians).
  • Exchange rate conversion is using Google's currency converter as of 11am, 17/02/2017 AEDT - Exchange rates are subject to change.
  • Historical Lowest price refers to the cheapest the game has been using IsThereAnyDeal's price checker, and does not include prices set by other region Steam Storefronts (if you want to get games that way, you need to trade with other users from those regions).

Highlighted Deals

Game Genre Discount USD Price AUD Price (converted) Historical Lowest Price?
Rise of the Tomb Raider Action, Adventure 60% off US$59.99 US$23.99 AU$77.95 AU$31.19 Yes
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster RPG 50% off US$29.99 US$14.99 AU$38.95 AU$19.47 No - cheaper at S-E store
Just Cause 3 Action, Adventure 75% off US$59.99 US$14.99 AU$38.95 AU$19.47 No
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII RPG 50% off US$19.99 US$9.99 AU$25.97 AU$12.98 No - cheaper at S-E store
HITMAN™: INTRO PACK [Prologue + Episode 1] Action 50% off US$14.99 US$7.49 AU$19.47 AU$9.73 Yes
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Action, RPG 70% off US$59.99 US$17.99 AU$77.95 AU$23.38 No
Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Edition Action, RPG 50% off US$39.99 US$19.99 AU$51.95 AU$25.97 Yes
I Am Setsuna RPG 40% off US$39.99 US$23.99 AU$51.95 AU$31.19 No
Life Is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) Action, Adventure 75% off US$19.99 US$4.99 AU$25.97 AU$6.49 No
Lara Croft GO Adventure 50% off US$9.99 US$4.99 AU$12.98 AU$6.49 Yes
The Turing Test Adventure 50% off US$19.99 US$9.99 AU$25.97 AU$12.98 Yes

There's also a heap of other games published by Square-Enix (or Eidos, now owned by Square-Enix) that have been discounted, including from the following series:

  • Deus Ex
  • Thief
  • Legacy of Kain
  • Tomb Raider/Lara Croft
  • Hitman
  • Just Cause
  • Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary sale) - compare with S-E store FF30 sale before buying.
  • Kane & Lynch

And standalone titles:

  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • The Last Remnant
  • Mini Ninjas

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  • The Last Remnant is an awesome (albeit quite unknown) game, anyone interested in FF style RPGs should give it a go.

  • -1

    75% off is pretty much the maximum I would pay for a Square Enix game, and even still I'd have to balk.

    • +3

      Each to their own, but i think you are nuts.

      The new Deus Ex games have been solid, not perfect but very good, and the new Tomb Raider games have been amazing, some of the best games i have played recently.

      The GO games have been pretty fun as well for a mobile game to play, and Just cause 3 is a decent game too if you just want to blow some stuff up and have some fun….

  • +1

    Finally, The Turing Test is on a decent sale. Part of me wants to wait for it to drop even more, but I love first person puzzle games, so I should probably vote with my wallet on this one.

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