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Panorama Canvas Photo Print on Sale 30x60cm $29.95, 50x101cm $59.95 @Harvey Norman, Free Pick up


Okay, no one ever pays full price for canvas prints. Prices similar to the regular Big W deals. If you need to print a canvas print soon, these seem to be pretty good price until the next round of discounting:
30x60cm: $29.95 (reg $89.95)
50x101cm: $59.95 (reg $229)

Larger sizes also on special, e.g. 76x154cm $194.97 (reg $389.95) if you are into prints the size of a TV…

Free to pick up in around 10 days if you live near a store.

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    Sorry if this is a dumb question but when it says canvas print does it mean it is for the one like in the photo…Framed and ready to hang? Or does it come all rolled up and you need to find a place to frame it?

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      ready to hang
      "…. printed on high quality artist stock canvas then stretched and wrapped around a quality wooden frame."

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      Description from the HN website:

      "Canvas Prints are printed on high quality artist stock, then stretched and wrapped around a quality wooden frame. Comes with hooks and string for instant hanging.
      Available in Landscape or Portrait orientation
      Material: Artistic satin canvas with solid softwood frame with a wedged mitre joint and nylon hanging point"

      You could mount an additional frame around these if you want to hide the overhang that wraps around.


        Thank you!! Might give it a go :)


    Anyone know the quality compared to the Big W ones?

    Ordered 6 all up from Big W, been very happy with the quality of each canvas, so if these are of a similar or even better quality, it's a decent bargain imo.


    i have some good photos, havent got time to photoshoped them yet. I am wondering how "accurate" (or "similar"?) the color and saturation of the print-outs are compared to the photos displayed on my monitor? to get the best results, what the ideal resolution of the original photos i should provide and in what format? (raw? or just jpeg?)

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      I'd provide JPEG.

      If you have no intention of editing your photos - shoot in JPEG. You'll get a better image than Raw. Most JPEG photos straight out of the camera, will come with some minor processing and have some DRO (Dynamic Range Optimisation) and some vibrancy boosts.

      Raw is for users who intend to edit the image after. It gives you the flexibility to edit the photo and control how much dynamic range you would like, and how much vibrancy boost you would like to add (just a few examples of what RAW can do). There are much more advanced features such as split toning and image temperature you can also change a lot more easily in RAW.

      Because of your question - I assume you don't edit the photos after they come out from the camera, so in that case I would give the JPEG image.


        i do always shoot raw + mid size jpeg ("mid size" from a d800). i do process some photos when i am in the good mood or have intention to print them out (like now). however, have never tried to print out on a canvas. so have no idea how they will look like in terms of actual color range, color saturation, and resolution (ppi?).

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          I've done it a few times. Giving the raw will come out unprocessed and dull.

          Even if you do process your RAW files - you end up saving it as a Jpeg. So definitely send the jpeg (whether it's processed or not).

          Color range and saturation - if you have a reasonably accurate monitor, it should be similar. Only thing I recommend is to bump up the brightness a half stop or so (without clipping the image) because canvas prints are obviously not backlit and can look a bit dull.

          PPI - not amazing but then again it's a canvas print not a glass print (which has much better PPI).

          Otherwise, it's $30. Start with one image and see how it comes out.

          Good luck! :)


          @Tech and cars: thanks a lot!