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360 Rotating Universal Phone Holder US $1 (~AU $1.3) Delivered @DD4.COM


Thought someone may need it as the price goes down a little bit.

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    I really have my doubts about the ability of that to support a phone

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    Needs to go from basket/checkout directly to pay with PayPal without having to sign up

    How the better online purchase website are

    Will pass based on that

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      Do you mean better online purchase website can buy without signup? Could you please give me some examples? We'd like to make shopping easy for customers.


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        They usually allow for guest checkouts.

      • A lot of sites have express checkout. If you need example try
        go to any item, click 'buy it now', then 'checkout with pay pal'

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          I'll try.

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          we now have guest check out. When you want to buy something from DD4, you can try this new function.

        • @Summer071212:

          I am sure you can show me your gratitude by supplying me a nice discount code :-)

          Glad you fixed it, much better!

    • We now have guest checkout.

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      It's really hard for me to know what you mean every time you comment.

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        You're not the only one :)

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          Don't be a goose quakka…

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    Why not? ordered one…

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    What size phone does this support ?

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      i used on my note 5 and then s7edge and it works really well.

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      No problem with iPhone 6s plus

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        They have another model for iPhone users, it's the same thing but costs $150.00.

        • Fabulous bargain.

        • The iHold?

  • bought 2, thanks op. This is good price i remember i bought one for $5 a year ago.

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • Ordered 2 , how long do I expect the shipping take?

    • +9

      Only you can answer that.

  • cannot complete payment via paypal, page doesnt load

    • confirm your eamil address and then try

      • have ordered from dd4 previously so email is confirmed, page goes to payment failed screen with error: Merchant order number of repetitions exceeds the maximum limit

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    I have the exact same one!

    It holds my phone (Sony Xperia Z) just fine, but remember that it will shake when touching the screen since the neck is very long.
    Instead, I'm actually using it to hold a Lego dragon clamped to a bookshelf to resemble it flying and it has not fallen off for ages.

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      I was only going to buy a couple for my desks.. but you just gave me a reason to buy another.

  • Might order a couple tomorrow as the whole bendy metal thing is something I think would be handy for various little projects.

  • I had something similar. It wasn't very good, hard to adjust, and the wire snapped at the clamp end after two weeks.

  • Hi Summer, can I pay by Australian dollar instead of USD? The products are denominated in AUD but when I get to PayPal it's actually in USD.

    • NO. DD4 only accept USD.

  • D'ya reckon you could clamp this thing to a treadmill?

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    Paid using Paypal and get failed page says "Payment is not successful, please contact customer service" but check on Paypal and Paypal says payment completed.

    • I ended up paying twice according to PayPal and once according to DD4

      • Could you please PM your order number.

        • I contacted by chat then email already. thanks

    • Same issue here.
      Paid with Paypal and got this message:

      Payment failed.
      * Your order payment failure, please contact the merchant or re payment. 
      * You can also go to the User Center to View Your Order.

  • Bought one a month ago for 1.99. It's quite good.

  • +2

    OP I suggest you amend your title to delivered instead of Delievered.

    • Thanks. Will do now.

  • Thanks ordered 3. At the checkout, I also got the paypal error but got the confirmation email from both paypal and DD4. Hope I will get them.

  • Not having any luck creating an account, no matter what i put i get:

    "System Information
    Illegal submit data
    Go Back"

  • any chance the this can hold a Kindle paperwhite?

  • Every time I click on the "Place Order" I got error message: "Order failed". This happened with other DD4 deal too (

  • My order from last DD4 deal for minecraft green bag has not being shipped yet…

    • Please PM your order number. I can help you check it out.


  • Has anyone tried one of these in the car?

    • +3

      I did, no go, it wiggles around pretty bad…

      • Good to know thanks!

  • How can people buy it already.
    It says flash deal starts in 20 mins for me :(

  • Wondering if it would be suitable to attach to a golf buggy and hold the phone while on course?

  • +1

    Website is very buggy…
    I tried to login and it came up with some chinese notification, apparently saying that I'm not a seller.
    I tried the link on this post, and each time I tried to add to cart, it says
    System Information
    Sorry,there're no products in your shopping cart.
    Go Back

    Anyone experience issue?

    • Yep, exact same issues.

      Took a few goes to verify email as well.

      This site sucks.

    • I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm asking technical staff to check it out now.

    • Try now please. The issue is gone.

      • Thanks, I managed to get through but in Shipping Address, the state is coming up as "undefined".
        So my shipping address came up as:


        Tried many times to amend Shipping Address.
        Also subtotal charged 1c extra when I buy 3… lol

        • PM your order number. I think we have your state. It just not shows when you place the order.

        • @Summer071212: PMed.. Thanks

      • Thanks, worked for me as well.

  • +1

    Getting this for my toddler to go on the pram or high chain while out shopping. Good way to distract a crying baby with ABC kids and a phone.

  • I'll bite

  • I also paid twice as per Paypal. My order number is 1705325836

    • Check on it right now.

  • +1

    Still "Order failed" every time, from 2 different computers.

    "System Message
    You are not a seller
    Go Back"

    This site sucks.

    • Hi
      Could you please PM your problem in details? We want to solve this problem and provide our customer with better shopping experience.

  • I have been trying to pay by VISA, for 10 times now, none of them was successful, always "system busy payment failed", is this really a reliable website?

    • Could you please let me know your order number to see if the VISA has been debited but the order is still pending?

  • I just signed up Ozbargain to leave a comment here.

    2 days ago I paid twice by Paypal(still error message).
    I requested refund using 'Chat now', and they told me to send Paypal statement directly to customer service center.
    So I did all that, just to refund $1.3.

    Then I got email from the seller saying that "The store Hot999 has cancelled your order. The cancel reason is Requested by buyer"
    I just chat with rep and was told to wait while they check it and reply by mail.

    So much trouble on this site.

    • Hi do you mean it shows error message when you pay the first time? Does it show payment successful when you pay the second time via paypal?

  • All my orders are being canceled after payment are being made. Is this a normal procedure for DD4?

    1704855510 2017-02-18 Timsamy AU$49.38 Order cancelled View Order
    1704832513 2017-02-18 Timsamy AU$52.18 Order cancelled View Order

    • Hi,
      Checked with related staff. Your order is canceled because of your shippping address is not same with PayPal address. Customer service tried to reach you, but failed.
      If you still want to make the order, I'd suggest you make your shipping address same with PayPal address.


  • I have sent them an email confirming the new address, but still got cancelled. Can they still manage this order? They haven't refunded the money yet

    • It's refunded on Feb.25. Could you pelase check your paypal account?

      • Yes it has been refunded. Thanks

  • I ordered a few items and my order got cancelled because it is considered too heavy as it is over 2kg. I was asked to re-order the items separately. If it was too heavy and can't be shipped together, can't you just send them separately instead of cancelling the order? All the items are free shipping anyway.

    The item has gone up in price now and I don't want to pay extra just because of a silly non-existent unspoken shipping policy.

  • Received mine today. Broken.
    Part of the socked joint broke off (I assume in transit).

    • Hi
      You can contact DD4's customer service for a refund.

      • Same here, received this week and the clip was in pieces with the plastic snapped off. How do we contact DD4's customer service?

  • Hmm. Haven't received much mine yet. Hopefully soon. Received the xiaomi USB led about 3 days back (had ordered on same day)

    • Not the same seller, I guess.

      • Yes different seller. Arrived Yesterday :)

  • +1

    I got my two the other day surprised how well made they are and finding them very useful for clamping all manner of things.

  • Mine took 2 weeks to arrive, it was high quality. Thanks OP hopefully will put it to use.

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