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Flying or Running Alarm Clock 9.99 + Delivery 5.99


If you’re not much of a morning person then this might not be the alarm clock for you. If however you’re just plain lazy and can’t get out of bed, perhaps you should read on! Prepare yourself to be extremely annoyed when at the allotted time you’ll be up chasing your alarm clock across the floor or trying to catch it at it whizzes around your room, without a chance of shutting up until you get out, find it and put it back on the base, or pressing snooze. Great for those mothers with lazy teenage boys or for your flatmate who is forever missing the important work meeting.

Choose from:

•Running alarm clock
•Flying alarm clock
Colours of the alarm clock you choose may vary from the image shown. Colours are assorted.
Each Running and Flying alarm clock is sold separately.

Running alarm clock:

•Mixture of alarm noises (similar to C-3P0!)
•Omni-directional turning
•Rapid running
•LCD digital display
•Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
◦Whole unit: 13.5cm (W) x 8cm (D) x 9cm (H)
◦Wheels: 9cm diameter
•Weight: 330g
Flying alarm clock:

•Digital alarm clock with loud siren alarm
•Two part clock - base and propeller top
•Snooze function
•Suitable for ages 8 years+
•Requires 5 x AA batteries (not included)
•Dimensions: 14cm circumference x 11cm (H)
•Weight: 325g
Shipping cost is $5.99.

I have the running one and its exellent to try out on friends staying over, really want the flying one.

I would buy it except they dont take paypal without having to sign up for an account…..

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  • +1 vote

    it wont last a week before i break it.


    No AC power :(


    Lololololol, I would smash that after a night
    out!! That flying one really doesn't sound safe though


      They are actually tougher than you think, and if it is rolling away or flying it cannot have ac power as the cord would tangle or make it easy to catch

      they are great fun though and for 9.99 who cares if you smash it/break it


    Probably not great for early risers with other loved (or not-so loved) ones in the bedroom.

    Imagine the fracas trying to find a helicopter in a dark room with shoes/clothes/animals/squatters/used tissues/nuclear waste etc scattered about the floor…Absolute nightmare.

    On another note, I wondered if anyone would put this up (after the conversation yesterday). Well done for having the balls to do so Mik.


    I was thinking that it could be a fun way to wake up, but i will prob just sleep through the annoyance and it will only drive the cats crazy


    OMG, what's next!


    Was waiting for the flying alarm clock to go on sale again. Have a friend who's always late for stuff in the mornings, even though he has like 3 alarms. Hopefully this'll sort him out.


    couldnt resist… i got one…

    now i got the BOMB alarm clock, EGG alarm clock, RUNNING alarm clock and FLYING alarm clock….

    that should wake me up…


    I'm trying to work out what would happen if the flying one hits my spinning ceiling fan. Or if it hovers above your head, and then the batteries run out.

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