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Mens Shoe Sale $29.95 + Postage with Coupon Redemption @ Brand House Direct


Mens Last Pairs Casual & Dress Shoe Sale $29.95 With Coupon Redemption!

Warehouse Foreman Says SELL, SELL, SELL!

A selection of styles that will see you through the day with comfort and style. Whether wearing them to work, wearing them to a weekend BBQ or standing on your feet all day, these shoes are comfortable, durable and stylish.

All styles are 100% brand new and in original condition. We are running out of room in our warehouse so we have been told to move the lot at a bargain price for a quick sale.

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  • +8

    The Vaya of shoes companies, selling many store returns and dubious shoes as new. They are the "Vaya" because they are OK if your sale goes smoothly but an absolute nightmare if it does not.
    Read these product review entries, they are true. http://www.productreview.com.au/p/brand-house-direct.html
    Negging due to problem with company - they have shocking customer service

    • Please also read our google trusted reviews with over 2000 positive customer reviews: http://www.google.com.au/shopping/seller?q=brandhousedirect....

      We are a large volume seller and deal with 1000s of customers each week. We do our best to try and keep customers happy but unfortunately a 100% success rate is impossible. I know of no retailer that has 100% positive customer reviews. The few negative reviews you have read is a tiny portion of our business, to be fair, please also read our 2000+ positive customer reviews: http://www.google.com.au/shopping/seller?q=brandhousedirect....

      • +2

        "We do our best to try and keep customers happy "

        I'm sorry but this is not true. You angrily upsell or insist customers pay two way shipping when you send out incorrect products. Ie shipping and include a 3kg Australia Post satchel with your return.
        That was what I was told and I see others in the reviews had the same experience. You customer service is just terrible.

        • That was the terms of sale for that particular promotion that was clearly stated during the promotion.

          With this current oz bargain promotion, we offer a full return policy in which you can return your item if you need for exchange or a refund. If you choose to exchange we pay the return shipping back to the customer. Also if you pay with for your order using a paypal account, you can have your postage reimbursed to you by paypal if you need to return the item to us so you won't be out of pocket for returning the item.

        • @brandhousedirect:
          Really that you'll be paying shipping THREE TIMES !!!
          Golly gee I must have missed that in the T and C.
          Shipping out, shipping for the return and include a 3 kg Australia Post satchel for the correct shoes. When YOUR COMPANY is at fault.
          J U S T S H O C K I N G

        • -1

          @King Tightarse: I don't think you understand what I am saying. Read here for the returns policy relating to this current oz bargain post if you need to return the item: http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/pages/policies
          We do offer returns for this promotion, you can return any item for exchange or refund. Nice and simple.

        • +1

          I understand 100%
          And that is exactly where your problems start. "Returns policy" is fine for customers who make a change of mind, but what about damaged products or wrong sized when your company is at fault? You attempt to apply the same "returns policy" and take no responsibility for errors with the original order. That is where it begins!
          I would recommend you read the product reviews and see what you can learn from them.
          Ignore them if you want, but eventually cheap prices and transient specials won't be enough to drown out the voices of the people who are unhappy with your customer service.
          Look at your deals here on Ozbargain. Getting less and less good results more dissatisfied people speaking up.
          You need to make changes

        • +2

          @brandhousedirect: Well you just stated a terrible return policy:

          If you choose to exchange we pay the return shipping back to the customer.

          Really? When exactly do you think a customer makes the decision to exchange or refund? Both involve having to return the goods and you just explicitly implied that return postage is the customer's responsibility.

          you can have your postage reimbursed to you by paypal if you need to return the item to us so you won't be out of pocket for returning the item.

          So a viable business like yours that "deal with 1000s of customers each week", relies on Paypal's Refunded Return Service, a service offered solely to only buyers, owned and operated by another business. Hmm… remind me the values you offer as a business again? Oh right, great prices? How about great price vs false statements on product condition?

          Non-existent customer service? Checked.
          Convoluted return policy? Checked.
          Avoid at all costs? Please do so.

    • +3

      Good on you, KT. OzB ain't no place for no dodgy deals. To StoreRep: no hard feelings there, just in this place (better) people tend to look after their own. Had my own butt and wallet saved on a few occasions.

      • 2000+ positive google trusted customer reviews demonstrate that we are credible seller, http://www.google.com.au/shopping/seller?q=brandhousedirect....
        Keep in mind that are always 2 sides to a coin, the majority of our customers are very happy with our services and products.

        • +1

          Product Review entries can be a bit negative IE sometimes people are only motivated if they had a bad experience.
          HOWEVER yours are the worst I have seen and tbey pretty much all say the same thing: shocking, terrible, angry and deceptive customer service.

        • @King Tightarse: Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with us. I don't think there is anything else that I could say to change your opinion. That was the terms of sale during the promotion you previously purchased in and I can only assume that you didn't read the terms of sale prior to purchase.

        • +1

          Well, I think you should read those Product Reviews and contemplate taking them seriously.
          Its not just me, everyone is saying the exact same thing: they are extremely unhappy with your customer service.
          You need to make big changes to your CS approach.

        • +1

          @King Tightarse: We will definitely have a read and will take all feedback on board, both positive and negative. I would appreciate that you could also consider both sides of the coin. I am more than happy to work with you in the future and look after you with a good deal on a new pair of shoes. I really don't want you to be upset and I would like to try an keep you happy as a customer. If you want to take me up on this offer, please email me at [email protected]

        • +2

          @brandhousedirect: Crap service. I regret buying from you guys. It has been a week and I still do not have my shoes. I purchased from the UK on the same day and have already received my delivery. From no where in Australia will it take over a week for delivery of item.

          I am lodging a PayPal Claim against you guys.

  • +2

    i bought few in the early days, but lucky all the sizes were fit me nicely.
    not sure now but before they had some limited editions (obviously not so popular styles) but if you like them then yeah you can get them cheaper than other places.

  • +1

    Warehouse Foreman Says SELL, SELL, SELL!

    I think you forgot to mention that… 'This sale is CRAZY! EVERYTHING MUST GO, GO, GO!' :P

  • +2

    Warehouse Foreman Says SELL, SELL, SELL!

    You can yell all you want, but regardless of what was said before regarding The Vaya of shoes companies, I have 1 more reason to add. As soon as I go to a site and see that pop up, someone, somewhere bought something 32 seconds ago, my mouse cursor goes to that small red box with x on it. And you can be sure I won't be visiting your site any time soon. If I find out, you got rid of that pop up, I might, depending whether you are still The Vaya of shoes companies. No big loss to me and there are other shops around who don't try to poke you every 10 seconds that someone somewhere bought something x secs/mins ago.

  • I bought a pair about 2 years ago and size/quality were excellent. In fact, I'm still wearing them albeit a bit worn out

  • I am a first time customer. Just purchased the Grosby Joel Mens Lace up Shoes. I hope you guys send it correctly. I have not left any feedback or hold any bias at this stage. If this transaction goes smoothly I will post it and if it doesnt I will also post it here.

    Let see how you guys perform. I will be honest I read all the comments a little late after placing an order.

    • +1

      Crap service. It has been over a week and I still do not have the pair of shoes I ordered.

      Tried and tested and Brand House is more like sh*t House (excuse the language).

  • +2

    We come here for bargains, not price increases. Example …

    $59.95 - code OZ2995PROMO $30 = $29.95 + Australia Standard Shipping $11.95 = $41.90

    … was cheaper in September 2015 …

    $24.95 + Postage $9.95 = $34.90

  • Cheaper at Lowe's:-
    $59.95 - code OZ2995PROMO $30 = $29.95 + Australia Standard Shipping $11.95 = $41.90
    $19.95 + Postage $10.00 = $29.95 … a significant saving

  • the shoes i order arrived quickly and were perfect

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