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Sidchrome 80 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit - $263.16, Tefal Everyday Induction Hob Cooktop - $103.20 (Posted) - GraysOnline via eBay


Sidchrome 80 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit - $263.16

Thought this was too good not to post. Sidchrome may not make the tools it used to 10+ years ago but they're still very very decent indeed plus the cabinet itself would be worth close to the asking price alone!

This is a great basic kit allowing more tools to be added over time depending what you're into.

Tefal Everyday Induction Hob Cooktop - $103.20

Bought one of these during a GoodGuys sale about 6 months ago for $129. Needed it to put into a temporary Kitchen while we renovate. Have used it well and absolutely love it! Simple to use, excellent heat control and easy to clean & keep clean. $103.20 Delivered is a bargain for sure. Can't recommend these enough… well, at least going by how well it has worked for the last 6 months anyway :) I'm so impressed I'm tempted to buy another… hmmm.

Original CELLAR20 deal

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    Not enough zipties though!

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    Good price considering the toolbox by itself is about this price at bunnings


    Are these made in China?

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      Most probably yes. I bought a much larger kit a few years ago and around half was made in China and the rest were from around Europe. Still a very decent set of tools but nowhere near the quality of the original Aussie stuff. I still have my original Limited Edition 100% Aussie Made set from the mid-90s and the only reason I replaced it was because I nearly died when I realised how much it was worth nowadays :) Luckily I babied it so it's still in mint condition and 100% complete!


      I'm pretty sure they are, used to be made in Taiwan and before that Australia

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    Thanks OP, will make a great 40th birthday present for my brother!


    This will be good to tighten my nuts


      Your not a true ozbargainer you should be tighten your ass


    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tefal-IH201840-2100W-Tischflachen... + UK-AU plug

    $85 with ebay 10% code

    The previous post was deleted before I could read what you said SAB

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      Yeah, the two deals have been combined. I can see why but it's still a bit annoying.

      Anyway, I basically said these are great value for $129 so $103 is a great price but $85 is a steal! I also responded to someone asking about the fan noise. Yes, the fan in these units is a little bit noisy but no louder than a Microwave oven or a Rangehood on low speed.

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