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X3 Bluetooth Speaker/Handsfree (BT/FM/Tflash/Line in/USB Input) - US$5.99 / AU$7.81 Delivered @ DD4


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I received my order a few days ago and absolutely love it! Delivery took less than 2 weeks to arrive. Even the FM radio sounds good and clear.

Wanted to buy a few more for my family and found out that is still available at the same price. Thought I just re-post it for those who had missed out.

Description copied from previous post by BlueSkyHarvest. Fully agreed with what he described

Received mine recently. Amazing value. Very versatile. Sounds good. Wow.

Cheap (to the point of being throwaway) this speaker / handsfree device boasts a plethora of inputs, a 600mAh BL-5C lithium battery (claimed playback of 3hrs) capable of "smart charging" and is very compact…only 10.8 x 5.5 x 3.5cm.

Great buy.

Plugged in a 64Gb USB of PC backup with a few mp3s splattered around with hundreds of folders, many thousands of files. It auto switched to USB, quickly found and started playing the mp3s. Staggering.

Plug in charging cable as an aerial and it does FM radio.

Bluetooth of music videos from phone is a far far superior sound to that of the phone.

Similar or same item around twice the price at Banggood.(banggood.com)

Put mp3 files on a micro 8Gb SD card and pushed it in. Auto switched and started playing straight up. Amazing. With microSD it is low profile - seems to be OK with two year old - fascinated. Been playing for threes hours surely now, straight out of box and still going strong.

Killer product.

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  • Youve given me high hopes, Dont let me down @trump3

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    Thanks, Mr Trump:)! Ozbargainers love you!

  • Got mine from the last post today. It's not very loud, but hell it works and it looks kinda nice too.

  • You've always been very good with deals Mr Trump. Thank you!

  • I owned this one before. To be honest, the quality was not that good. Sound was loud and clear, however it could not hold the battery after a really short period of use.

  • I just received mine that I bought from the last post. Awesome speaker for the price! It's small, takes multiple inputs and just works out of the box. Granted the sound is not great, but its as good as the cheap ones sold at Target / Big W for 5 times the price. Total bargain.

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    I got mine on Wednesday. It is very loud if both its volume and mobile volume are full. Sound quality is not bad.

    I am unable to get radio work properly. The channels are in different language and very difficult to scan and stop. Any suggestions?

    • You need to let the speaker do an auto scan first.

      If I remember corrrectly, you need to press the right most button twice to auto scan when it is in FM mode (check the instruction in the box or sheet) The speaker will go silence for one or two minutes with intermediate static heard. Once it has completed the auto scan, it will start playing.

      Also suggest that you plug in the charging cable to the microUSB slot and it will improve the FM reception.

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        Thanks. I will try pressing right button twice.
        I used the charging cable as antenna.

      • Thankyou! Had the same problem. I just pressed far right once for auto scan, then its middle buttons (short press) to change station, and long press volume.

  • Is it good for handsfree calling

    • Why not use your phone?

    • Don't think the speaker has a built-in microphone which means you'll have to talk into your phone and sound will come out of the speaker if it's paired to the speaker via Bluetooth before the call.

      • Support L2CAP/A2DP(AVCTP/AVDTP/AVRCP), can receive AUDIO signal and control the AUDIO device, support 3.HSP/HFP(handsfree profile), Built-in Mic for hands-free phone call

  • Can also confirm great sound for the price. Multiple colours available. Fits in the palm of your hand but you can hear it from quite a distance away.

  • I couldn't make it work in USB mode. Anyone with the same issue?

  • Ok sound. Charge lasted about 45-50 mins i recon. Not bad, wife kinda likes it. Good that i have few old nokia batteries which might work..

  • Looks like a pretty good birthday gift for kids to give to their friends. Price is right, that's for sure.

  • Yea. It's alright but I just got mine yesterday and it can't hold charge AT ALL. Wanted it for quick uses in the kitchen but we don't have a dedicated power plug just for this. So if you don't want it for it's portability then go ahead, otherwise avoid it.

  • How long does it take to get it delivered? Want to buy one for my dogs when they are alone at home.

  • Has anyone else received their unit with a faulty battery from here recently??

  • These are great value for this price. I love mine.

  • Bought two. One works fine, the other has a direct short on the USB port. Plug it into a computer and if you're lucky your ports will come back after a reboot.

    I'm lucky I plugged it into a good charger with protection - my USB tester turned off as the charger disabled the affected port.

    Try explaining this to DD4 customer service, who want a photo/video of the issue.

  • I couldn't figure out the FM tuning until reading this post, but all is well now. I bought 3 in different colours for stocking stuffers and all seem to be okay. I'm trying battery life now. Mine took exactly two weeks to arrive (yesterday); they seem to have been onposted from Hillsdale, NSW.
    Sound is comparable to the Logitech X9 which I bought earlier in the year, but they're cheaper and have a lot more functions.
    It's also a cheap way to pick up a BL-5C battery - the cheapest I saw was 5.68 from Malaysia…

  • Nice, a last minute purchase for a Friday afternoon, thanks OP

  • Bought 1, hope it is good

  • Have one from the previous deal and its an absolute steal!

  • Thanks OP!

    Just got one myself! Works well with my new NUC.

  • Got myen today, Pretty decent for the price. Thanks

  • Got mine the other week, it's okay. Wouldn't bother recommending it tbh :-/

    Bluetooth mode doesn't work. It'll connect, and then disconnect itself and "reconnect" at least 6 to 7 times during 1 song.

    • I don't have this problem on mine. Maybe something wrong with your unit? My son played Audible audiobook on this speaker via Bluetooth for 2 hours and it didn't miss a beat.

      • Hmmm, perhaps. I have already contacted "customer service", but with no outcome/resolution. I get the feeling I may not be getting a reply ^.^

  • Got mine today, works perfectly, love this small thing.

  • Hi anyone in the sydney area who wants my one for free (need to pick it up near sydney airport)? I live in melb and i wont be driving 10hrs one way to pick up a 7dollar speaker.
    Let me know quick before it gets desteoyed by dd4.

    • Lol why did you get it delivered to Sydney then?

      • Didnt pick it up in time so they returned to sender. They will just throw it away if no one picks up so i thought an ozbargainer might want it

  • Works incredibly well, took 2 weeks to arrive.