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Xiaomi Wi-Fi Plug Remote Control Power Outlet Smart Socket ($8.99 US/~$11.92 AU) + Shipping ($3.09 US/~$4.36 AU) @ Zapals


Hi all

I thought this is worthy of a post as I purchased 3 of these and looks like it is being shipped in Aus so 5-8 Business days is a plus for those not wanting to wait to long.

Purchase 1 Price: AU$11.92 + (Hongkong Post - (7-30 days) AU$4.36)

Purchase 2 Price = AU$23.84 + (Australia Post - (5-8 business days) AU$7.00)

Purchase 3 Price = AU$35.76 + (Australia Post - (5-8 business days) AU$7.70)

Use Mi Home app to operate this outlet
Intelligent Remote Control Timer Plug for TV Lamp Electrical Appliances - White

Original Xiaomi mi smart WiFi socket for daily use
Mobile phone remote control, you can switch power supply optionally when not at home from your mobile phone with Mi Home app
Overload protection
LED indicator
Timing switch
The case is made of 750 degree high temperature flame resistant material, interior is made of 0.6mm high quality carobronze, plug is made of 1.5mm brass, very safe
It is small and light weight, intelligent and safe, you can take it along during your travel
Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.

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  • Is there an app to control these?

    • +1

      Yes, the Mi Home app, I use it to control the Smart IP Camera, previously mentioned by another thread.

  • is this actually cheaper anywhere online? i can't find a cheaper link…?

  • anyone controlling these from a PC or home server?

    can the data be collected other than to the cloud?

  • Can these be controlled by the Amazon Echo Xiaomi skill like the Yeelight?

  • Interesting au plug . Does it have approval ?

  • +1

    I have these and I cannot for the life of me get them to show on the Mi Home app — I've tried installing the app on various mobiles, ranging from LG G2, to Samsung S5, XM Note 2 and Moto G4 Plus.

    If anyone has clear instructions, please tell.

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      There's 2 versions : wifi and zigbee. I bought the zigbee version thinking it was better not realising that you need the xiaomi gateway to operate it.

      • The one I bought was this

        I'm fairly certain this is not the Zigbee variant as the manual that came with the unit(s) had a QR code in which I scanned and downloaded an app. Zigbee was not mentioned in the manual (it is in Chinese)

        • change your locale to china, and try that.
          i suspect it is a zigbee version from price lol

          nevermind someone addressed this already.

        • I have the Xiaomi security camera and couldn't install on an ipad or K3 Note. Had to use an old Huawei, then the others synced fine.

      • want to swap? i wanted zigbee version but i got normal.

    • +1

      I had the same issue.

      You can get it to show up by choosing your 'Locale' as Chinese rather than US/UK. App still works in English.

      • Thanks, will try it tonight.

    • The Mainland Chinese server is the only server that supports plugs. If you have yeelight products configured to another server, you'll need to reconfigure them to the mainland Chinese server also (if you want to control them all from one device).

  • What kind of outlet are these? Are they chinese? i.e Will I have to use a chinese to AU adaptor to plug it into the socket or does it go directly in?

    • It's chinese plug which is AU plug upside down. It will plug in fine.

      • It doesn't plug into double outlet GPOs very well (in particular) as it hits the switch. Would probably have similar problems with powerboards with individual switched outlets.

        The pins also don't have the extra insulation used these days (I think it is legally required now).

    • Chinese plug but can be used upside down with australia outlets. Chinese three-prong Plug -

    • It looks like a travel adapter. Might take US and EU/UK plugs also, provided they are the correct voltage.

  • +2

    Few things

    There are 3 versions of these, with the USB port (Newer and less supported by the software) Zigbee (Bluetooth only, no wifi) and non Zigbee (Wifi)

    In some instances you may need to use the chinese locale on the app for a Xiaomi smart home device to function correctly (I had to for both my wifi extender and the Wifi Powerpoint) however once you've got them set up they seem to work reasonably well.

    The Plugs are chinese but require a ground pin to push in the upper pins, you can also just push the ground socket in with a pen if you need to get a socket without a ground in there.

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      Zigbee isn't bluetooth.

    • +1

      The one with the USB port is the older version, not newer.

      And Zigbee is not bluetooth. It's also not a standard Zigbee implementation, and you will need their gateway for it.

      • I redact my statement, i clearly hadn't done enough research.

        The points RE chinese locale and ground pin lockout are still valid though.

      • Yeah, zigbee has much much lower power consumption than bluetooth.

  • Does this have a decent power meter built in?
    And does the app need to be running to log use, or can you query it later?

    • +1

      No Power meter for these ones. I believe some of the power boards have them though.

      On/Off, Schedule and timer are all the functions.

      • For the Zigbee version (i believe that is what i have - i bought the whole set) it shows powers usage in the application.

    • Only the Wifi powerboard and the Zigbee single plug support remote power monitoring.

      • Thanks guys.

  • Quite a good way of controlling the charging of your phone overnight to help preserve the long term quality of your battery.

  • I Suppose this doesnt work with Apple HomeKit(Siri) ?

    • +1

      Too cheap to work with Apple

    • no :(
      homekit requires mfi certification, and chip. there is no support for this on homebridge either :(

    • If you have a Raspberry Pi and watch a few youtube videos you can make it work. There are work arounds to make you own homekit server. Search Youtube or google.

      • +1

        That's for zigbee version. I'm running homebridge for wemo and yeelight.

  • Hmm what do you guys think of using this at home whilst overseas on holidays?

    Use Wifi Plug connected to a standing light/lampshade and connect to your home wifi from overseas to turn the lights on at night?

    • Would work. I use it to turn on outside floodlight when required.

    • you could, but a cheaper solution would be a simple timer adaptor. Bunnings have basic 2 pack for $10, it'll still owrk if your internet/wifi goes down.

  • Poor deal, these are on Aliexpress for $14.92AUD delivered. That's not even factoring in the 10% cashback that brings it down to $13.43. Great product, works like magic with the motion sensors.

  • I have the MiHome app for android and can see the plug using mainland china locale however the plugs settings are all in chinese. Anyone got it working in English?

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