65" LG OLED TV (B6T) - No Deals & Low Availability?

Hi all,

I was holding out for a deal on the LG OLED65B6T, such as the one by Harvey Norman late November 2016, which I missed: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/276542

It was $4,695 + a $300 gift card and free delivery, making it effectively $4,395. Or even less, given free delivery.

Now, Harvey Norman seems to no longer stock this model, only the 55" version or the more expensive 65" ones. Some other retailers have it but for $5,000-$5,500.

Does anyone know why there seem to be no deals on this TV, given that the 2017 models are around the corner? Or has it been sold out? (Would be almost hard to believe given its premium price.)

Thanks fellow OzBargainers!


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    Just checked: Myer has it for $4,899; Good Guys for $5,495. Prepared to pay $4,500 but don't think I could haggle it down enough, especially at Good Guys. And Myer isn't exactly known to be flexible on price. What do you think?

  • Seems to be a clearance/runout model.

    Did you try google? Showing up as $4298 on graysonline ebay store. Might be able to stack one of their 20% deals.

    Do any of the stores you mentioned have it in stock? Try asking for a price beat/match. You'd be surprised what they'll drop the price to, if the manufacturer is offering a runout model rebate.

  • Only noticed your comment now - didn't get notified!

    Yes, I saw it on graysonline, but it's a refurb, not new. Plus I think it's pick up only from NSW but I live in Melbourne.

    Strangely enough there are more stores showing this model than when I posted nearly a month ago! I might indeed have a look in store and see if I can get them to drop the price.

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