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10% off Tesla Model S 2+ Day Rentals (from $899) [Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra] @ Eveeh


Experience the advanced autopilot capabilities of the futuristic Tesla Model S as you relax in its luxurious leather interior. Enjoy an exceptionally smooth ride and the unparalleled safety of a 5-star ANCAP rating. Best of all, commute with a conscience, knowing your exhilarating journey is 100% emission-free. Within the spacious, whisper-quiet cabin, an incredible 17 inches of cutting-edge touchscreen technology puts complete control at your fingertips. Adjust the automatic climate settings, find the best route to your destination, or simply turn up the music and indulge in the unsurpassed luxury of Model S.With Eveeh, renting an electric vehicle is a breeze. We’ve designed our service to be transparent and simple to use. Start and end your journey in convenient city-centre locations or choose our unique door-to-door option.

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  • Are you able to advise what the standard daily pricing would be for the Model S?

    • $999 for 2 days!

    • 1 day - $549 (250kms mileage included)
      2 days - $999
      More options available on our website

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        Yikes. I don't think anyone would consider 10% off THOSE prices a bargain…

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    • I invite you to check our social channels and see our customers reviews @eveehcars
      The promotion will be published this Friday.

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        I invite you to check what Australia's foremost bargains website is about. We come here for bargains. A 10% reduction of your exorbitant RRP is not one.

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    A rental car for 2 days doesn't seem like much of a bargain at $900. This feels very much like advertising.

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      yup, I can hire a much more luxurious cars from Hertz for 1 day for cheaper (or the same but id rather drive a Porsche than a lame ass Tesla)
      183.92 AUD - SQ5
      183.92 AUD - Q7
      446.87 AUD - Porsche Cayman

      • +9

        Pretty sure the "lame ass Tesla" would smoke all of those cars in terms of acceleration.

        • +1

          The ludicrous plus models do 0-100 in like 2.4 secs… Lame indeed

        • @krisspy:

          too bad youre getting a 75D as per the reviews not a 95D so its 5.4 secs to 100…

        • +1

          @tuzii: what are the 0-100 times on the cars you mention?

        • @krisspy:
          I thought I read somewhere that the Australian models don't have Ludicrous plus mode?

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    Thrifty added a Tesla Model S to their fleet (in Canberra only) and my mock booking puts it at $297 per day

    • -1

      Good luck getting it two, tried on three separate occasions and get phone calls informing it's being cancelled due to unavailability

    • Thrifty have Tesla charging points at the Hotel Kurrajong

  • What type of Model S do you guys have?

    • +1

      reviews show its the 75D

  • I reckon it would be a hassle to rent a Tesla. Imagine charging this car if you have a charge station ? Petrol would be much easier if you just renting.

    • you get 250kms mileage included, so you wont need to………..
      deal is a complete bust

      • +1

        The mileage is a rental term to say you pay more over that limit. It's not to do with the electrical charging.

  • +15

    At least they won't charge for returning the car without filling up the fuel tank…………….

    • Probably overcharge the Battery to the point of exploding to prove you didn't return it charged enough

    • +2

      Thrifty would still try

  • +5

    No deal too much gravy and no meat with 75d
    Cheaper elsewhere

  • Sounds like a fun Track day & drag strip run

  • -2

    "luxurious" good one.

  • -1

    reddit fedora tipping car

  • +1

    Do you need to return the tank full ?

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