Something in Our Bedroom Smells Funky

On Wednesday, we realised our master bedroom (ok, it's not really a master when the room is about 8m x 8m) started producing a funky smell.

It's not really off putting but you can defiantly distinguish it. At first, I thought maybe a rodent died and its festering in the air conditioning vents (which is located just above our bed) but how often does rats or mice get into the venting ducts?

We checked every corner of the room, under the beds as well to try and find the source but nothing turned up. So last night when we were about to head to bed, my partner says maybe its the new fly screens that was installed that same day. The fly screen is installed inside the room because the windows wind out to an angle.

The bedroom door is closed all day so the kitten doesn't get in. The bedroom leads to the ensuite which you have to walk through the walk in wardrobe to get to it. You can't smell the odour in there.

So I don't know much about fly screens but is there an actual possibility that the smell comes from those screens itself?

I can't really call the screen company right now as the business is now closed for the day.


  • do you have crawl space under the floor i.e. floor boards? or is it a concrete foundation?

    something may have died under neath the floor.

    sounds strange that the fly screens might smell

    • It's concrete foundation.

      No idea. Maybe the frame of the screens is powder coated or something?

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        Could you describe the smell?

        "Funky" doesn't specify much.

        • What electrical appliances do you have in the room?

          Could something electrical have failed?

          Does it smell like ozone?

  • Are the walls plasterboard and timber frame (i.e hollow to the tap)? I smell a dead rodent. Sniff around electrical / TV outlets … oh, and that vent.

    • Let's just say if it was a dead rodent, will the smell disappear later on? Would love to check the vents but we have high ceilings and the step ladder isn't high enough.

      Also it isn't bad for you if you sleep with the smell throughout the night is it?

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        Well you're inhaling it, so who knows what effect it might have on your respiratory system?

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    Eventually it will stop smelling if it's a dead rodent yeah. It shouldn't be a health hazard … but then again I'm not an expert in that department.

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    Cricket, of your 'not master' bedroom is 8m X 8m I'd love to see the size of what would be the master! Our master is the biggest room, at about 8x4m I thought it was huge.

    Can you check in the roof space?

    • probs meant 8m2 aka 3*2.5 or something.

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        Sorry, my OCD is killing me with this comment, 3 x 2.5 = 7.5 m2

        How about we try, 3.2 x 2.5 = 8 m2

        Ok, I feel better now. Nothing to see here folks :-)

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          Haha I was thinking about whether anyone would care about that 0.4 or so difference between 3*2.5 and 8m2

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          @Gimli: You mean the 0.5 m2 or so. LOL, there I go again. Damn OCD!

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          @ozkiwi75: haha couldn't avoid it

      • Yeah I'm feeling pretty mediocre about my 3x4 master bedroom rite now…

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          Some one has to have the world's smallest master bedroom…

        • @Gimli:

          Does it have to be me? I have enough status anxiety thank you.

        • @ozbjunkie:
          3*4 is pretty big by my standards

      • I think more 8feet x 8 feet

    • Nah, he'd need a space shuttle to get into the roof

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    Maybe your partner is letting off some farts and blaming it on some mystical smell.

    I'm speaking from my own experience of course cause that's what I do

    • Lets one rip. "Did you say something?".

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      Please advise us of the weekly diet of your partner.

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      Well women do like to keep them in and releasr the night dragon at night.

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      I thought it was your homemade beer exploding again?

      • I think it must have been that bean I had for dinner.

    • Years ago, my wife accused me of doing exactly that. But when the problem got worse after I left the room and even worse still through the day when I was at work, it became apparent that something had in fact died in the walls.

      Turned out to be a dead possum. Locating the bugger was a complete pain in the arse… :(

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    Maybe it's the retro disco music you've been playing?

    8m X 8m! Some people dream of flats that big.

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    were you at home when they Int'l the flyscreen? Make sure they did not have a hot and sweaty good time on your bed.

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      Do international fly screens smell more than national ones?

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        sorry it was typo using a tiny screen phone. install [sic]

        • Theres the s7 and s7edge for a good price at the moment.. plenty of screen space!

      • French ones do

      • Re-fly-gees

    • Does it smell of chlorine?

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    At a villa I lived at 10 years ago, there was usually a different rodent that died every 6 months behind the plasterboard of my bedroom. It was a gross & unbearable smell that would take nearly a week to go away especially when the temperature was hot. I'd sleep on the lounge until the smell had gone. Unless I broke the plasterboard and removed it then I'd just wait the week out.

    • Damn, a wall full of skeletons! I would rather break the plaster board and take them out.

      • It was terrible and unfortunately I lived one house away from a row of shops & a derelict house on the other side. I guess the rats would get their food source from the shop bins then travel back to the derelict house via my place. I used various vermin baits in the roof but it only worked for a short period of time.

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    One drop of Nilodor will get rid of the smell.

    • Also go nuts with alcohol spray (Glen 20 etc, or just use metho) everywhere to hopefully kill the smell as well.

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    Do you have any water problems in the shower of the ensuite? If the shower leaks and rots the timber frame,plaster, carpet ect, that doesnt smell good. Its pretty common if the shower wasnt waterproofed properly

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    The water in the shower or bath can get into the wall and cause mould,

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    Something in Our Bedroom Smells Funky


  • More than likely you have mold.

  • I once had a bird fall in between the outer bricks and inner walls of my house. I think it had got in through a hole under the bottom end of the tiles.

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    Check the floor waste in the ensuite. Some drain outdoors, but others are plumbed into the sewer. If the water in the s bend dries out it can really let terrible smells back up into the room.

    Just pour a bucket of water down the drain to fill it back up.

    • If the water in the s bend dries out it can really let terrible smells back up into the room.

      Just pour a bucket of water down the drain to fill it back up.

      That's good advice, however it's not likely to be the culprit:

      The bedroom leads to the ensuite which you have to walk through the walk in wardrobe to get to it. You can't smell the odour in there.

  • Do you have the airconditioning on when you can detect this smell? Ours sometimes smells a bit "funky" when the vents need cleaning and when it is just switched on first. A bit of a wet damp odour.

    • Actually no. It's on right now and somehow when it's on the smell is gone

      • Are the fly screens plastic/rubber? Our room gets a weird smell when there isn't any air flowing through it, and I know it's the plastic storage boxes and rubber backed blackout curtains that are the culprit but can't do anything about it, so the windows have to be permanently open.

  • is there any oily residue on the flyscreens

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    Seems a big coincidence that new fly screens were installed that same day.
    Did an installer come in to put them on ?
    And if so were you at home when he did it ?

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    When in doubt blame the missus.

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    Do you live in funky town?

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    Funky or rancid smells could also be a sign of a demon or entity haunting you or your house.

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      Here's a new tangent!

  • Possum in the roof?

  • I had the same problem though the smell was in the open living area. I found out it was the drip tray for the fridge. I thought the exact same thing that it could've been something coming from the ducted air con. Took me days to find it. It was circling all around the living area to the front door & Not near the fridge. Give it a check because you have installed new fly screens and now you may be opening windows more which could circulate the smell.

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    The black rubber tubing that is used to wedge the flyscreen mesh in the frame stinks! I left it in the car after I bought it from Bunnings and the car reeked when I got back in.

    Sniff your flyscreen around the edges and see if it's that. If so, the smell should go away in a couple of days.

  • Have you seen alot more flies around by any chance? That's a sign that something died nearby

  • Sad but true story. It smelt like a dead rat in my house but couldn't find it. Months after it went away the smell found the bones under the Tv stand. It goes away after a few months to 4.

    • WTH? You clean under the TV stand every 4 months?

      • nah i clean around it with the vacum, its heavey, i had some guy installing cableing so i had to move it and found it.

  • Another thing was after I got the Nespresso machine the drip tray had some milk in it too. Stink after a while.

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    8m x 8m bedroom and it's not a master bedroom…what type of mansion do you live in?

    If you think it's the fly screen you should put your nose on it and take a sniff. I am sure it will smell funky too if it is the problem.

  • What do you mean by smells "Funky"?
    What's the closest thing that comes to mind if you were to describe funky?
    Awful, unpleasant, pleasant, sweet, sour, tart, fart, ?

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    Do you have a nemesis?

  • When last time you wash blankets / bed sheet / pillow covers?

    • maybe its just dried cum

  • Check your husband's socks

  • The bedroom door is closed all day so the kitten doesn't get in.

    Sounds like someone let the kitten in and it peed on the floor.
    Case closed

  • Funky? But isn't funky meant to be a cool thing?maybe foul, wretched, demonic would been better:

    I'd get a priest before its to late.

  • Look for prawn shells in the curtains and a laughing arch nemesis.

    • I hear potatos work quite well. A lot cheaper too.

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    Does it smell like teen spirit?

    • or does it smell like Sex and Candy? (and who's that lounging in my chair?)

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    Is 8mx8m too small or too big for a master bedroom?

    • Thats what I want to know. Plus it has a walk in rode and en suite. Sounds like a master bedroom to me… or the size of an entire apartment.

  • OP we'd like clarity on this 8mx8m business.

    • I think OP meant its a living room when he said that its not a master bedroom. He sleeps in the living room.

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    Lucky this deal just came up.
    Half face mask only $30 + shipping HAHAHA

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      Sweet deal. Now I'm glad I wasted my time reading this thread, would not have seen this deal otherwise! :)

  • What sort of roof do you have?

    Rats and possums will stink, very badly, so you should know if it's decaying rodent.

    • +1


      • Might be a bit tricky to get in and have a look if you have a low profile then. I was going to suggest if you had tiles to take a few off and have a look down into the cavity.

  • Check for water leaking into or accumulating in any corner on the floor, walk-in or under furniture etc. More chances of that happening if you have carpet on a wooden flooring base.

  • You didn't even mention if you sniffed the fly screen to see if it smelled or not….That might be a way of ruling it out.

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    I had the exact same problem November last year, I woke up one Saturday morning and the bedroom stunk really bad, I knew something had died. I searched high and low from 8am to midday and still couldn't track where it was. I was exhausted from searching and went back to bed, when I pulled the covers back I found my culprit, a turd was on the fitted sheet. I have no idea how it happened but apparently it's common.
    Go and check the bed and confirm you haven't "backed one out" in your sleep.

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      Do you sleep ass to ass with a man who may or may not be your father?

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    Maybe your kitten is getting in there and chucking a shit in secret as revenge for denying it free access

  • We've just been through a similar situation where it was the moisture from the shower (hairline cracks in grout) that had been sucked by brick and the render/plaster up to ~5metres away from the shower hob in adjoining rooms. An insurance claim covered everything apart from fixing the shower leaks (maintenance not damage) but the walls needed scraping, then drying, then plastering, as well as carpets replaced and the ensuite vanity unit replaced.

    The smell was mould, at first it didn't smell like something you would say was definitely mould… was 'funky'. I would check everywhere around the ensuite for water damage just in case. The walls/paint never bubbled like you see in some water damage so it wasn't visible, but the moisture readings the builder did showed the water had been sucked up to 1m high and a long way away from the shower itself.

    Good luck :)

    Edit: Should note it is an older house with the old style minimum 30cm high waterproofing behind the shower tiles, so there was no secondary barrier. Nowadays your have to have the entire area behind a shower waterproofed.

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    Not a used condom drying up is it?

  • Flap me
    3 Days and OP still hasn't confirmed whether by smell or touch if there is any residue or smell on the flyscreens that were installed on the same day as funky smell appeared

  • Do you have carpet and smelly feet teenagers? My brother had bad foot odour in his teenage years, and everywhere he stepped on smelt funky.

  • If in the aircon, a pretty high chance that it's a gecko.
    A dead animal of any description has a pretty distinctive smell. Surely you can tell that much?

    If a gecko, might be a native. If you're in Northern NSW or further ^ much more likely to be one of the Asian ones:

    House lost to fire in Brisbane just a couple of weeks ago, with the Firies identifying gecko in aircon as likely cause. Happens with some regularity. Lots more buggered equipment for every fire, though. Be thankful that neither of those.

    If gecko and small and ants can't get reach, will dessicate and smell will diminish.
    If larger gecko and not removed, you will be dealing with the pong for quite a while.

    If dead mouse/rat and ants/you aren't going to deal with it, that will be much worse.

  • Maybe your cat goes brr somewhere in the room?

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