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$1749 Dell XPS 13 - QHD Touch Screen Display - Intel Core i7 - 256GB SSD - 8GB RAM @ Dell DFO


Dell appears to have updated their DFO store and they have a large number of XPS 13's with the QHD touch screen display on offer.


Dell XPS 13
7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U
13.3" Infinity Display QHD+ (3200x1800)


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    Definitely can vouch for DFO. Just purchased a XPS 9550 last week and received it within 3 days. Laptop came and was in a flawless condition and the charger too. Packaging wise it was great, would definitely recommend

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    DFO is great, I got my 9560 a couple of weeks ago. It took me two weeks to finally get the model I wanted; they always seem to get snapped up super quick.

    A few tips:
    1) Bookmark the DFO page, and refresh right on 10:00am AEST, as that's when the inventory team are actually in-office. Don't bother using the chat line; email directly and skip the queue.
    2) Have an email ready to go, so you can send it to them straight away. Here's what I had prepared and I sent it off as soon as I copied in the eValue code.

    To: ANZ_DFO_CHANNEL@Dell.com
    Subject: Request to buy: DFO-XXXXXXXXX

    Hi there
    I’d like to buy the following device if it’s available: DFO-XXXXXXX
    Full name:
    Billing Address:
    Shipping Address:
    Contact number:


      Curious what you paid for the 9560 ? I will never buy one again as it has too many flaws and quality issues, but maybe the outlet price is more reasonable and gone through more rigorous checks.


        I'm curious what you had go wrong with your 9560? I have the 9550 and it's been great.


          Screen flicker, coil whine, dead pixels and a couple of driver issues. Didn't like the tinny speakers or keyboard either, they really cheaped out there. You can get used to the keyboard and I was typing 90+ WPM with good accuracy, but it still didn't feel like a premium keyboard at all.


          @nubzy: That sucks. I've almost been considering an upgrade for the GTX 1050…


    I feel like advertising RAM as a selling point for a laptop is a bit useless with it being so dirt cheap. Much prefer to know how many RAM slots there are.

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    Pretty sure these have been on there for a over a week now. Hopefully they will clear out soon for new models to arrive. The ebay XPS13 deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/296764 is probably a better buy while it lasts. No touch screen though and less screen resolution but would have better battery life.


      I don't think you'll be seeing a new model of the XPS13 until at least next year, Dell seems to alternate between XPS15 and XPS13 upgrades… I could be wrong though.


    They're good deals.
    But I wonder how to make a purchase at Dell DFO.
    Cannot find the select/purchase link on that product list.