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  • +4

    here we go again

    • I had a look at some of the tools for sale, and shocked by the high prices. Even with the discount you are paying over the odds. I'd avoid this "sale".

  • +24

    Link to deal home page where you can search, etc:

  • +2

    here we go again, time to destroy graysonline.

    • Huh what why?

      • They are included in every sale and sell heaps more than what the sale is targeting.

    • yep, I'm gonna give them a hiding too..

  • Oh no

  • +2

    Good timing. Was looking for a mattress topper yesterday. Anyone has any recommendation? Is the so called "COOL GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper" really cool? Cheers.

    • Provide the link to the product.

        • Thanks, but that is a whole mattress, not a topper.

      • I am comparing this two types of Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Visco Elastic Underlay High Density http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/350704456734?_trksid=p2055119.m14… and COOL GEL http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/391093133744?_trksid=p2055119.m14…

        • So the more expensive one has "gel infused memory foam…warms up slightly slower than the surrounding foam thus providing a temporary cooling effect." It also has a better cover (bamboo fabric). Lots of reviews of each product you linked. The cooling effect seems to be only slightly noticeable for most people.

        • @kahn: Thanks for your reply. Sounds like sleeping in memory foam mattress in hot summer might be an issue regardless with gel infused or not.

        • @maxdba:
          It seems to be a bit helpful for the first few minutes you lie down, just like if you were to lie on bamboo sheets. You could also try drinking cold water before going to bed to lower your body temperature a bit, or lightly wet your hair or place a cold towelette on your forehead. I've found that having a ceiling fan helps the most :-P

        • @kahn: I will go with latex after your description.

        • @kahn: so these foam toppers are 8cm thick? Does that make fitted bottom sheets not fit with that extra height?

        • @systmworks:
          Impossible to answer without knowing the value of the other two variables (your fitted sheets and your mattress). Don't forget that a topper cover will also add some height depending on what type you get.

  • +8
    • +3

      looks great, will connect to my Kogan TV

    • Lol

    • +2

      This must be the same stuff TransGrid/AusGrid, State Grid and the other electricity networks have been using to drive up prices.

      Here is a good read if anyone is interested.

      • +1

        amazing read. thank you.

      • It's old news and all changed now. AER cut off the regulated income tap and almost all of them have been privatised.

        Current high prices especially in SA caused by subsidised renewable generators driving coal fired (cheap) generators out of the market. Without baseload generators wholesale price is increasing and system becomes unsecured (e.g. frequency issues -SA blackouts)

  • +1

    No Breville BCG820 again 🙁

  • Quick before the price hikes!
    Unless it's too late …

  • +1

    'Ere we go 'ere we go 'ere we gooooooo

  • +1

    when will they include garment steamer in these deal ? Been kicking myself for missing the recent Binglee 20% off.

  • Can anyone recommend a good lawn mower please.

    • +1

      I know a bloke by the name of 'Jim'….

    • None that are part of this sale.

    • +3

      I'm not a gardener but IMO anything with a Honda engine, and a good quality base would be my choice.

      It also depends on how much you intend on actually doing, how much you want to spend and how long you intend to keep the mower for. Spare parts are critical as is availability of mechanics to fix anything that goes wrong (I'm not sure if many mechanics would even bother with a Kmart cheapy). I'd think that you're better with a more widely known brand so that you can spare parts easily, though not necessarily cheaply but if you spend $200 on a cheaper model from Bunnings/Kmart and it dies in a say 3 years, I'd imagine you're probably looking at just replacing the whole mower. If you buy a more expensive model, such as Honda you're more likely to be able to have it repaired, probably for cheaper than an entire new model would cost, but it obviously depends on what has gone wrong etc.

      Yeah, it's hard to say and at the end of the day it's just a mower, I get that but IMO in terms of what you're getting in terms of garden power equipment it does often come down to the more you pay the better quality unit you're likely to get. But if you service it regularly (change the oil, clean the under skirt, empty the catcher, wash the mower and air filter etc) then a cheap option will probably be okay for a few years. Also, try and keep the mower in a clean and dry place.

      The other thing IMO to absolutely think about is 2 vs 4 stroke. I'd definitely get 4 stroke and wouldn't even consider 2 because they've always been temperamental PITB for me and you also don't have to dick around with mixing fuels you just fill it with petrol and check the oil and you're ready to go.

      • Great advice. Got 4 stroke masport with Honda engine. To this day, runs well and have not sharpen blade or service yet for over 10 yrs. Mind you, only gets used once a month if that!

      • +2

        As long as you're not racing F1 this weekend, I'd go Honda engine too. Actually I think it's the same engine.

  • I'm getting a message: This code can't be applied to your order.
    Edit: for this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Klipsch-R-1650-W-In-Wall-Speaker-…

  • +5

    Looks like 20% off is standard pricing for eBay. Just like half price for Connoisseur.

  • any idea for kitchen knife set?

    • +1

      global ikasu knife set form house. Should be sub $300 with he discount ($270 I think). Comes with a free knife sharpner!

    • +1

      "No con foisted on the general public is so atrocious, so wrongheaded, or so widely believed as the one that tells you you need a full set of specialised cutlery in various sizes. I wish sometimes I could go through the kitchens of amateur cooks everywhere just throwing knives out from their drawers — all those medium-size ‘utility’ knives, those useless serrated things you see advertised on TV, all that hard-to-sharpen stainless steel garbage, those ineptly designed slicers — not one of the damn things could cut a tomato." Anthony Bourdain

    • Victorinox are great when it comes to value for money according to CHOICE.
      However, if your budget allows, Wusthof Classic range are highly recommended and with 20% discount they are even better value for the quality they represent.

  • My dad & I are looking for a new coffee machine. Anything on offer or wait of a GG code? We are using a Breville atm which I think has deadset made a couple thousand coffees haha :)

  • +4

    Peter of Kensington jacked their prices up.

    • +3

      The dozen items I was watching at pok have remained the same.

      Their ebay prices are higher then their own website as they include free shipping on eBay

  • +1

    Any good deal for large pressure cooker pls? Neede to be 6l plus. Thanks.

    • +1


      RACO are well regarded and this 6L one is $64 after discount. In saying that, I have an 8L Tefal and would recommend getting the biggest you can fit in your cupboard

      • Which Tefal pressure cooker do you have?

        • 8L tefal clipso. I can't find the exact one I have online, it may have been superseded. Looks like it could be the same as the clipso essential

        • @sourdawg:

          how much did you buy it for? and from where?

        • @bashar20:
          I got it from savers!

  • +1

    Got a decent looking dining table and 4 chairs for $207. Even if eBay prices are jacked up a bit I can't complain about that. Free postage too.

    • -1

      ^this guy

      • +2

        Nah buddy
        Just a bit of subtle humour aimed at all these requests for bargains

  • Any deals on Google Home? It's the thing I didn't know I needed until I missed the last Kogan sale and they sold out.

    • -1

      Why did/do you need it?

      • Haha I don't 'need' it I guess…. I just really really WANT it

  • +1

    Anyone also found that goodguys never appeared in this kind of sales anymore after being bought over by JB?

    • +2

      you mean after pumping their turnover numbers with their sales to make it appealing to JB for a takeover?

    • +4

      Their ebay 20% sales just ended a few days ago…

  • After successfully bought one gift card with the coupon code, I noticed eBay changed to gift card excluded, will eBay cancel my order? I've received order confirmation and PayPals payment confirmation, even the merchant invoice.

    • 10.Purchases of gift cards, certificates and vouchers are excluded from this offer.

      • I know but when I completed my transaction, it didn't say that nor it alert me the coupon is not applicable.

        • Also depends on what category it's listed under, you might get lucky.

  • sounds good

  • +1

    Wow…been looking for a new aviary and thought I had a great deal from outbaxcamping with http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Shed-Pet-House-Aviary-Backyar… which had dropped from $469 to $429 - so $343 with code. Went to checkout and needed a shipping cost - $163 to deliver across town! Competitors are half the price for delivery so an obvious shipping rort.

  • +1

    was looking for a new leaf blower, thought since this is a home and garden sale and there is actually a promo image of a guy using a black and decker cordless blower that there would be a decent range included in the sale… unfortunately it seems there is literally 1 leaf blower included in the sale… and its not even the one in the promo image.

  • +1

    Thanks, got a Peugeot Paris Pepper mill from Peters of Kensington.

  • +1

    Wow.. an eBay 20% off deal that only has 1 page of comments..
    I just impulse bought the cool memory foam mattress topper linked in the comments near the top. $140 later… down from a ridiculous RRP of $599

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