Replica Eames Lounge Chair with Ottoman $299 @ ALDI Special Buys


Replica Eames chair - it's PU upholstery. It's $299. It's ALDI.

Details/specs can be found here

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    Yo that's a $300 chair from Aldi

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      You can get the real thing for just $11,690.…

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        Cheers, bought 16

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          I like your thinking… 5 is too obviously pandering to ozb meme responses… 20 is too many… 16 is just right 🖐️

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          As a king - you also need a complementary ‘lounging’ dining table to accomodate 16 minions (or persons or puppies/ dogs/ cats….you get the idea)….that would just be right ~ your highness

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          Cheers, bought 16

          So it was you …

          None when I order … :-[

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        Thanks, going to use PayPal Pay In 4.

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          2k limit. That’ll get you an arm rest.

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        It used to be 7 grand

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      • They sold the original on opening day at Costco for 3K.

      • Natural leather

        Premium Walnut Eames Replica Lounge Chair & Ottoman Set Italy Genuine Leather Sofa Armchair for Home Office Salon for $1,084.98!…

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        For something in between in price, I was looking at this a while ago

        The ones in the showroom were pretty comfortable.

      • Or just spend $999 and get real leather on the replica……

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          Thats also pu leather. I also saw that one at one time for $250

          • @drspy00: No, read the description :

            "crafted from 100% top grain leather seat front panels"

            • @Nom: It contains PU leather, so although all of it will not peel, some of it will.

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      The cutest way of saying "I'm poor"

    • Seriously I have a chair from this class and the back is cat proof at the back and that's huge.

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      Limited edition let's do some quick addition

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          I call that getting tricked by a business

    • and unless you like little black flecks everywhere it's landfill within 12 months

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    Aesthetic: nice

    Pu: sigh

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      PU leather should be banned it isn't fit for purpose. It peels and goes to crap in no time especially in Australian heat. Making stuff that looks good and gets thrown away in a year or two.

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        But is it fit for… PUrpose?

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        Is there any PU leather that is good? Or is it always bad no matter how expensive it was to make.

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          I dont think there is such a thing as good quality pu?it will still break down eventually

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Not even 'eventually', pretty damn fast. If you get v longer than three years you're lucky.

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: I got a PU 3 seats IKEA sofa back in 2016, used by very young kids every day, and still works ok. It only started to peel off a few months ago, but very usable. I think we paid $299. We just clean it often with a wet rag (water mixed with vinegar). YMMV

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: So what do rich people buy when they want leather furniture but don't want to use animal leather, surely someone with a blank cheque wouldn't just be given PU leather yeah? Must be loads of rich vegetarians and vegans

        • Some "good quality" PU leather call themselves "apple leather"… not all "apple leather" are good quality, though.

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          It’s not called Pee Eww for nothing.

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          The PU on some of my family recliners has lasted around 20 years. It is only coming apart recently in the very corners where its heavily folded. Not sure if that stuff is the same as stuff today, but it felt really supple.

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          Yes. BMW has PU iirc. There is very much a quality difference between good and bad

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          I'm sure there is but will be hard to tell the difference.

        • There are good PU, used in cars. Reupholsters have the good quality stuff. But will cost you more to redo then buy a new one. This is the problem nowadays. Such a waste.

      • Australian heat?
        So fine for Vic’s and taswegians?

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          Clearly don’t know much about Vic

          • -8

            @cdaddy: Sorry didn’t realise Vic’s don’t have a sense of humour?

            It gets hot in tassie too bro

            • @choofa:

              didn’t realise Vic’s don’t have a sense of humour?

              Of course we do, we had D Andrews as premier for years

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          Is it a double headrest?

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        They should actually ban the use of the word leather in there

      • Seen so many Chinese EV's with PU seats, wonder what people will buy to cover them as it's obvious they'll peel

      • I think it would be fine for the price, the overall seat quality is probably average at best anyway.

        Wuld anyone pay $200 more or whatever for leather. Just like leather there are different qualities of PU as well.

        Some people should be shopping at a home makers centre instead:P

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      Most of the replica Eames lounges use PU

      • Yeah u right. I will prob skip it… although it would be pretty sick to have in my study for 6-9 months…

        • It's gonna stick to you after the 9 months

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      Most cars have PU seats.

      It all depends on the quality of the PU, the good stuff lasts, the cheap stuff is rubbish. This Aldi chair would have the rubbish, probably won’t last five years,

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        Most cars? Doubt that. Cheaper cars have fabric seats. Expensive cars have leather seats. Some cars in the middle have PU seats.

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          If a car has “leather” seats it is mainly PU.

          Most manufacturers have gone away from full or any leather and if it is leather it is a plastic coated leather which bares little resemblance to classic leather products.

          Good quality PU leather can last a lifetime. Furniture from the 60s, 70s and 80s in fake leather used to last for ages. Now you are luck to get 5 years.

        • Nope..vast majority have pleather. Ie. Fake leather. They'll call it something fancy

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      PU is poo.

  • If anyone wants the authentic version, it’s only 13k:…

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      You've already been OzBargained, overpaid $1300

      • +2

        Lead time 1-2 weeks ;)
        Pay more and get it sooner.

        • +2

          Or, get the Aldi one to fill in until the real deal arrives! Have $1000 to spend on AIRJO coffee.

          • @Dandaman21: The PU leather on the ALDI one will probably just tide you over till then aswell by the time the lead time is up you'll be able to throw it away.

    • Fantastic deal

      Shipping only $175

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    This is going to sell out. Prepare for war and protect your chin(s).

    • +23

      Price is only one part to consider if something is a bargain. Quality is also important. PU is a hard pass.

      Others who have not done their research can fight this one out.

      1-year warranty

    • Why don’t they stock alot of these?

      Wouldn’t it be a no brainer to profit from?

      • +2

        Just like a lot of other random stuff they sell, it's a marketing tactic to get you into the store. The groceries that sell are probably more profitable by volume and take up less space already in that supply chain

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    Surely you can buy this, pay someoney to reupholst to real leather and still be much cheaper than the real thing? I wonder how much to reupholst to full grain leather?

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    Imagine being an Aldi shopper trying to act like you have a $13k chair lmao

    • +1

      Fake Rolex watches incoming.

      • +10

        This is an authentic Pagani design pd-1644 thank you very much.

    • There’s no doubt they’re telling people it’s the real deal.

    • +3

      Lots of wealthy people shop at Aldi. Do you think woolies is bougie

      • The Surgeons I work with seem to go to Harris Farms or get stuff delivered because they're too busy to shop.

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    1-year warranty. Made for landfill.

  • I’m surprised there’s no patents around this.

    • +9

      Patents don't protect designs. That's what design registration is for (but it only lasts 10 years, so most design houses don't bother).

      • -6

        Australia doesn’t have any laws to protect authentic design. You’d never see this fake being sold in Europe. You can only get the real deal, which I personally love, despite not being able to afford any of it haha

        • -1

          Why would we want a law to protect someone selling an $11,000 chair? The law prevents copies being sold as the original, after that, Mr Eames needs to make the case his original is more valuable.

          • +4

            @mskeggs: I am a person who values design and authenticity. Intellectual property should be preserved IMO

            • +8

              @SirFrankGrimes: Absolutely not, imo. The law protects the authentic design, nobody else can claim the are an Eames, and anyone wishing to spend $11k is welcome to do so.
              Gifting a government enforced exclusivity on a chair design in perpetuity does nothing but impoverish society.
              You are welcome to tell anyone that authenticity is worth $10,701 to you, but don't expect the law to enforce that opinion.

          • +3

            @mskeggs: Mr and Mrs Eames were very democratic they wanted their stuff to be everywhere, they would be shocked at how bougie it is now.

      • +10

        Bro it's a 68 year old design

        • +1

          Exactly. So what's the point of registering your design for only 10 years - on year 11, if it's become timeless, it'll get copied.

          Designs are amongst the least-used IP rights.

    • Patents also expire - in exchange for legal protection from copying you get exclusivity for 21 years. After that it is public domain.

      Not that there is much patentable about an armchair.

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    Any cheap scotch deals to go alongside? I already have a Calvin Klein dressing gown to go with it.

    • +1

      Ah, that was a good deal! Still have mine.

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