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I had my 4 year old Samsung UA60ES8000 refunded for full purchase price ($4100?) a couple years ago. It does happen. Edit: bit more detail...
04/08/2022 - 20:26
Bissel makes the same device in a bunch of different colours targeting different markets (pet, auto, etc.). I have one of the other colours...
04/08/2022 - 12:35
Isn't duty only applied to goods you don't pay GST on? Since it's purchased through, you're paying GST.
13/07/2022 - 13:53
Half-Life CounterStrike Mod, I was there.
30/06/2022 - 13:13
> bad old days of 6mbps ADSL. Spoken like someone who's never used a 28.8 modem that would cut out every time your mum picked up the phone,...
30/06/2022 - 12:46
I guess so, but I've always liked being able to just reach and turn the knob when I get an incoming call. I'll have to train myself to...
07/06/2022 - 15:46
The lack of volume knob on the front seems impractical to me, for use as PC speakers. Am I missing something?
07/06/2022 - 13:35
I think the Mirra2 is garbage. My lumbar support broke in the first 6 months and I had one of the arms fall off. Comfort-wise I think it's...
01/06/2022 - 14:29
Don't forget the pervasive smell of urine everywhere.
09/04/2022 - 17:26
Wow with the hate. I live in Perth too and am going through the same thing right now - at my gym you need to wear a mask between sets....
21/01/2022 - 12:57
Why would you want a TCL tv? They take 2 hours to turn on and support just gives you firmware which doesn't change it.
11/01/2022 - 17:16
> ‘In today’s crowded fantasy market Robin Hobb’s books are like diamonds in a sea of zircons’ - George R.R. Martin Don't let...
09/01/2022 - 22:00
>If you're following Doom for its story So I played Doom 1 (story was Phobos/Diemos) and Doom 2 (story was Hell on Earth)... what came next?
13/08/2021 - 17:24
"How many brands starting with the letters S-E-P-H-O-R-A are participating in Click Frenzy Julove 2021?" Hahaha apparently they've realised...
14/07/2021 - 10:37
I was interested to see how the price would affect some shoes I was looking at on Sportitude. The answer - they shaved like $1 off. These...
13/07/2021 - 22:30
Clearly they're making it intentionally vague.
13/07/2021 - 22:29
Do the photos of the dogs on the photos of the pet food count?
13/07/2021 - 22:28
Yeah, I'm conflicted. I can't think of what would be better, on the market, that I would recommend to people. BUT I'm not recommending it...
27/06/2021 - 21:22
The little microphone button is basically a Google (Assistant) button. You push it, talk into the remote, and then it goes and googles...
27/06/2021 - 21:14
"We grow it, we sell it, you save" - Spudshed. Tony Galati, who runs Spudshed is a WA Hero (from Wikipedia): > In 1998, Tony Galati opened...
16/04/2021 - 14:45
It's 1kg bags isn't it? Loose will cost you more.
16/04/2021 - 14:34
Aw, missed that one.
15/04/2021 - 10:21
Me too! What can I do with these points? This puts my total to about 40k points. Is there anything decent on their store?
15/04/2021 - 10:12
When you guys run out of literally everything at 7pm, do they instruct you to just throw random shit in the box and send it to the customer...
02/04/2021 - 18:22
Why should I be paying for refunds when things go wrong? My local KFCs screw up about half of the orders I make through Deliveroo/DoorDash.
02/04/2021 - 18:17
As per my rant above, yes. There are actually [different grades of syrup](, but you don't...
05/02/2021 - 15:23
Yeah, there's a few comments below about the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, which is such a fun story to read about, and then it...
05/02/2021 - 15:20
Doesn't hurt to ask - I've been with them since '94 and have always been the first to jump on the faster plans. I gave them a call and the...
05/02/2021 - 14:47
To be fair, I'm not a complete expert on the commercial manufacturing side... but my understanding is that it's really hard to produce as a...
05/02/2021 - 00:00
Maple syrup is a bit like honey in that it's a natural product. You wouldn't buy "Honey flavoured syrup", would you? Well, maybe a [bad...
04/02/2021 - 23:42