Free Biozet Attack Power Capsule 2-Pack Sample Delivered @ Biozet Attack


Get your FREE Biozet Attack Power Capsule 2 pack sample!
Stick it to stains with a FREE sample of the new Biozet Attack Power Capsule 2 pack!

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    And I didn’t give my phone number or opt in to marketing, which was good

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      Lol I always used to put Pizza Hut's number down - 3982 1111

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        Was 9481-1111in Sydney haha

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        I thought it was 3892 1111

        • Sorry yes, 3892 1111

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    I use to do work for this company. It's a great product

    • Do you recommend biozet over other brands, and if so why?

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        They use to have the smallest cap size (millilitres per wash) compared to all the other companies. Their laundry powder had a smaller cup too. The clothes always came out clean.

        The only reason I swapped to Omo Sensitive was cause I had a baby & I previously worked for Unilever. Omo was cheap. I locked in a S&S on Amazon for $8.50 for 2L (normally $22).

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          Just FYI, S&S prices don't actually lock in. You get 10% off whatever the price is on the day they send it out.

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          What do you mean by "locked in". Amazon S&S doesn't lock prices

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          S&S doesn’t lock the price in…….

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            @Repstar: I wish I could lock the price in Amazon too, unfortunately it doesn't work that way

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          Hey just so you're aware, S&S doesn't actually lock the price in.

          • -1

            @Mike Nolan: Well Month after month I was paying $8.50. That's close enough. I always check the prices when Amazon sends the up and coming delivery notification against WW & Coles. The cheapest the big chains were selling it for on special was half price at $11.00

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          Let me tell you something

          You can't lock in a S&S price on Amazon

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    Nginx web server error lol

  • Ozbargained atm

  • Thanks OP

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    Been using Biozet for a long time. Dont know if it is placebo or not but I feel like this is better than the others like Omo.

    The stain power liquid dont really get stuck on stains off polyester but hoping this will work.

  • thanks

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    Thank You!
    Your sample will be shipped to you in 14 working days.

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    Submitted ❤️

    Been a while we've all seen some amount of freebies !

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    Thanks Op. Perfect for coin laundry when travelling

  • Ordered a free sample. Thanks OP :)

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    Love me some free stuff with no effort at all. Thanks OP!

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    This is a very popular product in Asia, I will give it a try !!

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    “The downside is that most PVA does not break down and disappear. Instead, these manmade materials change into smaller micro-bits of plastic that you can’t see. They are so small that they wash down the drain. Then the particles wind up in our environment, contributing to plastic pollution. It’s been calculated that detergent pods contribute to 8,000 tons of PVA that goes into the environment annually. To give some context, that equates to 600 million plastic soda bottles worth of plastic, yearly.”

    • -1

      So do what I do , break the plastic open and use the powder . Also do this with dishwasher tablets .

      • +5

        You can just buy powder/liquid without the plastic lining you know… If you're going to that much trouble why even buy the pods in the first place?

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    Thanks OP.
    Always love a free sample. :-)

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    The last time I bought Biozet laundry detergent, the powder wouldn't dissolve in my front loading washing machine. The powder just clumped in the tray. Let's see if there has been an improvement.

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      I have the same issue, it destroyed my detergent tray. Bought the rebranded pack to see if the formula has changed, and the issue is still there. Clumps getting left behind on the tray. I’ve just started to sprinkle it on the clothes to finish the pack of detergent I got.

      • +1

        I contacted the company and got a refund. I think they gave me a $20 gift card.

      • I’m having the same issue! It’s really bad and I thought it was my washing machine.

  • Thankyou! Ordered some, have never tried capsules so great opportunity!

  • Thanks op.
    I usually just use the Biozet liquid one.
    But i can use these capsules for travelling

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    I’ve been using the powder for years, never an issue with it, I first started using it because it was grey water friendly so the waste was able to go on the grass when we were in a drought

  • It seems now it ask for email, phone number and limited to just 1 capsule?

    • I just fill in a made up email address and phone number. Good luck if they are real hehe, someone will get spam.

  • Biozet is my favourite laundry liquid/powder.
    Much better in performance than its competitors IMO, better scent too.

    • Which one do you use? There’s about 3 different types - regular, odour eliminator and softener.

  • "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later." :(

  • Thanks for sharing OP!

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    For years a friend picked us up bulk Biozet powder at a Sydney car wash who sold it off pallets very cheaply. Last year the car wash was raided and owners charged with importing commercial quantities of 'border controlled drugs' hidden in washing powder !

    We now have to pay full price. Great product - 'highly' recommended.

    • +1

      was this is Bankstown or suburb next door?

    • What a story! And I wish you'd posted a deal about this cheap laundry powder!

  • easy to j1g the email and address btw

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • I use to use BioZet but stopped when they moved production from Japan to Taiwan.

    BioZet Attack now rates pretty poorly in Choice Reviews.

    Omo and Aldi powdered detergents come up on top.

  • Am I the only one still trying to finish Cold Power detergent from this deal

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