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Xbox One S 500GB Console w/ Mass Effect Andromeda, Forza Horizon 3, Halo 5 $299 save $100 @ BigW


A few Xbox One S bundles with Mass Effect Andromeda being discounted today, but I haven't seen this one yet.
Includes Mass Effect Andromeda, Forza Horizon 3, and Halo Guardians 5.

My local store (Dapto, NSW) has stock and is matching the price.

Update: My local store sold me the bare console and the three games on disc. Put the console through at $299 and the two extra games at $0.01 each.

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  • Thats a really great deal

  • Here's a screenshot in case Big W's website goes down (which is planned for tomorrow and Saturday).


  • Can pay with 5% off gift cards and if you have family or friend work for woolies another 5% off.
    Good deal op

  • No in-store pickup? :)

  • I remember seeing this article a while back. If you want to watch 4k Blu Ray, buying an Xbox One S is actually cheaper than buying a standalone 4K Blue Ray player.
    Not sure on the current pricing but the article is only a few months old.


    • Bought a Xbox one last month for $299.
      In terms of using it as a Blu-ray player, I find it has limited functionality but works ok

    • What I find odd is that you can't play blurays out the box, you need to download their bluray player app. Doesn't make much sense to me

    • I’m tossing up between this and the Samsung 8500 3D 4k Blu-Ray player. Currently selling for around $350, but I have seen it under $300, so might be able to grab one for the same price as this if I wait. Some reviewers have noted few minor issues using the Xbox as a dedicated media player like the lack of new audio standards (e.g: Dolby Atmos), somewhat lacking HDR picture quality compared to dedicated players, no 4k upscaling for low-res media (DVDs, and FHD Blu-Rays), buggy 3D support, and having to use a game controller as a remote etc.. But on the other hand you get to play “real” games (not all that important to me, but a bonus nonetheless), have better application support and good community support. So it’s a tough choice..

  • woah, cheap

    • +26 votes

      … It's. A. Console.

      • yeah, so? its like saying everyone should drive the same car, its just a CAR. I prefer keyboard and mouse gaming, PS4 you can use them, Its just my preference, if your happy with a controller, more power to you, but I don't, that's life, we are all different.

        • +17 votes

          No. It's like saying: 'the only thing putting me off this car is the lack of dragon blood and unicorn support'.

        • Agreed. Just because it's a console, it doesn't mean that it can't take different kinds of inputs.

          Being a console sitting under my TV though, I use controllers. But I have friends who have their consoles next to their PCs on a desk, so I know where you're coming from.

        • @flaminglemon: Exactly, which is what I'd be doing, if I got one. Not sure why people get their panties in a wad by just stating a preference, not asking them to change theirs.

        • @Trantor: I am on the other side of the spectrum, where I take issue with people who don't like to use PC because they like controllers. It's like, guess what genius, PC supports controllers. "Oh man I want a console so I can play it on my TV". You can play PC on your TV too, derpface! >:( lol but anyway

          With the console (most shooting genres) ecosystem the way things are, I don't think they're going to implement full KB/Mouse support for shooters without some sort of segregation system, because (I say this as a controller-preferrer) the Mouse/KB guys would absolutely ruin the controllers.

          But, either way, both consoles are getting mouse and keyboard support. Micro$oft is gearing up for UWP, so the xbox is going to have keyboard support soon if it doesn't already. The only thing stopping devs from making keyboard and mouse games in a couple years would be a decision o the part of the devs.

        • @FrankMcFuzz: I know, it silly isn't it, there's been controllers on PC almost as long as games, joy sticks, steering wheels etc. i'm not sure why some feel threaten with people using other things, whether its on the PC or gaming console, but going by the negs, it seems just saying what you like seems to rile them up lol

        • @Trantor: All you need to say is "As a Metal Gear fan, I was very disappointed by Metal Gear Solid 5" and just wait for the message about comment deletion due to dislikes lol.

        • They definitely segregate console and PC users …..Games with ranking PC has unfair advantage.

  • anyone want to sell me Mass Effect cheap lol

  • Making it really hard to wait for Scorpio :(

  • Must resist. Already have a ps4 pro, but want to play halo and gears of war!!

  • how much could i sell all these games for?

    am interested in just the console

  • Definitely a much, much cheaper option than upgrading my PC to run Mass Effect at reasonable settings.. but at the same time i'm a little hesitant due to probably needing to buy an external HDD / Scorpio in the not so distant future. Tough decision, but a great deal nonetheless.

  • if Interstellar was available on UHD bluray then I'd grab this in an instant, but not going to because I already have a ps4 pro and don't need an xbone that I'm not going to game on.

    • Damn I always thought Interstellar was available in UHD until I saw your comment and decided to look it up! That was one of the first things I was going to buy when I got a 4k TV/x1 :(

  • Guys Xbox scorpion is coming please don't get sucked in to this "deal" they are just trying to unload old stock before new ones arrive

    • I brought a Roku Ultra for around $300, to run as a EMBY client front end. This for $299 is a more cost effective media front end, as it runs Windows 10 Apps, coupled with the ability to actually play games.

      But yes, for a pure games console, it's best to wait.

  • Anyone know if JB HiFi will match this deal and throw in Halo 5 with there current bundle deal?

    • I stopped by Eastland today to pick it up from BigW, but they wouldn't match their own online price :(
      EB Games - useless as predicted, but I asked there anyway.
      JB Hifi - no deal.

      • just order online and pay $9.99 delivery fee, save time & petrol running around asking for price match

        • Yep I ordered online - I just happened to be at Eastland anyway. My problem is that I'm usually not home to sign for a delivery, so then it's a pain to organise a redelivery or go to the depot to pickup. I could deliver it to my work, but I've been getting waaaay to many online orders delivered there and it's starting to be a problem!

        • @slknv: lol, online shopping is an addition and yes it is a problem haha.
          but I hear you, you could try ask your colleague if the package could be delivered under his/her name though, so you stay out of trouble :)

        • Thanks for this, it really helped. The Tamworth store honored the deal as the website was down. They were really friendly about it too so I'm very impressed with the level of service i got.

    • I got it from JB HiFi today and they matched exactly.

      I wanted to swap Halo 5 for The Division instead and they said no, but they ended up not being able to find the Halo download token and offered me one of four other games, one of which being The Division.

  • No time to play games, bought one anyway..

  • I need the new Nintendo classic

  • all great trashy titles for trade ins or ebay.

  • Do you get the dlc codes by email on purchase or do they send them with the console?

    • OP said big w included the discs in the bundle so no dlc codes.


        OP had his local store price match where they included the disks. OP did not purchase this deal online.

      • Website says DLC codes for Forza Horizon 3 and Halo 5: Guardians. I did get all three on disc when the local store price matched.

  • Does anyone know when will this deal expire?

  • Great deal for 500GB but need a good 1TB console deal.

  • I got mine from Beenleigh big w, got three discs as well. Traded them all in for steep.

    • If you don't mind me asking, where did you trade in the games? and how much would you get from the disc versions for these games.

    • I asked my store and they would not give physical copies with the deal. :/

      • Also did the same and was declined the bundle based on one of the games being download token.

      • I went to 4 stores and all of them denied to price match. (BigW Macquarie Centre, TopRyde, Merrylands and Auburn)

        BigW Auburn said they would honor the price match but they dont have any in stock.. the guy told me to come back next week, but he wasn't sure that any shipments were coming

      • So, we rang and asked, and the guy said three physical discs came with it. When we got there the guy attempted to give us download codes but we asked for discs, and he said we could have either. So we chose discs.

        Then he couldn't put it through, so he called his manager, who flew in, said no, and then flew out. We leant on the guy a little bit more, said we had made a special trip (which we had), etc etc, so he called a more senior manager over to approve it. That manager had no issue with it.

        I take issue with big w trying to advertise something online and then run away from it in store.

        It takes longer than time itself to initially update the console and games though. 8 hours on fast cable.

        Also they are fabulously easy to develop for!! They run Universal windows apps. I wrote an internet Radio app in about three minutes. Really exciting stuff (for me anyway).

  • I bought 2 xbox S for me and a mate. I have staff discount so it was good deal. he wanted only the console so I am going to get another controller for the xbox S
    Worked out to be cheaper in the end.

  • Looks like Halo 5 has been removed from the deal.
    I bought mine yesterday so fingers crossed I get the game :S

  • When does this sale end? next week?

  • Anyone else get a download token for Halo The Master Chief Collection in addition to Halo 5 physical disk with the bundle? I was surprised to see it included. Wished I hadn't ordered it on eBay a few days before.