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Western Digital 8TB Red Internal NAS Hard Drive $290.74 USD (~$380 AUD) Delivered @ B&H Photo Video


Here is a deal of the day on WD 8TB Red hard drive at B&H.

Cheapest price on staticICE is $449 pick-up.

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B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video

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    They're $354.46 when you get the 16tb NAS from Amazon. (link)

    • Not a NAS though… this is just USB storage but yeah, good price per drive when buying this way as I assume most people would buy these in pairs to use in an actual NAS anyway. Nice find!

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        no, you can take the 2x 8TB drives out. they are WD red's inside. amazon.de had an even better deal for a brief period, but i bought most of mine from amazon US.

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          I think they meant that it's not a NAS, as its just an external HDD without the ability to connect to a network, not that the drives aren't removable like a traditional external HDD.

        • @cdestratis: yeah, true, it's cheaper to just buy the NAS with the drives and chuck (or try and sell) the enclosure.

          i c what he was saying, i confused myself with the one i received from amazon.de today, which is 'cloud' connected, so kind of NAS. dont care enough to even look at the details as i just took the drives right out.

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      Problem is that you get the NAS warranty (1 yr) instead of the RED warranty (3 yrs)

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        • not sure why you're neg'd as there might be some truth to that. depends on WD.

          ive never claimed warranty on a drive anyway. they always fail several years later.

        • @insular: I have for work, and it was a WD Red after only 6 months. Luckily bought that drive from PLE and they tested and swapped it over straight away.

      • I highly doubt this is the case, if anything the enclosure itself may come with limited warranty, but the drives would still hold the their normal warranty term of three years.

        EDIT: This PDF says it comes with two years, but it may vary depending on the country it's purchased in, for this very reason it's I prefer to stay local!

        • So you 'doubt'…. can people who trust in your professional opinion ask you to cover their non-existent warranty?
          i 'DOUBT' you will do that (notice the subtle difference between a certainty and an uneducated opinion?)

        • @just-dave:

          I was just offering my opinion like you were, so it's no more or less uneducated.

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      $499 Now…

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    If purchasing multiple eg enough for a 4-bay NAS, it would pay to be mindful of triggering GST liability.

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      Make two transactions of two units.

  • Split 4 units into 2 for per transaction. Just pay a little more
    for delivery.

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    Good deal, but these drives are so dear when sold individually.

    I'm stoked I picked 2 drives in this deal for $637 delivered.

    Could just pull them out for $318 each but will probably use the NAS as is anyway.

    • That was an amazing deal.
      Impulse purchase initially with knowing I have some time to think it through later (due to the backorder).
      Glad I did it, shipped yesterday.
      Just be careful not to publish it out or upgrade the firmware, as I do believe the firmware on those had some security issues.

      • Cool, yah I just got mine today.

        I'm just gonna have it as a local server I think so shouldn't have to worry about it. If I ever do serve to the net, I'll make sure its updated, thanks!

        Enjoy yours!

  • Kicking myself pretty hard. Been buying pairs of 10tb Ironwolfs from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/298029 but would have preferred this…

    • Has it shipped yet? If not you can still cancel the order…

      • 2/4 shipped, no turning back now

  • Meant to reply to above…

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