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2x Free Maggi Wholemeal Noodles (Chicken Flavour) + Recipe Booklet


1 claim per household

Enjoy, students!

Free noodles! Delivered!

Dammit I need 10 words

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    "This page isn't available

    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed."

    • Works for me (Android)

    • Link fixed.

      • Cheers :) had the mobile link easy enough but wouldn't convert to desktop :(

  • Thanks OP, Got one :)

  • Wholemeal is like eating cardboard

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      Each to their own. My partner prefers these to the regular ones.

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      Wholemeal = Better for your poops

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    Is Facebook even required? I got mine without logging in.

    • when i put in my details then it asked me to log in…?
      how did y9ou get it without logging in?

      • Don't know, maybe it's because I'm on mobile.

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    By clicking Submit, you agree to send your info to MAGGI who agrees to use it according to their privacy policy.

    Facebook will also use it subject to our Data Policy, including to auto-fill forms for ads.???????

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      Saw that too. Some free noodles is not worth getting noodle adverts for the next 5 years…

  • Looks like I have some coming.

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    2-minute noodle recipe book? 20c meals 4 lyf!

  • Link still broken for me on mobile.

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    Is Maggi the relatively healthier option out of all instant noodles?

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      I think the Korean potato instant noodles would be the healthiest

    • Well Indian maggi noodles had recall over excessive lead apparently….. But it does not effect our noodles….

  • Maggi noodles taste really waxy to me. Out of all the brands, I prefer home brand - beef and chicken and add chilli to spice up.

  • wholegrain nty

  • Oh man I miss maggi curry flavour they don't make it anymore I heard… doh.

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      You can get the curry in asian grocery stores. The asian version. Much better.

      • The nissan Curry flavor is so much better….

        Go nissan or go home haha

        • When on earth did Nissan the car manufacturer start making noodles?

        • @TheAndyMethos: Haha opps its Nissin.
          They were the original pioneers of the instant noodles. So any other brand other than Nissin are just imitations.

          In Hong Kong they are the number 1 sellers, and when people refer to "Gong Jai Min" (Doll Noodle or Instant Noodles), it is instantly recognized as being the Nissin brand ones.

          Their chicken flavor is always a classic, heaps better than any other brand.

          In Australia, most Asian Grocery Shops have it, but you MUST get either the Made in Japan or Made in Hong Kong ones, do not opt for the often cheaper Made in PRC or China ones.

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    I tried to claim but had to log in to Facebook which I'm not signed up to.
    Heres my quick soup recipe:
    1 PKT CONTINENTAL Cream of Chicken Soup
    1 Pkt 2 Minute noodles
    2 cups water
    2 cups milk
    Mix Pkt soup with 2 cups water,
    Heat til it nearly reaches boil (stirring constantly)
    Add 2 cups of milk and pkt noodles (MINUS FLAVOUR SACHET)
    Heat til soup thickens and noodles soften - about 5 minutes - stirring so soup doesnt stick to bottom of pot.

  • thankyou wholegrain hey wonder if the kids will eat them

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    Taking a while to receive.

    • Still haven't received them also

  • Has anyone received their sample?

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    Turned up today :)

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      Still waiting Zzzz

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