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[Steam] Chivalry: Medieval Warfare FREE


In celebration of their latest game Mirage: Arcane Warfare going into closed beta, Torn Banner Studios has made Chivalry: Medieval Warfare free for the next ~24 hours. Keep forever.

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  • I'll give it a shot. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks. Can this be added to my steam library and installed later. Or is the only option of getting this FREE to click Install Game (5.4gb)?

    • Click install game so it will be added to your library. But you won't have to actually install in the game :)

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    for Agatha!

  • It's still on my PC since the last free weekend :D lol
    But now I get to keep it. Yay :3

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    Don't forget to claim this for a little cross promo content if you have Killing Floor 2:

    Killing Floor 2 and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare have combined arms!

    Diabolical cross-collaborative experiments at Tripwire Interactive and Torn Banner Studios have bred freakish new content in both of our games. Coming soon:

    In Chivalry, owners of Killing Floor 2 will gain access to the following new items:

    Hedge Trimmer Blade, a replacement for the throwing knife
    Gorefast Longsword, a replacement for the Longsword with hilt made of hands
    Maulverizer, a replacement for the Maul
    Fleshpound Quarterstaff, a replacement for the Quarterstaff with Fleshpound arms attached at either end
    Plague Doctor Gas Mask helmet in two variations
    Horzine Emblem

    In Killing Floor 2, owners of Chivalry will unlock a brand new, fully voiced character:

    Tom Banner, a Knight who wields the deadly Zweihander

    via : https://steamcommunity.com/games/219640/announcements/detail... from ~ 1.5 - 2 years ago

  • thanks for post, picked it up, looks like a bit of fun

    [email protected] steam reviews, i'm keen to play it just to check these 'ballerinas' out haha

    "Not Recommended
    41.0 hrs on record
    It's fun until you reach level 16, in which 20 different people spinning around in circles at mach 10 cut your ♥♥♥♥ off by leaning backwards while flying at you and calling you bad at the game for not also turning into a sexually confused ballerina."

    "Want more details?
    - "High-rankers", who are properly nicknamed "Ballerinas". These little insecure boys or big secure adults will try their best to ♥♥♥♥ you off and break your fun by using "pro tactics", that's an euphenysm for using glitches and exploits.
    Obviously, if you're experienced with multiplayer games, losers like these are common.
    Except in Chivalry, the entire population is made of them."

  • I've played a fair bit of this back in the day. Very good fun.

  • This is a hilarious first person medieval combat simulator from shooting arrows into somebody's head and back to recreating this is Sparta with a Spartan soldier warrior. Beats for honour for days in terms of hilarity. A bit weird though with the whole crazy melee thing aka no build up of glory.