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Onkyo TX-NR807 Amplifier with FREE iPod Dock - $1399 - Suitable for 3D


Hi Guys,

We have several of the Onkyo TXNR-807 amplifiers which we have on special now for just $1399. These amplifiers had an original RRP of $2699 when they were released last year.

Some of the specifications are:

  • HD Audio and 1080p Video processing via HDMI (6 HDMI Inputs)
  • HDMI Video Upscaling to 1080p with Faroudja DCDi Cinema chip
  • Network capability for internet radio (like Pandora) and playing music files from a PC
  • Powered Zone 2 and Zone 3 for playback of different sources in different areas of your house
  • 135 watts per channel at 8 Ohms
  • Suitable for 3D

As a bonus we are also including completely FREE a genuine Onkyo iPod / iPhone dock with every amplifier sold. This is able to be controlled using the remote control that comes with the amplifier.

The total of these 2 items combined in rrp is $2,999 and you get it all for $1,399.

Stocks are limited so you will need to be quick for this one.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or email me at [email protected]

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  • HDMI, 1.3 or 1.4?

  • Google reveals the UK RRP of £799 ($1377 at today's fx rate) and sale price of £499 ($860) including delivery.
    So I could buy 3 Onkyo's at the UK sale price for the Amber Tech (Aussie distributor) RRP of $2699.
    Or better yet 1 Onkyo and a holiday to the UK.

    I'm guessing $1399 is actually a good deal for an Australian (Amber Tech distributed) Onkyo though so will not vote down.
    Besides you can almost get 2 Onkyo's for the stupid RRP.

  • I think JB have this on their website for $1322 without in store negotiation


    • I believe JBhifi is a different model (could better too).

      specs @ JBhifi say 175 Watts Per Channel At 6 Ohms

      This is 135 watts per channel at 8 Ohms

      BTW good research.


    @Moogish - This is a version 1.3 amplifier. It will do 3D still … just not return audio via HDMI.

    @Dobs - No warranty though from OS with ambertech :)

    @Swiper - Different model! This is and NR807 - not an SR608! Our instore price on the SR608 (the same one as JB have advertised in the link you provided) is miles below that! We will not be beaten on any Onkyo deal!!

    @spal - This amplifier is 230W per channel @ 6Ohms

    The only differences between the new model (NR808) and this model are:

    1/ This is half the price
    2/ No return audio via HDMI (no biggie as you can just use an optical cable)
    3/ No ethernet connection between devices

    In order to use any of these features you must have one of the latest 1.4 TV's…



  • These ONKYO units are fantastic. I just bought the lower end model from JBHiFi. I was surprised that they dropped the price from nearly $1000 to $750 because I got a load of other stuff as well. I'm pretty pleased with it and it comes with 5 years warrantee! Awesome

  • I just got my Onkyo free from my cousin :p yeah older so none of these features, but a free audio system is epic

  • Matt, I will keep your store in mind when I am buying the onkyo.

    How much roughly to delivery cost to VIC 3166 for SR608? thanks

    by the way, could you please explain by this "no return audio" via hdmi in NR807?


    @surat - The new version HDMI has an extra 2 wires inside that act as a conduit to return the audio from your television back to your amplifier. This allows you to have the digital sound (like 5.1) coming back through that HDMI cable. In the past this has been done with a seperate cable like an optical or a coaxial digital … same thing just 1 less cable!

    Give me a call on 1800 69 2225 if you want a price on your purchase. :)

  • How does it still do 3D without HDMI 1.4? Does it passthrough the video?


    @ shaun1 - 3D will work with a version 1.3a/b/c cable (oops did I just wreck it for someone) …

    There is no such thing as version 1.4 (contrary to popular belief) only the next generation of the evolution of HDMI. It is referred to now as:

    High speed HDMI
    High speed HDMI with Ethernet or (HEC)

    As before the differences are:

    No return audio via HDMI (no biggie as you can just use an optical cable)
    No ethernet connection between devices

    However this is not a forum for discussion on the differences on HDMI versions. This is about a really cool and ridiculously cheap Onkyo amplifier…


  • Yes awesome amp :)

    So wouldn't all Amps that support 'High speed HDMI' be able to do 3D?

  • +1 vote


    …just dont share that fact too far ;)

    No one reads this right??

  • Thanks for the great (and quick) feedback Matt. Quick question… if I currently have a 7.1 setup (new house) where speakers have been wired up (no amp yet) and an alfresco running 2 speakers. As this amp has multiple zones, obviously I can hook up both areas. How does the setup work with 2 zones and having 7.1 and 2? Does this mean the main room with 7.1 can only run 5 speakers with the other 2 for the alfresco? If so, how could I run the 7.1 and the other 2 at the same time? If not do I need 'something' that switches the zones? Hope I haven't confused you too much!! Cheers


    @Swiper - no confusion here … this is my forte!

    The Onkyo NR807 amplifier does 3 zones however for each zone you lose part of your 7.1. eg. you cannot have 7.1 running at the same time as another zone.

    The amplifier takes the rear surrounds (ie. speakers 6 and 7) and makes them into another zone. This means that you can only watch a movie in 5.1. The good news though is that you dont have to plug and unplug the speaker terminals (There are 11 terminals on the back of the amp) and it is simply a button push to make this happen.

    If you think about it this is a good way of achieving cheap and effective multiroom without the need for more real estate (ie space taken up) or extra wiring to other devices in the house.

    On the flip side too is that most movies (even stuff coming out now) are still in 5.1. On the odd occassion when you need 7.1 you simply switch back. :)

    If you really must have both 7.1 and your alfresco running at the same time always then you can either go to the next model up or buy a seperate stereo amplifier.

    Hope that helps!


    • Thanks again Matt, that does clear it up for me. I was wondering though about when switching back to the odd movie with 7.1, is it simply just a button on the remote (obviously not allowing you to use the other 2 speakers in another zone) or is it more complex?


    @swiper - it is a button press :)

    Press zone 2 and it activates the zone
    Press zone 2 then off and it turns the zone off…

    Too easy!

  • I recently bought the SR-508 for $560 from Hardly Normal.

    If you do not need component up scaling, e.g. all your sources are HDMI and your output is HDMI then the 508 is perfect.

    • 7.1 channel
    • 160w @ 6ohm
    • HDMI 1.4a
    • Zone 2 Output

    +1 for the setup mic, it works great.

  • Similar deal at Just Klapp (VIC) http://justklapp.rtrk.com.au/?scid=23768&kw=1835096

    I've purchased from Selby Acoustics previously and have to say that their customer service is #1. Good job guys. Would highly recommend.