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Panasonic NN-SF574SQPQ 27L Flatbed Inverter Microwave Oven: Stainless Steel $230 Delivered @ Myer eBay


no turntable (flatbed), stainless steel fascia & body, touch pad/ green LCD, operation manual with recipes.

Width 529mm
Height 326mm
Depth 422mm

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  • +2 votes

    Great micorwave, highly recommend.


      yeah, using one of those at home and completely happy with it :)


      We have one of these as well. Very easy to clean. Love it. Although $230 I believe is not quite a bargain. Can't remember how much exact we paid for ours about a year ago but about the same.

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    Are non-commercial flatbed microwaves still performing bad when comparing to the turntable usual suspects?

    • +1 vote

      Define bad? Mine works perfectly.

      • +3 votes

        Even since the flatbed technology being available for home use, users kept on complaining that the heat distribution on the food ain't that good? More occurrence of the outside is hot while the outside is still stone cold as an example?


          Not sure why you got negged for your comment, I had heard the same thing, plus read bad reviews, and got put off from buying one a couple of years back.
          It gets 3.6 on Product Review, perhaps they have improved in the last couple of years.


    The Good Guys Ebay
    NEW Panasonic NN-SF574SQPQ 27L 1000W Stainless Steel Microwave
    AU $248.00



    Believed in this "new" flatbed tech and bought one 2 years ago.

    Same frozen food takes 30-50% more time to heat up compare to previous microwave I had with the same power.

    Lucky it somehow broke within 2 weeks. Return to HN and the sales was "unusually" nice and happy to swap a different turntable model.

    I say no to flatbed tech.

    • -1 vote

      It takes longer time because it's inverter not because it's flatbed. All inverter microwaves take longer time.


        My inverter (non flatbed) microwave is the fastest and most powerful microwave I have ever owned. All inverter microwaves do NOT take longer time…

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        Inverter doesn't mean slower cooking. It means if you select power at less than 100%, ie 80% it just runs at say 80% for the entire cooking time, not 100% for 80% of the time, then 0% for 20% of the time which is how non-inverter microwaves work.

        It's more even heating if it can run at lower power level continuiously, rather than full power, then zero power, then full power, then zero power etc.

        Same principle with inverter air conditioners.

  • +1 vote

    I bought the white version of this NN-SF564WQPQ from goodguys ebay during their recent 20% off sale - was $199 so came to $159.20. It's a good microwave, happy with it so far. I think that these microwaves are pretty much the same other than the colour so it seems that the price has gone up since then.

    • +1 vote

      I've got the white as well. Flatbed is slower than a comparable turntable. We use flat bed for our motorhome, so we don't have a glass dish flapping around inside it. I'd use turntable for home.