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Officeworks Mortein Nest Kill Cockroach Baits 12 Pack $0.50 AUS stock Instore only


Mortein Nest Kill Cockroach Baits contain a special honey, malt and soya attractant to lure cockroaches to the bait. Once a cockroach eats from the bait station and carries it back to the nest, they contaminate the others to kill both cockroaches and their eggs.
- The pack contains 12 baits so you can change them every 3 months.
- The baits are suitable for use indoors only.
- Each bait contains a special formula made using honey, malt and soya to attract the cockroaches.
- Every bait comes with a date panel so you can mark it and remember when to change them.

Easy to check stock with Officework's chat.

checked WA and VIC;
Richmond - 2
Sth Melbourne - 2
Geelong - 4
Ballarat - 8
Narre Warren - 8
Campbellfield - 4
Nunawading - 3
Coburg - 6
Pakenham - 7
Bayswater - 5
Vermont South - 5
Dandenong Sth - 1
Caroline springs - 3

East vic park - 2
Freemantle - 1
East Perth - 8
Cannington - 1
Albany - 5

low stock recommended calling prior.

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    I wonder whether they would be any good for crickets.


      That's what the Indian captain asked the Aussie cricket team!


      Unlikely considering their different behavior and enviromental preferences.

  • +6 votes

    šŸœCockroaches have eaten all the stock at stores near me in BrisbanešŸ˜¢


    honey, malt and soya milkshake for roaches


    Nice one OP

    These work well.


    Now none at Nunawading.


    I can confirm it doesn't work well


      can you confirm what has worked well for you?

      • +2 votes

        Raid Automatic Insect Control System
        this works for me but make sure to put it away your wall otherwise it will strip the pain.


          I have to agree, kept one of these on top of a pantry and now I need to repaint both the ceiling as well as the wall. Won't use that again, I don't think something so agrressive can be completely non-toxic to humans.


        Sticky insect traps laid flat.


    Just wondering, if there isn't really have a cockroach problem, would putting out a "preventative" bait actually attract them instead?