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$7.00 - $10.00 Standard Tickets for Students + $8 - $12 Adult Tickets (Selected Cinemas) @ Event Cinemas [Monday to Thursday]


An extension on this expired deal. The expiry seems to get continued and my code has worked for the last year or so.

Note: You must show a valid form of student ID on pickup of your tickets! MOD: This post was requested to be removed by Event Cinema. We have now removed the coupon code, as it can only be issued upon joining the Cine Buzz for Students and presenting the student ID.

You put the code at: Cinebuzz Account -> Edit Details -> Promo Code

VMAX is $3-$4 extra.

Below are the cinemas in order of price:

$7.00 Tickets (Only QLD):

Brisbane Myer Centre
Browns Plains ($8 for Normal Members Also)
Garden City Mt Gravatt
Ipswich ($8 for Normal Members Also)
Morayfield ($8 for Normal Members Also)
North Lakes
Strathpine ($8 for Normal Members Also)
Springfield ($8 for Normal Members Also)
Toombul ($8 for Normal Members Also)

$8.50 Tickets

Shellharbour ($10 for Normal Members Also)
Woolongong ($10 for Normal Members Also)
Kotara ($10 for Normal Members Also)

$10.00 Tickets


Beverly Hills
Bondi Junction
Campbelltown ($12 for normal members also)
Castle Hill
Coffs Harbour
George Street
Liverpool ($12 for Normal Members Also)
Top Ryde City ($10 for Normal Members Also)


Australia Fair
Cairns Central
Cairns City
Cairns Earlville
Capalaba ($8 for Normal Members Also)
Mackay City
Mackay Mt Pleasant
Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza
Pacific Fair
Robina Town Centre
Rockhampton North
Toowoomba Grand Central
Toowoomba Strand
Townsville Central
Townsville City




Darwin ($10 for Normal Members Also)


Morley ($10 for Normal Members)

Enjoy your movie watching :)

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  • +1

    kind of confusing title, says adults from $8-10 and then its written $12 for Normal Members Also. So is it 8, 10 or 12, should it write in the title from 8-12??? or there is something to be done so you'd get it for less then $12?

    normal members of what? cinebuzz? is there any other level of cinebuzz membership level?

    • +2

      That's my bad, I forgot about the Liverpool pricing. Pricing depends on the cinema as seen in the post.

      And yes, normal cinebuzz members will get it for the bold pricing if they aren't students.

      • thanks mate :)

      • Sorry so those cinemas without bolded prices next to their names don't have discounts for non students?

        • +2

          That's correct :(

          Some of them have bulk deals however, like 4 tix for $40 etc.

        • @doweyy: thanks. That rules me out then

  • +1

    Do they check ID when collecting tickets?

    • In most cinemas, yes.

    • +3

      Yeh don't be an absolute banana and buy student if your not one. They're more than generous prices for adults and if everyone adopted the attitude of buying student tickets I could see Event discontinuing the scheme.

  • This isn't a bargain. It's just a perk of being a Cinebuzz member. I've been paying $7 each time to see a movie for like 5 years now the moment I signed up (I live in Bris).

    • +4

      How? I've been a Cinebuzz member for years and the only time I've gotten discounted tickets is the Movie Of The Week promotions, which is limited films/sessions If you get $7 tickets any time then do share your secret!

      • When I was in Brisbane years ago, there was a discount code you added to your Cinebuzz profile that was only good for Event at the Myer Center in the city.

        It was amazing.

        I'm in Perth now, will have to investigate this Morley thing.

    • +5

      Grow up and pay the extra few dollars.

        • +8

          There's a difference between a bargain and being dishonest

  • is this online only or can we just ask for it at the reception?

    • +1

      You apply the code to your account online. From then on when you scan your Cinebuzz card at the cinema they can see you have the code applied.

  • +1

    Event Cinemas has an O-Week presence at many universities so a lot of students already know about this deal.

    I only hope Event continue with this promo in spite of non-students taking advantage of this deal.

    • Yes wish they'd crack down on checking student ID's I've seen a number of people abusing the offer at my cinema

  • Is this valid in SA?

    • Whoops, yep it's available at all 4 cinemas; Adelaide, Arndale, Glenelg and Marion.

  • let's say I booked 3 tickets at the same time, does this promo code applied to 3 of them, or only 1?

    • Maximum 1 Redemption Per Account Per Movie, but if your cinema offers 2 different student deals then you can get up to 2. Some of these include Indooroopilly, Myer Centre, Chermside in QLD.

      But generally is one 1 person booking.

    • You can only order 1 ticket per account with the Cinebuzz Students pricing

      You would need 3 accounts with the promo, then make 3 separate bookings through each account

  • Can i buy 2 tickets but my companion is a non student?

    Edit: answered from the top comment

    • Tbh depends on the staff. I have done in the past buying 2 tickets and wasn't asked for student card and also asked for student card and wasn't allowed to buy more than 1 ticket. But they are only supposed to let you buy 1 per account.

  • +1

    Worth noting a new code (STUDENT2017) has been supplied if the 16 code stops working.

    • Thanks, have updated.

    • Is student2017 already working?

      • Yep!

  • Is this deal students only? How to get the $8-$12 Adult ticket? I only see $10 Cinebuzz student ticket and $26 Adult ticket. Did I miss something?

    Edit: I see. The $8-12 Adult tickets are only available at selected cinemas, aren't they?

  • -1

    "see six movies and one free" HAHAHA they know people just movie hop right? all bargain familys do it

  • Can we buy the ticket in a cinema to avoid the booking fee?

    Just to make sure, but "student" includes high school students right? I am not going to be happy if they are going to be an ass about how students only refers to university students.

    • Yes you can buy tickets at the desk and yes I'm pretty sure students includes school children though I'm not 100% sure

  • Hi,
    So the code automatially applies when we book a specific ticket?
    There's no way to say buy 4 tickets to redeem later at this low price?

    I'm just wondering how long these prices will last…

    • If you are a student the prices last all year. If you are referring to the cheap prices for select cinemas for regular Cinebuzz members, I am not sure.

      • I am a student, so if these prices are all year round that's so good, no more $18 movies

  • Just checked Campbelltown Event and it shows "EXCLUSIVE Campbelltown Cinebuzz Member Price $12.00" instead of the OP listed $10

    • That's for non-student pricing, I have updated the post

      • Ahhhh
        I see now
        When I saw $8 - $12 Adult Tickets and the $10 for NSW I thought of adult tickets instead of the student code price

        All good now

  • How to get the $8 - $12 adult ticket? It seems only for students.. There is no discount for adult ticket.

    • +1

      Those prices are available at the locations in bold as described in the post, must be logged into your cinebuzz account when purchasing

      • I created cinebuzz login now and checked tickets at Parramatta and CastlebHill both showing me full price for an adult (non student).

        Am i missing anything please help?

        • Hey sorry, yeah it seems like they've cancelled the member pricing at those cinemas for non-students. I'll have to go and do an updated list tomorrow.

          The only pricing I can see that is still available is for Beauty and the Beast but most other things don't have the $10 pricing.

    • Did you manage to get discount? How?

  • I've entered the code into my profile, but tickets still) show up $13

  • There is no discount for students as well. checked in Marion.

    • I just tested it out and Marion still comes up with $10 tickets for students using STUDENT2017 for a session tonight? What promo code are you using?

  • oh ! is this code applicable for all movies ? I am trying to book 'Mersal' @ 8.50.

    • Oh damn I just tried it and it didn't work, that's really odd..

  • This isn’t working for me.

  • Thanks to OP. This offer worked at EVENTS Parra.

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