Add a Side to Any Value Meal for $2.50 @ Hungry Jack's (Excludes WA)


Add a side to any value meal* for only $2.50!

Sides include (normal price);
- Chicken Fries ($3.95)
- Storm ($3.25)
- Small Sundae ($2.95)
- Med Onion Rings ($3.50)
- 6 Nugs ($3.25)
- BBQ cheeseburger ($2.95)

*"Excludes promos like stunners and Tamers", however whether crew enforce it is another​ question.

Excludes WA (No clue, sorry)

Hungry Jack's

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    And yeah penny pinchers is no longer with most items gone up. Royale, BBQ cheeseburger, storms, Oreo shakes to name a few.
    Jnr burger promo is done, deluxe jnr now up to $5


      Im from WA, I went to Hungry Jacks for dinner on the 16th April via drive thru and yes, I noticed the posters for the JR burger promo was taken off, but I did managed to purchase the 2x Bacon Deluxe Jr for $5 - was the 16th April the last day of the Jr burger promo?

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    Not impressed with McDonalds and now HJ jacking up prices on things … whatever happened to the days where you could get a large sundae for $2?! Bring back some bargain items … then again, maybe don't - my stomach and wallet will thank you.

    • if you can wait until the 10th of May, or $1 chips via app at KFC, or large chips and gravy for $2.50 from KFC. I noticed that my gravy was less than half full when I got home the other day. $5 free signup for Red Rooster app. $2 Cheeseburger and fries from shop-a-docket (dependant on location) and buy one footlong Subway and drink, get one footlong free from shop-a-docket (also dependent on location).

      Plenty of cheap choices, to go with your shake-to-win HJ app and $1 Frozen Coke from McDonald's or HJ, as well as your survey freebies from HJ, McDonald's and KFC.

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    Excludes WA

    not really australia.


    Will we still be able to put it through with the promos in the new system or will it reject it?

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    i still find the coupons are good value ,,,,, 2 bacon deluxe for $7.95 is good, and i usually bring my own drink from the work fridge stash so 50c can of coke. …. makes it an affordable lunch.

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    I'm sitting in Eaton Fair Hungry Jacks WA and it's add a side for $2 instead of $2.50 so finally WA gets something cheaper?
    Edit: it's only 4 chicken nuggets instead of 6, the onion rings are only a small


    Chicken Fries is good value.

    They charge money for dipping sauces now though…

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