expired Add a Side to Any Value Meal for $2.50 @ Hungry Jack's (Excludes WA)


Add a side to any value meal* for only $2.50!

Sides include (normal price);
- Chicken Fries ($3.95)
- Storm ($3.25)
- Small Sundae ($2.95)
- Med Onion Rings ($3.50)
- 6 Nugs ($3.25)
- BBQ cheeseburger ($2.95)

*"Excludes promos like stunners and Tamers", however whether crew enforce it is another​ question.

Excludes WA (No clue, sorry)

Hungry Jack's

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    And yeah penny pinchers is no longer with most items gone up. Royale, BBQ cheeseburger, storms, Oreo shakes to name a few.
    Jnr burger promo is done, deluxe jnr now up to $5


      Im from WA, I went to Hungry Jacks for dinner on the 16th April via drive thru and yes, I noticed the posters for the JR burger promo was taken off, but I did managed to purchase the 2x Bacon Deluxe Jr for $5 - was the 16th April the last day of the Jr burger promo?


      So every value meal =/= promos like stunners and Tamers ?

      Tamers have been going a while…so it's tricky how do I tell what's promo and standard?

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    Not impressed with McDonalds and now HJ jacking up prices on things … whatever happened to the days where you could get a large sundae for $2?! Bring back some bargain items … then again, maybe don't - my stomach and wallet will thank you.


      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/301560 if you can wait until the 10th of May, or $1 chips via app at KFC, or large chips and gravy for $2.50 from KFC. I noticed that my gravy was less than half full when I got home the other day. $5 free signup for Red Rooster app. $2 Cheeseburger and fries from shop-a-docket (dependant on location) and buy one footlong Subway and drink, get one footlong free from shop-a-docket (also dependent on location).

      Plenty of cheap choices, to go with your shake-to-win HJ app and $1 Frozen Coke from McDonald's or HJ, as well as your survey freebies from HJ, McDonald's and KFC.


      Hate Maccas for jacking up the Dinnerboxes and Soft serves up 10c. Pathetic food now!

      I try to go HJ instead and would take most of my business there if they didn't remove their family bundles!

      Can an employee put in my input to bring back the FAMILY BUNDLE !? > PLEASE


    Excludes WA

    not really australia.


    Will we still be able to put it through with the promos in the new system or will it reject it?

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    i still find the coupons are good value ,,,,, 2 bacon deluxe for $7.95 is good, and i usually bring my own drink from the work fridge stash so 50c can of coke. …. makes it an affordable lunch.

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    I'm sitting in Eaton Fair Hungry Jacks WA and it's add a side for $2 instead of $2.50 so finally WA gets something cheaper?
    Edit: it's only 4 chicken nuggets instead of 6, the onion rings are only a small

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    Chicken Fries is good value.

    They charge money for dipping sauces now though…

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