Switzerland ret Perth $941, Melbourne $981, Brisbane $990, Sydney $994 on Thai Airways. May-Jun, Sep-Oct. @IWTF


Thai Airways are having a sale on flights to Zurich, Switzerland. Travel in May - Jun/17, Sep - Oct/17.

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Perth to Zurich Flights $941 Return.
Dep. 22/May Ret. 06/Jun $941 View Flight
Dep. 05/Jun Ret. 20/Jun $941 View Flight
Dep. 11/Sep Ret. 26/Sep $941 View Flight
Dep. 18/Sep Ret. 03/Oct $941 View Flight
Dep. 25/Sep Ret. 10/Oct $941 View Flight
Dep. 09/Oct Ret. 24/Oct $941 View Flight
Dep. 22/May Ret. 08/Jun $941 View Flight
Dep. 15/May Ret. 03/Jun $941 View Flight
Dep. 22/May Ret. 10/Jun $941 View Flight
Dep. 29/May Ret. 17/Jun $941 View Flight

Melbourne to Zurich Flights $981 Return.
Dep. 21/May Ret. 29/May $981 View Flight
Dep. 14/May Ret. 29/May $981 View Flight
Dep. 21/May Ret. 05/Jun $981 View Flight
Dep. 24/May Ret. 08/Jun $981 View Flight
Dep. 29/May Ret. 13/Jun $981 View Flight
Dep. 25/Sep Ret. 10/Oct $981 View Flight
Dep. 09/Oct Ret. 24/Oct $981 View Flight
Dep. 04/Oct Ret. 23/Oct $981 View Flight

Brisbane to Zurich Flights $990 Return.
Dep. 24/May Ret. 07/Jun $990 View Flight
Dep. 21/May Ret. 05/Jun $990 View Flight
Dep. 22/May Ret. 07/Jun $990 View Flight
Dep. 25/Sep Ret. 11/Oct $990 View Flight
Dep. 21/May Ret. 07/Jun $990 View Flight
Dep. 24/Sep Ret. 11/Oct $990 View Flight
Dep. 01/Oct Ret. 18/Oct $990 View Flight
Dep. 08/Oct Ret. 25/Oct $990 View Flight
Dep. 15/Oct Ret. 01/Nov $990 View Flight

Sydney to Zurich Flights $994 Return.
Dep. 21/May Ret. 29/May $994 View Flight
Dep. 14/May Ret. 29/May $994 View Flight
Dep. 21/May Ret. 05/Jun $994 View Flight
Dep. 28/May Ret. 12/Jun $994 View Flight
Dep. 03/Oct Ret. 18/Oct $994 View Flight
Dep. 10/Oct Ret. 25/Oct $994 View Flight
Dep. 24/May Ret. 08/Jun $995 View Flight
Dep. 29/May Ret. 13/Jun $995 View Flight

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    So for two weeks in Switzerland, how much money am i going to need? Accomodation, food etc.I heard its crazy expensive over there.

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      how much money am i going to need?


      Probably about twice what you'd need here, but well worth it…

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      Went for a week road trip from Geneva to Zurich.
      Since this was at the tail end of our Euro trip our fellow travellers were craving some Asian food.

      Went to a ramen joint in Geneva, ordered a bowl which would've cost $16 at most in Sydney.
      Geneva price: $42

      Thai dinner for the family - Sydney equivalent of $50 worth of food, $100 in Geneva.

      Chinese food court style meal - $12 in Sydney, $25 in Luzern.

      All prices have been converted from CHF to AUD equivalent.

      So yeah, Sydney's not expensive, when compared to the likes of Geneva.


        on the flip side zurich cost exactly the same as sydney. i know cause i've been to zurich before.


    Anyone has been there and can share some advice here? Thanks!

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      I've spent a month in Switzerland… beautiful place and nice people. However yes it is very expensive, especially Zurich (a financial capital of the world) - everything costing double is about right for Zurich…

      I recommend getting out to Bern or the adventure town of Interlaken. These places are much more fun, livelier, cheaper and more beautiful (IMHO) but you will still expect to pay 1-1.5x for similar in AUD.


        Thank you :)

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          Zermatt (Matterhorn, no cars in town, very cool train ride), Lucerne. Bern as above, has a Bear park which is worth seeing. Gruyères is good to see cheese being made and is a nice village.

          Switzerland's west is the French speaking/influenced, north is German speaking/influenced.

          Hotels aren't too expensive but food, train and everything else will be quite expensive especially if you compare the prices with nearby countries (e.g. Italy).

          Also on sale with Thai is Stockholm ($977 from Sydney) and Copenhagen ($987 from Sydney).


          @neil: Hi Neil, where did you see the Stockholm sale price? Can't find it on Thai's site. Thanks!

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          I got notified from a flight alert service but IWantThatFlight has it on their site as well as Copenhagen & Oslo. Good prices with pretty good time of year to go.


          @neil: Thanks Neil, none available on our dates but certainly will keep an eye on the site for other deals.


          @albyrw: Scottscheapflights.com is where he saw it.


          Do you recommend the free or paid service Paleo Girl?



          I have the premium service. He definitely finds deals not seen on other sites and you can select your cities. So for example, I have all of Australia, New Zealand (for ChoiceCheapies) and Singapore (for CheapCheapLah). However if the deal on the premium is good someone will post it here (maybe me).

          I wonder if PaleoGirl knows Scott? Seems she makes a lot of comments about his site. Maybe she can give more insight.


          @kobrien456: I guess it depends how much value you'd get out of it. The free list gets about every third email, and a little later than the premium list does. Also, was th premium you can select the cities you are interested in getting deals from. So if you're the kind of traveller who is able to go on a whim or you plan well ahead, I reckon premium is well worth it, cause it's $39 a year (I think) so even if you only get one good bargain, it's paid for itself ;)


        i've also been to interlaken before

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    Does anyone know if these tickets are upgrade-able using points?

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    I recommend Swiss rail pass. Expensive, but if you are planning on using the trains a lot then it is worth it.
    Plus it gives you free entrance to certain museums and discounted rides on cable cars ect.
    Initial cost is high but then you save overall a lot of money later on.

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      I recommend this as well. I lived in Switzerland for a few years, and the rail system is one of the best in the world imo. There are a few discount options available, and it is possible to go just about anywhere via rail as well.

      Those who like a train journey, I can recommend the Glacier express, from St Moritz to Zermatt. Scenic trip, though it does depart and arrive at 2 of the most expensive (and popular) places in the country.

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    If you are going in September/October, the German/French part can be wet/cold. I recommend south Switzerland ( Italian part ) for that period, with maybe a trip to Milano ( Shopping ) or Venezia ( Sightseeing ). You will travel to the newly built train tunnel, the longest in the world.
    In regards to food, if you want cheaper options, avoid restaurants. Look out for COOP and MIGROS food outlet. It is not uncommon to grab a Sandwich at those shops and something to drink and head to the lake/river.
    If you plan to travel a lot by train, there's the half price train card to be purchased. Don't be fooled to pre-book seats on trains, it is not needed.


      I second what cameldownunder said and Lindt chocolate is cheap- you could live on that, lol. Lock in train fares early for discounts see Seat 61 website for details. Enjoy nature its free!

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      Yeah, this is exactly what I did. Fondue I found to be not too expensive in restaurants but definitely hit the COOP often. Nothing beats eating a sandwich on top of a mountain or with a beautiful view of a lake. Most of the hotels I stayed at had a buffet breakfast so just stuffed myself in the morning to last me through mid-afternoon.

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    Switzerland is a great place to start a diet. We went to the supermarket (coop - the swiss chain) and we saw a roast chicken from co-op supermarket was like $18 aud equivalent. We chatted with a local eastery outlet worker, and they explained the wages in Switzerland are quite high, as they have a high standard of living, hence the prices.