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[STEAM] Saints Row 2 Free


Thanks Gabe for free SR2

This game kept me off the streets

Held up a store with a fire hydrant 10/10

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  • +6

    Praise Gaben

    • Everytime someone praises him he gains another KG bodyweight?

      • Then I would like to praise him again ! Hail lord Gaben !

  • -2

    Praise Gaben

  • +1

    Really loved this game. Wish it were properly ported to PC though, runs like crap even on modern systems.

    This game had the best mechanics and story out of all the SR games in my opinion. Would love to see it remade in a contemporary engine.

    • +1

      Better than SRIV? Because that game is nuts. And I love it!

      • +7

        I felt that SR4 went too wacky. SR2 had a more grounded story, closer to the GTA franchise, but with a bit more humour.

        • SR4 went too wacky

          This, Earth was blown up in first 10 minutes, aliens, reliving people's memories, just too weird.

        • +4

          I guess beating people to death with massive dildos isn't for everyone.

        • Definitely best one in series - showing its graphic age though

        • @Fappo:

          The only weapon i have ever used in SR2

    • +3

      I do believe people have made a mod to get it running better but can't remember the name of it

      edit: Gentlemen of the Row, can be found here http://idolninja.com/sr2.php

  • +5

    Also available free on GoG.

    • +4

      Previous one was free for GOG, this one is free for STEAM

        • OzBargain values everything that is free :)

  • +2

    FYI the other Saints Row games are 75% off as well.

  • +1

    Great find OP thanks a lot :)

  • Been years since I played this one. The PC port did have some performance issues though, not sure if it's improved since then.

  • Great that it's free but the multiplayer no longer works as they've taken it down.

    Soundtrack is tops though.

    • No more co-op??

  • terrible port, play it on console

  • +4

    Damn, I paid $3.75 for this on Boxing Day 2010! Should've waited…

    • sucker!

      I have been holding out, now that I can get it for free gonna take my $3.75 saving + interest and buy myself soft serve cones

  • +1

    Don't thank Gabe, it's free on both Steam and GOG - so must be the publisher making it free.

  • Yes grab the DRM free version free from Gog. Nothing beats a DRM free version.

  • The last good Saints Row game before they decided to go completely whacky with the series.

    • Wish the first one was on PC so you could get the story and how it they met each other and such….

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