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Panasonic Lumix G7 Camera Body with Bonus 25mm Prime Lens $537 @ Domayne


The price is lower than grey imports, and the offer ends on 24/April. A free/bonus 25mm lens is included in the sale, same as in the previous promotions (Redeemable in stores, not from Panasonic).

The G7 is a great mirrorless camera, especially for professional 4K video recording. The high ISO performance is better than the mighty GH4. More importantly, it doesn't overheat while long-time video recording, and the battery also lasts quite long. Personally having a G7 and Sony mirrorless cameras, the G7 is more reliable for long video recording, but the auto-focus speed (in video) is not as good as the Sony's.

Pickup may be not a good option for most of people, as the stock level is not high in stores. Shipping fee is $9 in Sydney. Or you may try to price match within other camera stores who have this camera.

Good luck and enjoy :)

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    The tnc for the promo http://www.panasonic.com/au/promotions/latest-promotions/pic... says the promo lens must be collected in store when the purchase is made. I wonder if they will post out the 25mm lens or its only in store


      I bought my previous G7 from another local store online, they posted the G7 box at first since they don't hold any stock for the 25mm lens. After one week, they posted the bonus lens to me. Don't worry they won't trick you and charge you more. I believe they will post both items together, or one after another, the shipping fee is fixed. Of course, if you have any issues about the purchase, just ring them.

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      Take a screenshot, it says 25mm bonus, no matter what Pan T&C says, they are offering it.


        FYI the order confirmation they email you specifically lists the lens separately anyway: "Bonus 25mm lens (HH025EK)"


    Actual FOV is 50mm :)

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    thanks great price even without the lens


    Can anyone comment on how this compares to the GX87k? It also comes with the free lens but no 10% off.


      assume you mean GX85

      the GX85 is has 5-Axis Dual Image Stabilisation which is great for video
      it has a smaller footprint, i actually like the G7 style as it is more of a proper DSLR feel just heaps smaller

      Panasonic Lumix G DMC-GX85K Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera Kit
      That is a great price for that one too $797 with bonus lens


    Are the Olympus EM-1 series the only M43 body which can drive the old 4/3 lenses properly for faster focus? Can the G7 do the same?


    I'm not that familiar with Panasonic cameras(Non-Nikon to be exact), but what are some other cameras comparable with this camera?

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