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Preorder - Bosch GLM500 Laser Distance Measurer for $129 Delivered @ SuperGripTools


The Bosch GLM500 includes the coolest new functions, including the basics of real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect.


Compact Size
2 Modes of inclinometer function:
Spirit level (leveling bobble) when the tool is laying flat on the back
Angle measurement on the left side of the tool
Easy handling with improved user interface and illuminated, rotating colour display
Robust and reliable with ISO certification and protection class IP54
Automatic storage of the last 20 measured values and one constant

Laser measuring range(typical): 0.05m - 50m
Measuring accuracy (typical): +/- 1.5mm
Tilt sensor range: 0° - 360°
Angle measurement accuracy: *0.2°
Laser class & Type: Class 2, 635nm, <1mW
Max N° of single measurements: 10000
Tripod thread: 1/4"
Reference Point: Front/ Tripod/ Bottom
Dust and splash water Protection: IP54
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 106mm x 45mm x 24mm
Weight: 0.1kg
Covered by a 3 year warranty from Bosch Australia
*This unit will be avliable on the 1st of May 2017.

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  • ….and the Bargain is….. what?

    • A Bosch GLM500 laser distance Measurer.
      This appears to be a decent price.

      I bought a Chinese LDM from aliexpress (70m range) for about $35. Same functionality ( ok, mine does 70m vs 50m) but the Bosch is a better build quality.

      IMHO, they are good for vertical height measurement (ie. where measuring tapes bend easily) and where you are measuring over 5m horizontally. They can be very hard to see during the day and they're hard to keep still when measuring. However, these units compensate for wonkiness using Pythagoras theorem (ie. when your line points upward, it will give you a corrected reading of distance and elevation/change in height).

      For short measurements (eg window widths/heights), I prefer the old fatmax to a LDM.

      • -2 votes
        • better build quality
        • $100 more

        Wow. Who would have thought?

      • Build quality aside, and assuming they've been correctly assembled, are all laser distance measurers equally accurate?

        1.5mm tolerance over a 50000mm distance seems pretty good. Is that their main attraction over the good ol' spring loaded tape?

        • Makes more sense to compare with an ultrasonic measure. (the cheap measures just use a laser for aiming).

          Either one is usually easier than a tape.

      • I've seen glasses that are supposed to make the lasers easier to see. Any idea if those work? I was thinking it might be more economical to get a cheap one and a pair of glasses.

    • Sydney Tools are offering it for $149 shipped, so it looks like a good price. Can't see it offered anywhere else though.

  • Well it has an inclinometer function, most don't.

    The bigger issue I find with most (except some of the leicas) is when you want to measure out of of a corner on an angle ….. the lieca comes with a triangular base that fits snug into corners, most others need to be flat against a wall or floor. Tend to use it to see if things are square like a room, you measure diagonally across a floor from 2 corners.

    thks will get one ….. pity Bunnings don't have them for easy warranty claims if needed.

    Inner city living ….. who has more than 50M of land ?

  • Thanks, ordered one. I've been going to get one of these type tools for a while, this one has the features that I need at a very good price.
    It will go nicely with my Bosch Blue collection of over 20 power tools.

  • What is the difference with GLM 80 other than battery, screen and distance?

  • Should someone make this "Expired" as the price has gone up by $20 to $149.00.
    It says " 6 days left" ???

  • Priced matched (up) Sydney Tools already?
    Was going to read up a bit first…

  • Expired already?

    • No, they put the price up on the website but didn't change it on here.
      It says 3 days left if you read at the bottom of the original post above.

  • Yeah… It saved $129 for me. ;)