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Teclast P80H 8" Android 5.1 Tablet US $56.06 (~AU $76) @ AliExpress


Some great prices on some cheap and cheerful Chinese 8" tablets- direct from the Teclast Aliexpress store.

Teclast P80H
CPU: MTK8163
Resolution: 1280 x 800
OS: Android 5.1
Battery: 3500mAh
Body: Plastic shell
Dimensions: 210 x 121 x 9.9 mm
Has GPS(!), microSD slot, microHDMI port, rubbish front and rear cameras. Charges via microUSB 2.0

Teclast X80 Power sale over, now $139
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8300
Resolution: 1900 x 1200
OS: Android 5.1 & Windows 10 Home
Battery: 3800mAh
Body: Metal shell
Dimensions: 210 x 123.4 x 7.2 mm
Has microSD slot, microHDMI port, rubbish front and rear cameras. Charges via microUSB 2.0

The X80 Power is definitely the better of the two, but the P80H makes a good almost-throwaway tablet for the kids, grandparents and hopelessly reckless. Review for the X80 Power here which has mostly good things to say, with a few caveats such as short battery life, strange windows partioning and weak wifi- problems suffered by most sub US$100 tablets.

Also don't forget 7% Cashrewards, and pay in US dollars with a fee-free card e.g. Citibank for a slightly better exchange rate. Brings the X80 Power down to ~A$104 and the P80H down to ~A$71 which are a steal!

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  • I don't know I can recommend a dual boot tablet with just 32gb of space…as the review said there is only 4.5gb of space left on the windows side (and I assume the same or less on the android side). The micro SD ports on these things are a bit iffy and I would not rely on them for additional storage.

    • It actually has much more on the Android side (9.72 GB free space to be exact), which is very poor form on Teclast's part since Windows really should be the one with the larger partition.

      I've just purchased one and honestly, I doubt I'll be using the windows side much if at all. I've used other chinese tablets in the past and haven't had too many problems with microSD, so as an Android only tablet with 10GB space I think it's perfectly fine for me :)

    • I have the older Chuwi Hi8 Pro, which is a similar device to this - and I agree, as a windows device, it kinda blows. I guess if you tried to use it as a serious android device, it would suck too.

      But as a cheap and cheerful android web/youtube/netflix viewer, its great. Apart from the shit battery life (3 hours SoT if you're lucky).

      And, if you scratch it, drop it, lose it, who cares, buy another one for $100.

      • Agreed- if I had to suggest a serious Android tablet I'd recommend the Xiaomi MiPad 2/3 or a Samsung/Sony Tab- all of which are $300+

        I think these are more competing with Lenovo's ~$100 budget tablet offerings, with much better specs

  • I have one of these tablets and the internal battery just expanded (destroying the tablet) and it is less than a year old. It was Idle for about a month.

  • Teclast X80 Pro available on 'flash sale' at Gearbest for AU$106.60: http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_598248.html (50pcs and 8 days left as of time of post)

    That way you also get to use PayPal and don't have to rely on AliExpress disputes if something goes awry.

  • Got my dad a telcast x89 kindow tab last year; it's not very good even for ~$120.

    Using the android rom: the battery lasts barely 2 hours of video (just youtube cause it's too weak to play back video files), it's laggy and often reboots, and the screen is way too dim on highest setting. Oh and it also gets reeeally hot really fast.

    The only kind of upside is the windows rom runs better (although still slow), however trying to use a full windows UI on such a small screen with your fingers is too painful, so it never gets used anyway :p

    Not quite the same as this deal, but just inputting my experience with this type of dual boot tablet/brand.

  • How can the P80H do Windows with a MediaTek chip?

    • You're right- it can't! My bad for copying and pasting text. The P80H is Android 5.1 only! I'll update the post

  • Anyone know what is atom performance like vs arm?

    I've heard intel cpu's (including celeron) are about 5x times faster than ARM, at the same clockspeed. Though, that atom, is so cut down, it's pretty similar in performance to ARM.

    Also, what the integrated intel graphics is like on this atom… for full HD 1080p, you'd need at least 80 GF for games. (Though probably fine for streaming.)
    EDIT 96 GFLOPs https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atom_(system_on_chip)

    Intriguing is the 14nm process node - two process nodes better than the budget device standard 28nm. Theoretically, should give much better performance/watt (though display is the biggest power drain).

  • Zzzzz Parcel Status Arrive at destination country,waiting for customs clearance
    said that for 10 days, not having much faith in receiving :(

    • Had the exact same message as you for the X80 Power that I ordered- was sitting there since the 8th. Did eventually get delivered yesterday though so hold out hope that it'll arrive soon!