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Sennheiser HD800 Headphones - $999.99 with Free Freight (Normally $1599) @ Addicted to Audio


Normally $1999 retail and we put it on sale for $1599 normally, had $1088 for Easter but decided to go even further at the cheapest we have ever done!

$999.99 including freight, nation wide.

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Addicted To Audio

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        • @aec: $90 * 12 (months) = $1080 (more than $1,000).
          Assume the credit card interest rate is 15% p/a then you will be paying $150 of interest on that year.

  • Heads up you'll want a really good amp for this. I'd personally get monoprice 1060s but still cant go wrong with these at 1000.

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    I don't know why people who don't really care about headphones bother to come in to a post like this moaning or joking about the price. It's on par with the price of a new iPhone or decent laptop but unlike those would probably last you decades without needing to be superceded.

    If your bag is great quality audio instead of having the latest phone which has a minor performance bump from the phone you already have, then these are the definition of a bargain.

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      i buy my earphones at hot dollar. $5 for earphones? you ballin'

      • I used to buy them for $2 at Reject Shop, but now I'm an audiophile.

        Actually, I wouldn't waste my time on Sennheiser when you can get Audeze for under $6.5k.

        • I spend an extra $1.80 and get bluetooth ones from ebay, They are actually pretty decent for $7.

          Search HV800, knock off LG.

  • So tempted but many said there is a lack of bass and the high freq is too sharp to the ears. How much difference does the cross over cable make?

  • Decent deal for hd800. Can you also do a good deal for MEZE CLASSICS 99? Cheers.

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    Why people complain about 999 bucks for headphone.
    It's just the price of 1.5 hour escort service.

    • You should post it as a deal.

    • -1

      1.5 hours for an escort? you could fly to thailand and have one or two spend the night.

      now whether it was a guy or not is debatable/questionable. and STI is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • now whether it was a guy or not is debatable/questionable. and STI is the gift that keeps on giving.

        Goodness ……….. that must have been a rough trip.

        Were you covered by your travel insurance?

        • Never been. Just stories i heard.

  • is it time to change from T1 (1st gen) to this HD800?

    • I don't consider it an upgrade just sidegrade, slight different flavour is all. I enjoy both for the subtle differences they bring to the sound.

      • its why i used "change" instead of upgrade.

    • Only if you want something that sounds more boring.

  • Hi Rep,
    Had some issues with the Astell & Kern AK10, I've ping you.
    Thank you.

  • How would these headphones be as my daily headphones for pc?

  • Can't believe the comments…

    These aren't headphones for most people. They are designed for people who produce music for a living as well as those who are happy to spend a lot on their setup.

  • +1

    Great deal on a legendary pair of headphones.

    @all the folks who cannot get over the price of these headphones, it is for folks who really enjoy listening to music and have an appreciation for absolutely top tier SQ. $1k isn't really that big a deal when you consider gaming as a similar hobby: gamers often spend $800 to 1K on a top tier GPU (I bought a 980Ti for 1.1k) almost 2 years ago. This will last me another year or two before I will upgrade to the next one (I play at 1440p @120/144Hz). So for my hobby, I'll be spending a bit more than a grand every 3 years or so.

    In contrast, high end headphones like these hold value even in the second-hand market. Moreover, their ability does not diminish over time (like a GPU running newer games). Sure, tech evolves and something more amazing may come up, but the things that made you fall in love with your headphones, will never change over time.

    Think of these as a high end GPU (for the music lover); that never gets obsolete. 1k too much? I think not.

    • +1

      Consider high end speakers - they can range from 2k to the tens of thousands. This is a drop in the bucket for one of the high end headphones (excluding Orpheus).

      • Drop in the bucket is right. A lot of music aficionados have to also take into consideration listening environments (which may include other folks in the house). A high-end headphone fits the "constraints" of such environments, without having to resort to over-the-top measures (that cost a veritable fortune) like sound-proofing, acoustic paneling etc.

  • These or the Sony Z1R?

  • The side view of these headphones look very much like a webcam, especially when placed in a 152 x 152 pixels window. got me confused for a sec.

  • +1

    This and mod it or the HD800S….decisions decisions

    • I am in the same boat. I have the beyer DT990 Premium and it was too piercing to my ears. I could not tolerates it and end up not using it much. I have sold it.

      • I had the DT990 a few years back. Treble was definitely a problem on that headphone. The DT880 were much better. I have the Alessandro MS Pro and Hifiman Edition X V2 at the moment. Just sold the LCD2s and 650.

        • How's edition x v2 sound like?
          Much better than HD650?

        • @sheepy:

          Much better. Even better than the LCD2

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    Honestly, I never knew headphones can cost this much until I saw this post.

    • +2

      Mate headphones can cost up to $6k. If you're looking at discontinued headphones, some are between $15-20K.

      I think beginners into the audiophile world shouldn't get the HD800. I'd recommend the HE400i, HD600, 650 or DT880.

  • any deals on IEMS from you guys? looking between $200-$400, balanced tone

  • are they good for an Airplane?? I am flying so regularly

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      Yes and it sounds better when you are in first class seat.

    • +3

      No, these are open-back. Be kind to your fellow passengers and use closed-back headphones or in-ear.

  • OP will you be doing this sale again any time soon for those of us that were still researching about the headphone and missed out?

    • +1

      Can't say we will be or not but I am sure we will doing another great special soon enough :)

      • +2

        Thanks for the reply. I'll wait for your next great special :)

      • Hi OP, still waiting for the great special you'll be doing. Will that happen any time soon?

  • Hi Rep.
    I have raised a support tix on a faulty DAC 2 weeks ago.
    Have not heard anything or received any calls.
    Could you please arrange a call back?
    Thank you

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