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Lenovo ThinkPad E570p $1199 (15.6" FHD, i5-7300HQ, 8GB DDR4, 128GB SSD, GTX 1050 Ti) or $1444.15 (i7-7700HQ, 256GB SSD)


Lenovo has just released a new line of 15.6" laptop with quad core Kaby Lake CPU and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics — in E-series budget as well. E560P starts from $1,299 with i5-7300HQ (still a quad-core), 8GB RAM & 128GB SSD. It's a new product so no special promo code for it yet. However you can use the existing LENOVO15/LENOVO20 code to get some discount on the i7 models.

With LENOVO15 you can get the following laptop for $1,444.15 delivered:

  • Intel Core i7-7700HQ
  • 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080)
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB SSD w/ PCIe
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 2GB
  • Windows 10 Home

The i5 version is probably one of the cheapest 1050Ti laptop around, and better than its competitor Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. RAM can be upgraded to 2x 16GB, and it can take another 2.5" drive if you want some bigger storage.

UPDATED — Lenovo just sent out a coupon code FLASHE570P that brings the base model to $1199, which IMHO is a better buy.

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  • weird, I didn't know there were any 1050ti's with only 2GB VRAM. is that a mistake? Hopefully its the 4GB variant and not the 1050 2gb

    • Apart from Dell, I think the most of them use 2GB VRAM. However, at least this one has an IPS screen which the Dell one doesn't have.

    • Tried to speak to the rep about it and they had no idea, they just kept saying it's got a GTX 1050ti 2GB even though I said multiple times I can't see anywhere online that a 1050 ti can have 2GB VRAM, only the non ti….Useless

      • lol i had the same issue with them. then i spoke to "tech support" on the phone, who struggled to even locate the laptop on their website for 10minutes so i gave up. I bought it anyway since the 1050ti is a great card even with 2gb vram

        • Would it be if it was 2GB instead of 4GB?

        • @Jemz: good enough yeah. the 1050 2gb beats out the 960m, and the 1050ti is a bit better than that

      • Tried to speak to the rep about it and they had no idea, they just kept saying it's got a GTX 1050ti 2GB even though I said multiple times I can't see anywhere online that a 1050 ti can have 2GB VRAM, only the non ti….Useless

        The sales rep is telling you the truth but you don't want to believe it so you kept badgering him. Sheesh the fact is the notebook variant can be configured with 2GB or 4GB, you're wrong and Lenovo who build the notebook are correct.

  • +2

    3.5" drive? I was hoping to have a spot to put an internal floppy disk…

    • +3

      Sorry I meant 2.5" internal hard drives.

  • Can get the i5-7300hq version with upgraded 256gb PCIe SSD and additional 1TB HDD for $1315.80 using the same coupon. The i5 is not much different from the i7

    • couldn't get coupon to work on the i5 version

      • +1

        worked for me once the i5 laptop was over $1500 before coupon

        • LENOVO needed caps. I failed. Thanks!

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    Battery is not very big, only 47Wh?

    Seriously thinking of returning my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and getting this one. Would save me some bucks and get an IPS panel.

    edit: After tweaking some things to best match my current Dell Inspiron 15 7000, turns out to be roughly same price for same specs. Only difference is dell doesn't have IPS and Lenovo has smaller battery.

    That aside, I owned a Lenovo e560 before and was not a big fan of the laptop generally (keyboard/trackpad would act weird unless you disable some stuff which was not obvious how).

    Will likely stick with my Dell after all.

    • i bought an ips screen off ebay for like 60 bucks, made a world of difference; and its an easy upgrade

      • Which one did you buy? Where from?

        I've been looking on ebay and contacted the various sellers, but they all offer "compatible" IPS models rather than exact models I'm after (the popular ones mentioned in a reddit thread being AU Optronics B156HAN01.2, LG LP156WF6-SPB1, Samsung LTN156HL01-102).

        The "compatible" models ebay sellers have come back with have Gamut <70% or contrast < 700:1, and a few other specs that are less what I'm after.

        • i went for the optronics one as it was the one that was mainly written about; i did see the LG and Samsung but they were nearing 200 dollars.

          If you're looking for a quick temp fix its a great start and as i said, very easy upgrade.

          note: they dont mention when you remove the screen cable that theres a small latch that needs to be lifted before removing the cable…

        • @flexb: I can't find anyone supplying the optronics model. Where did you get yours?

          Thanks for the tip re the latch. Someone mentioned it in a thread somewhere.

        • @ameel:

          i got this one:


          it does the job, has much better viewing angles, and the blacks / whites are much brighter / crisp.

        • @flexb: Thanks for the link! That's a screen compatible with the B156HAN01.2.

          I emailed them about their LTN156HL01-102 "compatible" screen and told me "We have listed a compatible screen with LTN156HL01 102" without telling me the actual model.

          Do you know which model you ended up getting?

          Also, how long did it take for you to get the screen after you placed the order?


        • @ameel:

          not quite sure tbh, i'll crack her open and have a look tonight for you.

          ordered 1st april - arrival 17th april - good packaging too.

        • @flexb: thanks, much appreciated. Look forward to knowing which model you received. Perhaps we should take this conversation offline/elsewhere? My email is [email protected]. Cheers

        • +1

          @flexb: Bit the bullet, managed to find a LG LP156WF6-SPB1 for $100 USD (express postage from overseas). This panel is one of the only 2 that does G-sync.Seller guaranteed zero dead pixel. Fingers crossed.

        • @ameel:

          whered you buy it from?

  • I must be doing something wrong? I can get to $1444.15, but only if I keep the 2nd hard drive (don't know what happened to the 1st one?) as the 128 GB Solid State Drive, SATA3? If I swap to the 256GB SSD PCIE, it jumps up to $1529.15. And only code LENOVO15 works for me (would LENOVO20 be for pricing above $2000 as I can't get it to work)

    • +2

      LENOVO15 gives 15% off on $1500+ spend.
      LENOVO20 gives 20% off on $2000+ spend.

      So 128GB -> 256GB SSD adds $100, which becomes $85 extra after coupon code. With the cost of upgrading on Lenovo's site, I think it would be better off buying the drives yourself.

      • I thought lenovo20 was for $2500+ spend?

        • +1

          Yes you are right. My wishful thinking :)

    • +1

      You need to select the the preset i7 configurations (it already comes with 256gb SSD)

    • So, my bad! Turns out if I customize the selection, I can't get it to $1444.15. But if I choose the already pre-configured non customizable option - the coupon brings it to the right price. A little strange, but got there in the end

  • Looking to buy 2 of the i5 base models totaling $2,598.00, none of the coupons seem to work, any ideas why?

    • try buying 1 at a time, and add customisations to make each one go over $1500 without the coupon. then try the coupon.

      • I can source the upgrade cheaper compared to customising it from Lenovo. Was hoping to buy 2 to make up the $2000+ but looks like they dont allow it

  • 1050ti with only 2 gb vram? what is lenovo thinking?

  • Dammmmmm all these lappies are getting thrown at my feet…. what to do?

    I have 2.5k max but bargain deal is best.

    • u may consider msi gt72vr or gs63vr. much better than this one

      • -3

        u may consider msi gt72vr or gs63vr. much better than this one

        Much better in what way?

        Is their keyboard better? Nope.
        Is their support better? Nope.
        Is their reliability better? Nope.
        Is their build quality better? Nope.
        Are they lighter? Nope.
        Do they have all the warranty extension options? Nope.
        Do they support the notebooks with drivers way beyond their manufacturing life? Nope.
        Is there a huge community supporting them? Nope.

        So in what ways are the MSI notebooks better especially when you have no idea what that poster needs from a notebook.

      • I was looking at msi but recall some issues with service and wuality control…. not all but some.

  • +3

    For those thinking of getting this and thinking Linux thoughts, I just got mine (the plain e570, 256G NVMe). Total FS corruption with XFS on reboot. It's an Intel firmware bug with a probable fix out next month. Ext4 might be better but seriously…

    • That bloody unlucky.
      i was going to either get my current setup of win 8.1 with ubinyu duel boot or just go hard on mint.

      • Yeah I did Gentoo and wasn't too impressed when it didn't boot the next day. After all that UEFI crap too. Argh.

        Ah well the pains you go through to avoid Windows. It's worth it though.

        • Is it?

          I've always found stuff not working and the hours spent making it work are much less preferable to using an operating system that largely "just works" like Window does. I like doing things with my computer rather than … running Linux.

    • hey decr. I was planning get and install Linux. Thanks for the helpful advice.

      I do not know a lot about computer hardware. So, do you recon I should give this a miss, or try to install Linux with Ext4 file system?

      • +1

        Yeah I'm yet to try ext4 but some forum posts indicate it should work fine. I'll give it a go today so we'll see.

      • +1

        After short testing it seems to work OK. Just make sure to use ext4 (or something else than xfs), some distros default to xfs nowdays. here is the issue if you are interested.

        • Hey, thanks a lot for the info.

  • +1

    After seeing all the dual core deals, finally caved on this quad core :)

  • Best deal so far for 1050TI in OZ

  • Holy shit, that's so cheap. I never wanted to buy a laptop so badly. God, the i5 price is so worth it. As much smack as people talk about lenovo and E series, this thing is hella cool compared to the direct competitions.

  • With the quad-core CPU and 1050Ti GPU this could really do with 16GB of RAM.

    • I changed the 8 to 16ram and got the 1tb also…

      • +1

        Pretty good combination there :)

  • Damn. They just sent a coupon for the $1299 i5/8GB/128GB base model. Use code FLASHE570P to get $100 off. $1199 for a quadcore + 1050ti laptop is very sweet.

    • +1

      I think it is still better bang for bucks if you customise the base model up to $1500+ and use LENOVO15.

      I got the base model and upgraded to 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD, totalling to $1316.65, which is only $117.65 more for double RAM and double SSD

  • -1

    Shipping takes too long. 6-9 business days for sending + 3->5 days. 15 biz days is almost 3 weeks

    • The device is custom built to your specifications, makes sense for it to take longer to prepare and ship it out

  • any deals for the 14"?

  • Did anyone buy this laptop? Whats it like? I noticed that it uses aluminum as a body which is silver in colour… quite different to the version without the 'P'

    • +1

      Still waiting on mine to get delivered, should be shipping tomorrow. I'll let you know when I get it if i remember :P

      • Thanks :)

        I caved in and bought one in the end!

    • Still waiting, no sign of it at all..

      • they keep extending the estimated ship date each day by 1 day…. called up to cancel it today and lady told me it was shipping today, so theres a 20% restocking fee….

        • When did you order yours? I received shipping confirmation on 8/5 with tracking details and it says the package is already in NSW. ETA 16/5 to Canberra

        • +1

          @CodeXD: I ordered mine April 26. This what it says for me on Order Details page:


          Ordered April 26, 2017

          Expected to Ship May 11, 2017

          Expected to Arrive May 18, 2017

          Yesterday it said expected to ship may 10, and arrive may 17.
          The day before it said may 9 and may 16…

          When did you order yours?

        • @hoftos:
          Ordered mine on Thursday 27/04

          Only customisation I did was upgrade to 16gb RAM and 265gb SSD. Maybe they're having issues sourcing your 1tb hdd?

        • @CodeXD: Possibly, I just want to cancel it before they ship it anyways, but she thinks its going to be shipping today. Guess I'll find out later tonight.

        • @hoftos:

          i ordered also on 26th but mine is expected to arrive 19th May ..

          who knows…

        • +1

          Mine arrived today! Laptop looks really nice with the aluminum silver finish :)

        • @CodeXD:

          Great, still no sign of mine yet..

        • @CodeXD:

          Finally got my email that it has shipped yesterday, can't believe it took this long since I know you got the same spec changes that I did…

        • +1

          @billyb67: I ended up not getting the 1tb hdd, which I hear caused all the delays. I only upgraded RAM to 16gb and ssd to 256gb

        • @CodeXD:

          I Finally got the thing! Can't believe it took this long..