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Dell XPS 15 (9560, 7th Gen) i7-7700HQ Quad Core 256GB SSD 8GB RAM GTX 1050 FHD $1839.20 - Dell eBay


Cheap price for the 7th Gen i7 XPS15 with a 1050 and 1080x1920 display w/infinity edge.

Battery is not the best but decent laptop overall

Ebay Price $2,299.00, after the 20% off CLICK code = $1839.20

Original 20% off at Dell eBay Deal Post

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  • id look for 16gb option and one with biggest batter.

    I am keen on a xps15 but higher specd. would be good if dell let u configure them, like they do on their websites (minus this 20% disc).

  • FYI this is the 7th Gen and a pretty good buy at that price!

  • Whats heat management like? I don't see any visible heat exhausts.

    I've been burned before with terrible heat management with good specs.

    • Normal everyday usage, just fine. Gaming it roars very loudly - I use an oven grill tray to space it from my desk sometimes during long sessions.

  • do u get a full invoice for GST refund (aka, taking it out of the country) purposes!?

    • Yes you get a full invoice from dell that lists the full dell price for the purchase. The 20% off is covered by ebay not dell so their invoice is for the full amount. Can take a week or two to ship and get the invoice if its not in stock right away

  • I bought it last time ebay 20% off code. The main problem with the machine I faced was a killer wifi issue where it crashed windows , just tying to connecting to wifi. Tried updating killer wifi drivers, that did not fix the problem. Had to go through lot of hassle with the offshore support to get tidied as Dell do not have a local centre to deal with such problems. Otherwise good machine for the $1830

    • Don't the new XPS laptops come with prosupport?

      • Yes, but that is Dell's prosupport

        • Every time I've called them, I get through to someone quickly, they dispatch parts almost instantly and they can come to you the next business day if required

        • @mccarthyp64:
          Ok, I chatted with them and then they remoted to my machine and they couldn't fix it , so they created an request and it was picked up by someware other part of the world . I was getting daily instructions on how to fix the issue. Good thing I was a coder, I was able to figure out what they were saying .. after around 1.5 weeks they finally stopped the nudance email and agreed to send someone to fix the machine. So lesson to the other people who are buying this is to call them.. I guess

        • @Kewjonson: I would've recommended calling the prosupport number since you'll get an Australian ;)

  • I'd really expect a 1060 for this price! 1050ti at the very least.

  • Got $29.89 cashback on this deal last time

  • Which would be better for photo processing using lightroom - this deal or the XPS 15 9550 for $1800 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/305518)?

  • Shame about the battery life which I read is average.
    Anybody used one and have any real-world figures on battery life?

    • 5-6 hrs. The 97whr and FHD model apparently gets around 10 hours!!! Stupid dell doesn't offer that model to us though. STUPID!!! Gahhhh. Sorry. I'm very emotionally invested in this stupid fact.

      • Agreed. Would buy in a heartbeat if the matte FHD had the 97whr !!
        Going to go with the XPS13 FHD i5

      • I tried messaging parts sales for the 97whr battery (451-BBYB) and they've basically ignored me.
        It's available for purchase from some hong kong websites though.

  • I think I've commented this several times in the past, but if Dell was smart, they'd offer the FHD version with the 97whr battery. Nobody is dropping $1800+ on an ultrabook if it only lasts 5-6 hours. I REALLYYYY want a 1080p 512GB 97WHR 16GB version. Canada and US have this. Why can't we ???? :( :( :(

    • Same for the Alienware 15. Can get a FHD & UHD non gsync panel with a Nvidia gpu in the US but not here in AU??? No you have to take the RX470 if you dont want gsync or a want a UHD.

      Just doesn't make sense. Its not like they don't make them at all, just not for the Aussie market for whatever silly reason. And there are only 4 differnt configs to choose from where as the US gets 7???

      grrr… >:(

      • actually you can customize it through the dell website by chatting with the sale guide.

        • Actually, you can't. The problem is that they don't offer the fhd screen with the 512gb M.2. I've asked twice now, and each time they've said no it isn't possible.

  • lol, ouch.. just missed out.. how often do these deals come back?