expired KMART Gardener's Choice Petrol Premium 4 Stroke Lawn Mower $229


Thought this might be a very good price for anyone who looking for a petrol lawn mower. Brand name is Gardener's Choice, 2 year warranty. It's in p.20 of Kmart Catalogue "just what dad needs".

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    everyday price at Kmart ever since this product has been stocked


    the only problem being its gardeners choice….which for any serious gardener i doubt it would be

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      The mower itself looks a decent unit, solid with a good motor as good as any for much more.
      The catcher is only just a catcher and would not take much hard treatment.
      Definitely a bargain buy lang_tu_syd!


        well it depends, the price is good….but u get what you pay for, if this is in your budget then its probably not such a bad mower, however the engine is its own brand, and doesnt compare with american made briggs and stratton…which i beleive you can get for around the $299 mark @ bunnings. But like i said, if you just want something basic to use once or twice a month…mabye this is perfect for u.


    Depends on what engine it equips.

    It's a bargain if it uses briggs & straton


    A neighbour just purchased a new mower.
    It is a MTD Yardman, would be one of the best I have seen.

    It is even made in New Zealand and made from aluminium , not steel.

    It might have cost him twice the price of this unit but after seeing it i dont think i could buy a cheap mower again.