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Greenworks 40V Lawn Mower 4.0Ah Kit 460mm $699, Free 40V String Trimmer & 4.0Ah Battery + Local Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Mitre 10


Was looking for a new battery powered lawn mower and came across this one Greenworks 40V Lawn Mower 4.0Ah Kit 460mm currently advertised at MITRE 10 for $699
Plus you can get 40v String trimmer and 4.0Ah battery via redemption saving a total of $428

The GREENWORKS reliable and easy to use 46cm lawnmower has the power allowing you to get the job done easier with the liberty of cordless mowing. In addition, it is easy to fold and therefore convenient to store. It is versatile with a 3-in-1 function for mulching, rear collection and side discharge along with seven different cutting heights. Thanks to its brushless motor it dramatically reduces vibrations and requires minimal maintenance.GREENWORKS – making life easier.

Voltage: 40V
Motor: Brushless
Cutting Width: 46cm
Mulching: Yes
Side Discharge: Yes
Collector Volume: 50L
Foldable Handlebar: Yes
Weight: 24.01kg
Deck Material: Steel
No. of Cutting Heights: 7
Runtime (4.0Ah): <30 minutes
Vibration Level: <2.5m/s2

GW 40V 46cm Lawn Mower with 1*4Ah Battery and Charger
Easy to fold and convenient to store
3-in-1 function with mulching, rear and side discharge capabilities
Seven cutting heights
Large 50L mesh catcher
Reduced vibration, no petrol and no fumes

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    Currently in the market and have my eye on the 36V Ryobi at Bunnings for $799.00. I like the option to run 2x 36v batteries side by side. The second battery will be extra cost.

    I'll have to read up on this Greenworks one as it's cheaper and has the extras via redemption that I'd like in the near future.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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      Have you found much out about how this stacks up vs. the ryobi?

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        Have been doing a bit of reading and both mowers have really good feedback overall that I can see.
        I've had my heart set on the 36V Ryobi for a while due to the power modes and even a little feature that pulls the grass in at the sides for edge cuts.
        Draw back is that I want a second battery for my yard and the Ryobi of equal power is an extra $300.00 on top of the $799.00

        The Greenworks is 40v and for $699.00 you also get a second battery of equal power and a brush cutter that sounds like is suited to standard work at home, but not really heavy stuff. Fine for my use.

        Right now I am leaning towards the Greenworks due to money and what I get for it.

        I have noted the 60V Greenworks deal mentioned below, but that is a bigger spend.

        Will do some more reading before I dive in.

        • Thanks!

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            @Dandaman21: So after all the reading, watching videos etc….
            I bought the $1129 60V 6ah mower that comes with the line trimmer, 60V 4ah battery and charger via redemption. Pick it up tomorrow.

            I want that extra power and I would have paid for the extras in the near future anyway. No way I'd only have 1 battery.
            The 60V 6ah $1129 mower can run 2 batteries side by side and switch from one to the other when the first is drained.
            The 60V 4ah $799 mower can only run 1 at a time.

            Controls are better on the pricier model. Really like how they are set up. It has a wider cut, variable speed control and is self propelled.

            I have a large block, so opted for spending $329.00 more than what I had been looking at, due to what's mentioned above.
            Wife was happy when comparing, so managed to score there too. No rolling pin in the back of the head after this purchase.

            • @rattle: Argh, I'm tossing up now. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the 40V but keep coming back to the 60 for some of the features you mentioned. But I only have a small/avg yard to mow so I feel like the 40V is sufficient and don't really want the self-propelled. Stuck in limbo land, congrats on your purchase though!

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    My very suitable Ozito self propelled crapped out after 2 years and am in the market for a self propelled mower to handle 1000m2. I have Victa 82v (Briggs and Stratton) and greenworks batteries so that would be ideal but the current Greenworks redemption for the 60v SP mower with 6Ah and trimmer with 4Ah has my attention. Would welcome any thoughts cus I'm keen. https://www.totaltools.com.au/176669-greenworks-60v-1-x-6-0a…

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      Bit of a discussion here on a previous post. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/819871 Looks like the eBay deal is still running with a different code. The redemption was a bit painful, I had to call them at over 40 days and they finally posted it.

      • Really appreciate the detailed info you've shared, cheers!

    • If the ozito is 2 years old it has 5 year warranty

      • Yeah, no problem getting the refund but since it was a promo model (self propelled, 3 in 1) there was nothing in the range for a replacement and only option was a refund, that's the loophole in the warranty. Still not bad for a free 2 year trial.

        I considered the special order SP model since I already have so many batteries but can't justify paying 50% more for a lesser mower. Ozito were entirely unhelpful when I contacted them about the situation and to enquire if they would bring in something comparable. Received a non response from a robot named Justin that didn't address anything in my email.

        For now I'm back using my old Victa 82v after finding a cheap 3rd party Greenworks compatible 80v battery, modified the battery key rails on the Victa charger and mower. Now I have enough juice to get the whole yard done without stopping to charge, but with a large sloping yard I do miss the SP.

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    Just got 60v kit from total tools for $799 and done first mow. Very impressed with the quality and power. Good warranty as well.

  • Wondering if these also use their yardforce 40v batteries

  • So, 40V vs 60V - 40V comes with two batteries via the redemption, so that would seem to be the winner to me?

    My mistake, no redemption offer for the 60V unless you buy the self propelled kit for $1129

    • +4

      To my thinking, the free batteries are the key thing - unless you have a small yard.

      I posted the 60V deal linked above and have been using it for a bit now. We have a fairly fiddly ±320m² of dense Sir Walter buffalo (5 or 6 separate areas so not as simple as just mowing a large rectangle). In Brisbane the weather has been hot and wet this year and the grass has grown at an alarming rate - fills the green bin completely when cut fortnightly.

      A 6Ah 60V battery just gets through one cut (once I had to do the last little bit with the second battery). We do use the catcher (no mulching) and the self-propel drive where possible. Have had to use the Turbo mode at times to get through some of the really thick bits. Overall pretty happy with the 60V 51cm SP mower.

      Bear in mind though that a 6Ah 60V battery has 360Wh of power. A 4Ah 40V battery has 160Wh of power, so 2x 4Ah 40V batteries have less capacity than a single 6Ah 60V battery. In fairness, the 40V mower is only 46cm, not 51cm, and doesn't have self propel, and it obviously lighter, so the batteries will last a bit better than on the heavier 60V mower, but there is a BIG difference in capacity between a 60V 6Ah and a 40V 4Ah.

      Also, I used the redemption blower with a fully charged 6Ah 60V battery in the same way as I normally use my Husqvarna 125BV petrol blower and the 6Ah battery just got me through. It works well enough but I think the petrol blower is slightly better.

      I guess my point is that anyone who plans to buy this 40V kit and use both the trimmer and mower had either better have a small yard or be prepared to buy more batteries. It is the batteries that are the expensive bit (assuming you pay RRP for them), so getting a deal that offers extra good sized batteries is worth something.

      • Great info, thanks! :)

      • Second this. In my opinion you would want at least 3 batteries unless its a very small yard.

  • I would, but I have so many wallabies come in at night I haven't had to mow for months.

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    I've been running a full Greenworks 60V kit since January '23. Very happy with it.

    Kit was 51cm mower, multi-head with line trimming attachment, blower, 3 x batteries, and a charger for $1500. I bought the edger attachment for ~$200 and the 300w inverter, charger and battery kit for ~ $400, bringing my total to just over $2k. Bought it on a 20% points back weekend so got $400 in store credit. Redeemed the 60V chainsaw as well.

    My kit came with 1 x 6AH and 2 x 4AH batteries, plus Total Tools Mt Waverley threw in another 4AH as a manager's special. The inverter kit came with a 4AH battery.

    Having 2 chargers and 5 batteries is awesome. It means I can have 2 in the mower, one in the multi-head, one in the blower, and one fresh one ready to go. The batteries charge from empty to full in about 30 minutes so with this combination I never run out of charge. This is handy because there's a bunch of elderly people in my street so I cut and edge their nature strips etc when I mow mine, so I can be at it for 2 - 3 hours straight and sometimes 150 metres away from the house and chargers.

    I have roughly 250sqm of kikuya on a flat block. The mower powers through it with relative ease. Self-propelled mode is awesome for when you're tired. The trimmer/edger is light, powerful, and quiet. The blower is an absolute beast.

    The inverter has ended up being an absolute game changer as I use it for work as a security installer to provide temporary power for NVRs, laptops, monitors etc.

    The only time I've hit any performance issues is when I was trying to scalp the lawns recently and the mower didn't have the guts to just smash it down to dirt in one pass without cutting out. Had to run over it a few times, gradually dropping the height of cut to get the job done. So depending on use case and grass type, the 40V may hit some issues.

    I haven't done a lot with the chainsaw yet but it has smashed through the few things I've thrown at it.

    My dad bought a 36V steel deck ozito mower and edger shortly afterwards, which I have used to do their lawns and I was very impressed with it as well, especially for the money. So that's not a bad option either if you want to save some dosh.

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