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$23.95 SCA Hydraulic Trolley Jack - 1400kg at Supercheap Auto


This was $26 in a past deal.

Available in stores or online. Free click and collect also available or delivery is extra.

This 1400kg SCA Trolley Jack is ideal for lifting smaller vehicles. This trolley jack has a 1400kg working load limit and a height range of 140-335mm and comes with 360 degree swivelling rear caster wheels for easy mobility. It is suited for small to medium sized cars (dependent upon weight) and meets the mandatory trolley jack standard AS/NZS 2615:2004.

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  • Will this be OK for a Holden Astra sedan? And any recommendations for stands for such a car? I am in the market for a trolley jack and stands for car servicing like engine oil & oil filter/coolant changes etc.

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      dont use a jack, use stands

      • why's that?

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        So how do you get your car on stands without a jack?

      • [Trolley] Jack for lifting, I meant. I have a shitty one that came with the car, so I always wanted to buy one of these trolley ones.

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      That will work fine for that car. You'll typically be lifting half the weight of a car with a jack, and 1400kg is probably the full weight of the car.

      I've owned one of these for a few years now and I can't fault it for the price (bought it at a similar price on sale).

      Regarding jack stands, these look like a good option right now:

      • Thanks, SS. Really appreciate it.

      • OP should add these to the post, if you are using a jack you should be using stands as well.

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      I have used this jack on a commodore which weighs a lot more with no problems. I use stands once the car is raised to the required height. As always safety first don't get under the car until it is supported on stands.

      • Ta.

      • Me too. It was good until it started to slowly release. Luckily at the time I was only using it to jack the front end up a little to squeeze a bucket under, so only the bucket got killed

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      I have the exactly same one, purchased a while ago. Lifts perfectly fine my Mondeo station wagon and did a good job on a Camry too.

      • Thanks.

      • How much did you pay for it?

        • Not 100% sure but it was half price so around the same like now

    • This jack doesn't lift very high max height is 335mm so you will need stands that fit under 335mm, those 3 ton stands are 376mm at the lowest height.

      • So either a trolley jack that can lift higher than this, or stands that can fit under 335mm. Got it. Ta

  • I bought this in the past but do not like it. It doesn't raise all that high, but starts from a high position, so in some cases won't fit under the jacking point.

    It also seems very flimsy, I swear it slowly lowers itself (obviously if under car use stands), but before I get the stands under I swear it slowly drops.

    • Make sure that the vent is properly closed, had the same issue until i realized that it wasn't properly locked.

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    My young bloke looked at the SCA stuff and wisely decided to purchased a Kinchrome Jack and stands.

  • These work fine but don't go that high - you may find that an issue.

    I've got several trolley jacks and often use a piece of hard wood sleeper between the jack and car - it spreads the load and provides extra height. I often find jacks can damage the underside but every car is different so go with what works.

    As others have said make sure you use stands and chock the wheels. It's also good practice to put something else under the car whilst working on it just to be safe should the worst happen e.g. a spare wheel or something similar.

    Finally, it's not unusual for trolley jacks to slowly lower over time as seals leak etc.

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    I have one of this for years and it works well. About using a jack along with stands, you may spend hundreds on a fancy brand jack yet stands will be required so a moot point.

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    Absolute rubbish and a dangerous unit.
    Wasn't more than a few months and a single use before it leaked fluid everywhere and would slowly lower by itself.
    I'd advise against this cheap crap.

    Also in before i don't care what standards this meets on paper, the unit in the flesh is rubbish, and built down to a cost.
    That's not what you want with a device like this.
    There is no bargain if you use it once and then have to put it out for hard rubbish.

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      You could returned it to SCA and get it exchanged or refund. Also don't know where the oil was leaking but if from the plug you should have it checked and tightened before using.

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        1) Receipt had faded to the point of being unreadable, as is typical of thermal printed dockets, so not able to return.
        2) It was indeed leaking from the plug, no amount of checking the thread or tightening resolved it.
        Not had any issues with any other trolley jacks, so pretty confident i know whats going on.

  • If you are only doing oil change but not brake and suspension works. I would suggest getting a ramp instead.

    A ramp might actually lift the vehicle higher than this jack.

    • I am weighing my options since it'll be the first time I'll be changing the oil and filter of my car (used to rely on a mate who had everything, but moved to Sydney now). Haven't bought this yet, so I'll see what works for my car first before I pull the trigger on anything.

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    Jacks should only be used to lift the vehicle and stands used for security. Never trust a hydraulic jack alone.

  • SCA have had product recalls on their Jack Stands, so that is of concern. Yeah, I know they have 'fixed' the problem, but…