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20% off Everything @ ASOS (Free Shipping Over $40, Free Returns)


Get 20% off sitewide at ASOS. Use code SWEET at checkout. Ends 6pm Tuesday. Enjoy :)

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    SWEET deal.

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      Sweet and tight.

      • user avatar checks out

  • Finding it hard not to click go to deal :( …..

  • Damn made an order 2 hours ago :(

    • Order again and cancel your existing order to return for free when it gets here.

      • Yes have to make another order and return the existing one once I receive it as I can't cancel if it's more than half an hour

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      free returns.

  • Bought something from their last deal, quick delivery, pretty good quality stuffs,considering their quality, it was a real bargain.

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      discovered this by accident while buying xmas presents managed to get another $15 off the price of a pair of nike huaraches by buying from the .com site.

    • Does anyone know if there would be any bank or delivery fees doing this? Just using a regular Commonwealth Bank card.

      • Yep there's a 3% transaction fee, still a whopping $17 below their rate in this case..

      • No fees, I'm with NAB but what you see at the checkout page is what you pay. I usually pay with PayPal and they take it off my debit card. Delivery fee is waived if you spend over $40

        • They don't if you select AUD. I had fees on my last Etihad ticket (they charge you in UAE currency). Pretty indecent ones too.

        • @pentole: Most banks charge an international transaction fee if the merchant is based overseas, even if the transaction is in AUD. For NAB, this will show as "NAB INTNL TRAN FEE - (SC)". The "SC" stands for "single currency".

        • @ascorbic:
          Don't know about that but I never got charged, have checked transaction history too

        • @koalafied: I think the charge only applies to cards (and it's hard to know when the charge applies since you have to know where the transaction will be processed). With PayPal direct debit I don't get an international fee so I stick with this unless I'm sure that I'm buying from an AU based merchant.

      • Most banks now charge a currency fee for "overseas" purchases even if you pay in AUD. This is why you should get a credit card that doesn't charge currency fees, e.g. 28 Degrees or Bankwest. It makes a huge difference in the long run.

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      Thanks for the tip @doweyy. You saved me >$50. And I learned some Spanish.

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        No hay problema.

      • I saved about AUD $18 via the Spanish site, on an order that was going to cost AUD $104 on the Aussie site. Nice! (this is after checking out in GBP, of course)
        That Spanish site has insane prices, nearly everything I looked at is way cheaper there.

        For some reason PayPal translated "NSW" in my delivery address to "Nuevagalesdelsur" but the actual ASOS invoice has the correct address. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

        • Update: This morning I successfully received my order that I placed on the ASOS Spain site. So I can confirm that this works and there's no problems, in case anyone is worried. The address label had my correct delivery address and no mention of the weird "Nuevagalesdelsur" translation either.

          Will definitely be doing this again in future!

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      I just checked something I wanted to buy - it was the other way around:
      £80.95 on the site
      £100.00 on the
      So I guess… check both

    • Is this identical to changing it to GBP on the /au site?

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        Really depends on the product, but there is still a discrepancy.

      • It's different, if you look at the site that doweyy posted, it explains everything there. The country store and the currency are independent.

    • Thanks for the heads up doweyy. I checked on my order of undies and the AU site came out cheaper (maybe not much margin for them in undies?). Horses for courses I reckon, but good to know for other orders.

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      I just might add that express shipping doesn't seem like it's possible if ordering from the Spanish site. I'm a Premier customer and there was no option for anything other than Standard Shipping. The standard shipping estimate is also a lot longer than the estimate for the Aus site. 19 June delivery (if ordered now) vs 8 Junes.

      A comment in the Codesium site seems to suggest that Spanish ASOS may have some of their deliveries come from a Polish warehouse instead of the usual UK one if you're ordering from the Aus site. This might explain why shipping is longer.

      The UK site (paying in GBP) seems to be the best alternative if you don't want to wait that long/have free express shipping. Not as cheap as the Spanish site but still hella of a lot cheaper than Aus site.

      • A comment in the Codesium site seems to suggest that Spanish ASOS may have some of their deliveries come from a Polish warehouse instead of the usual UK

        Ah that explains a few things. I noticed that some desert boots I wanted aren't available on the Spanish site, whereas they were still in stock on the main/AU site — so they probably have independent inventories.

  • Bought some stuff last week, going to return some of the unworn stuff and buy it again for the 20% off :D Thanks OP!

    • Or…just repurchase every single item. And return them all using the old reciept; therefore getting the discount even on your open/worn items :)

      • Some of it was sold out, I must've gotten some of the last stock in my size when I bought them last week, so I'm returning everything that's still in stock ;)

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    Don't forget cash rewards too

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    Also, make sure you buy in GBP, because they add a pretty hefty conversion fee to their prices. It ends up way cheaper to convert it with you credit card or even with paypal..

  • Im so glad most of the items I click on are out of stock for my size or else id be spending atleast $100 a month on just asos

  • Sooooo good!

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    I'm waiting on the $400 worth of stuff I ordered last week to arrive. It does indeed feel bad.

    • Just reorder again then

  • how do you use cashrewards with the GBP site?

    • Cashrewards still seemed to track when I used the Spanish ASOS site (I got the confirmation email from Cashrewards about half an hour after I put in the order). So chances are you'll be fine.

  • What Australian brands can be found on Asos, if any?

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      There have been restrictions on brands like tsubi in the past, and I'm not sure if they even still stock them. You'll have to just do a search, but I doubt they'd have many Aussie brands…

      Problem with asos is that they churn through brands and styles quickly. If you wanted something you bought a year ago, chances are they won't have them any more.

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    Perhaps add 4% cashrewards so people won't forget! Good deal!

  • Damn ended up spending like $300

  • Have a horrible time finding jeans for old Thunder Thighs here so hopefully the two pairs I've ordered fit! I followed the sizing guide so not much more I can do besides stop eating!

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      Have a horrible time finding jeans for old Thunder Thighs here so hopefully the two pairs I've ordered fit!

      If you got one for each thigh you should be ok.

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      Here you go, just in case them jeans don't fit.

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        Haha thanks I guess!

  • bloody hell

  • How often do ASOS have 20% off? Are their jackets any good?

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