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Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL US $11.12/ AU $14.95 with 3% off Code @GamesDeal


Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL US $11.12/ AU $14.95
You can use the 3% off code to reduce the 2% payment fee.

This product doesn`t accept Paypal payment, you can use the other payment methods or use GamesDeal Gift-Card.

Get your Key for PC activation within minutes via email!

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    skeptical and no PayPal makes it hard to appear as legitimate keys

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      Agreed. While it's a pretty standard price on these key sites for the key. But no Paypal, no security for us.

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        I have just bought 2 keys which i had to buy separately and i used Paypal and it worked, so i dont know why they say you cant. I can definitely confirm Paypal works. I will post an update if the keys dont work.

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        but paypal doesn't refund digital copy of software

      • You have zero protection with PayPal for the purchase of digital games.

        • Thanks for letting me know about that but at the end of the day i spent (profanity) all anyways.

    • why no paypal ? its a checkout option.

      • I dont know?? It works though, my keys came through in less than a minute.

    • If you want to use Windows 10 without paying for it, and legally, just put up with the watermark and nagging to activate. It still works.

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    Posts like these make me tempted to unload all my VL keys for every MS product. Too bad it's dodgy and illegal.

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    Ok i just saw the illegal report!! Should i notify Paypal for a refund? Any help would be appreciated

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      I can promise that the key will be valid. And you can send me PM if you need any help with gamesdeal.

      • The keys have worked, when i bought those keys i saw that report thing for being illegal and panicked. This is my first time on this site so i apologize for posting something that could of effected your sales. The keys are definitely legit. Cheers for offering such a good deal mate.

        • Affected*

        • You forgot to correct the word just before it too :)
          could have* affected

    • Someone reported it because its an OEM key. Should work fine as op said. Can't PayPal dispute on digital items anyway

      • they sell oem at msy for people that build their own systems …… not sure why people freak out about oem…… if you buy a pc or laptop already built it will also have oem ….. just means no hot line support from microsoft ….. you get tech support from the system builder …… who buys a retail pack so they can get microsoft tech support LOL.

        i completely rebuilt my system ..with new cpu and mb … used disc drive with old oem win 10 i just had to call microsoft who gave me a new activation key ….. no problems .

        only shonky keys would be msdn keys as they are licensed for development and if people are selling the same key over and over they will have a problem.

    • This one is legit?

      • You can get my promise the keys from gamesdeal are valid. And also i can help you to solve any problem you met.

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    I always buy it around 1-2$ for any version from taobao.com(More like Aliexpress) ….It should be Genuine cd-key, I don't know how can they got these…

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      What if you don’t speak Chinese?

      • +5

        Udemy might have a course…

      • +2

        I can give you as a small gift, just chose one of the version that you want.

        • Give me please. W10 Pro would be nice.

        • Could I have W10 Pro as well please? If you don't have it, could I please have W10 Home?

        • +1

          @lostn: Win10 Pro CD-key already sent. Enjoy.

        • @hogwarts: Win10 Pro CD-key already sent. Enjoy.

        • @Ning0539: Whoa. you were actually serious. Thought you were just being sarcastic. Thank you. I haven't tried it, but it will come in handy.

        • Can I have W10Pro too please if you have any left. Thanks

        • Do they do the Enterprise or Educational key versions on there? If not I'd appreciate a Pro key please.

        • Can I have W10 Pro pls.

        • @gadgetguy: You are the last, and have sent you the Enterprise CD-key, enjoy.

        • @Ning0539:

          Thanks but I get this:

          "The product key you entered didn't work. Check the product key and try again, or enter a different one. (0xc004f050)."

          Are you sure these are legit?


          NVM - got it to work and activate eventually, thanks

        • @Ning0539: Could i buy a windows 10 key from you?

        • Hi Ning0539,

          Is it still possible to get Win 10 64x Pro? Thank you very much.

        • @gadgetguy: What was wrong with it?

        • @hogwarts:

          Had to uninstall my current key then use a generic enterprise key to upgrade Windows then finally install the new key to activate it.

        • @gadgetguy: So I'm planning to make an installation USB and put it in my computer for a fresh install. Do you think it'd work where it asks for a key?

        • Hi Ning0539,
          Can you send me one for retail version?

    • Can you PM me the link.

    • please pm me link too.

    • Hey Ning0539 - can you post me a link to the page you buy the cd-keys off from taobao? thanks (PM me if you can)

    • Hi Ning0583, if I pay you would you be willing to purchase one for me? I tried to do it myself but it was confusing!

    • Hi ning0539, just wondering where you found these keys?
      Appreciate it! :D

      • In taobao….But it only has Chinese version and need ZhifuBao(Made by Ali) which like Paypal to make the payment. On this website, you can almost by anything, and seller/buyer communicate with a software like what's app. So a lot of virtual item in it. For example, lots of steam game, you can buy it less than half price(they buy using Russian Ruble which is cheaper), or you can just cost around $2, and they will active your game their account, you can play them off-line. Last year it used to sell almost $20 billion in one day while ebay sell $22 billion in Q4. The may reason may because too much Chinese, and the postage fee is only start at $2 which can arrive in the next day.

    • I tried searching on Taobao but there seems to be so many available. Not sure which one to select

    • Hey mate, is it possible to get one key please?

  • cheaper on eBay

  • Eh just go get an online copy. No more against the eula than this I expect.

  • +1

    I'd rather get a pirated version off a torrent site than pay someone for a pirated version :/

    • +1

      It's not 'pirated' per se. Sounds like a genuine key just of dubious origin.

      Pirated software is not legit software. You could never download a pirated game and have it activated on Steam or Origin, enabling multiplayer, updates, leaderboards and achievements.

      Since these activate on the MS activation server and don't require cracks or hacks to function, they are legit.

      If a Ferrari is stolen, is it still a genuine Ferrari, or is it a 'fake' Ferrari?

      On the assumption that these keys are stolen (something people can only assume but not prove factually), a distinction still needs to be made between 'pirated' and 'stolen'. Stolen things are still legitimate products. Pirated things are not. They are not functionally identical. One requires cracks, the other doesn't. Pirated VHS tapes have quality loss, pirated PS2 and Xbox games require a mod chip to play. Stolen copies from EB do not.

      You are paying for a key that is functionally legit, you are not paying for a torrented copy which will require something running in the background and can be spotted in task manager by an auditor.

      Is it a morally justifiable thing to do, buying something you suspect is stolen? That's a different question and one for you to make for yourself.

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    No paypal(well, it works, just OP wants gift-cards instead so has lied about it), deal posted by someone who seems like he would be extremely hard to communicate with in English. no explanation for the layman that these keys are not official, legit and using them in this fashion breaks the Microsoft EULA/ToS.

    These can be revoked at any second of any day in the future without a moments notice.

    Plenty of other places that don't ask you to pay in the most dodgy form of currency (gift-cards) that will sell you keys at this price.

  • It is somehow not formal legal, and… It is under $4 thing in taobao… No paypal makes it even worse..

  • where can one buy a genuine windows 10 for the best price?

  • Made my purchase and still have't receive my code after more than 24 hours. This website should be blacklisted