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[Android] QR Code Reader PRO, WakeUp Touch L, Volume Plus Was $5.99/$1.03/$1.29 Now Free @ Google Play


QR Code Reader PRO Was $5.99

If you are looking for a powerful QR code reader and barcode scanner that supports all major barcode formats such as ISBN, EAN, UPC and others, QR Code Reader is the one.

WakeUp Touch L Was $1.03

This application is an enhanced version of Wakeup Touch Nexus that was moved to latest android API v21 and includes additional features that people recently asked for.
Since it uses latest API it will run only on Lollipop and can not be installed on Kit-Kat or Jelly Bean.

Volume Plus Was $1.29

This app puts the volume buttons in the notification center . If you do not operate the physical button or a convenient carrying case, then this is what you need!
As there is autostart applications using the device.
If music is playing - will regulate the volume of music , normally controlled by a sound notification .

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