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Foxtel Now 2 Weeks Free


Foxtel Now features low-priced and flexible bundles that give customers greater freedom and access to the best choice in live sport, new movies, TV and complete seasons. There are still no set up costs and you can cancel at any time.

Foxtel Now arrives with the widely anticipated addition of HD streaming on select devices combined with a brand new user interface. It also has the ability to stream Foxtel Now to the big screen via Google Chromecast.

Foxtel Now represents our most flexible and affordable entertainment service and brings with it HD streaming, a great new look and feel and the freedom to jump in and out based on your viewing preferences.

Foxtel Now is available on PC/Mac via the Google Chrome browser, Telstra TV, compatible iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, and Chromecast.

Additional devices will be updated in the coming months, until then, other devices, including PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox One and select Smart TVs are able to stream Foxtel content in SD via the Foxtel Play app.

Subscribers have access to all linear services in the tier along with all of the on-demand, catch up and library content available to that tier plus mobile and tablet access via the new Foxtel Now app. There are over 16,000 titles in the on demand library, half of them in HD with more HD content being added all the time.

Foxtel Now comes with a two-week free trial. For more information visit:

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    Should add cost in title. After the free 2 weeks.

    Include whether installation is free or not as well.

    Woohoo got in before JV!

    • +3

      No install required this is a streaming service

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        Still should include price

        • +2

          Depends on what package(s) you get

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  • +5

    Link dead?

    • +10

      Lol.. Foxtel should just give up at life

      • +1

        Wrong product Shibster

        • What's the difference between Now and Play? I can't see any, just a rebranding?

        • @czd:

          They are re branding Foxtel Play into Now and changing a few features.
          More emphasis on (Hopefully HD) on-demand streaming from my understanding.

          New interface and they are bringing HD streaming to more devices (Finally. Previously only Telstra TV had HD)

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          And most importantly removing channels. Foxtel is a joke.

        • +1

          @PainToad: How kind of them. Some things never change.

  • Some reason the link is not work it is launching tomorrow try this one in the meantime they haven't updated their website completely yet
    From what I can see it is $104 with all packaged

    I will update post once Foxtel has finished changing their site over

  • +1

    no Apple TV ?

    • nope… still no Apple TV. Some things never change with dowdy old Foxtel.

      • -1

        Funny, I see Apple TV users as being dowdy and old.

  • +7

    Until they stop forcing me to bundle crap I'll never watch just to get the sports pack, I'll keep my wallet closed.

    • +6

      Until they allow me to record, I will never sign back up. Zero point paying to watch US, when you can't record it and it's not uploaded to on demand.

      Fun fact Foxtel, people work, they can't take time off work just to watch sport when it suits your scheduling.

  • +1
    • +5

      Man I hope people buy these just to install Kodi. The irony will be great.

  • +1

    don't waste your time, almost everything is in SD… doesn't work on the majority of devices,

    you really are just better off using streaming pirated services or stick with Netflix, they even make it difficult to cancel (the button doesnt work in firefox and chrome…. and only sometimes in IE)

    oh, this is a streamingservice for 10 bucks a month, I wouldn't even give them that


    Foxtel Now, which launches tomorrow, will be available on PC/Mac via the Google Chrome browser, Telstra TV, iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, and Chromecast.

    so basically they have invested zero dollars, its going to be just as terrible as Play…. and still supports zero devices

    • no way will it only be $10 a month, unless you are happy with say the kids pack and zero else.

  • whats the advantage of this over normal Foxtel.?
    It seems to be the same price except you dont have the benefits of a non-streaming service (not having to think about data use/speed etc and HD will work on any screen not just the selected devices they choose)

    • No installation. It streams through an app over the internet.

      • I know it streams, but thats not an advantage. HD is via selected limited devices only (telstra TV and Chromecast).

        • It is an advantage if you are unable to get installation or don't want a month-to-month contract.

    • whats the advantage of this over normal Foxtel.?

      Can easily share your account with 2 simultaneous streams (meaning sports can be had for under $20 a month), and most of the popular shows / sports are available on Anytime within around 1 to 8 hours after being shown "live" if you miss it.

    • It's cheaper

      • +1

        $104 per month isn't super cheap though.

        • +1

          The Platinum HD package (everything) via Telstra on a month-to-month contract is $99/month. However, after the first 12 months discount it rolls onto $137/month if you don't cancel. Cancel at the end of your 12 months and the full Foxtel Package plus free IQ3 box and free install is still cheaper

  • Do I have to put in credit card details? I assume I do.

  • +1

    Fingers crossed the new app allows subscription via Google play. The only way id pay for this is using my Telstra credit.

  • Whats the min cost for live HD sport?

    • $44

    • +2

      $39 a month, or $29 a month for 3 months with the free Pop deal (use code TELPRESBOH10):

      • Currently pay $65 on satellite… trying to work out if it's worth saving $26

        • +1

          Check out the Whirlpool Foxtel Bargaining thread - guys are getting Basic + HD + Sport for $36 a month:

        • Do you or the family watch any other channels though, check what channels are dropped if you go streaming.

        • I'm currently on satellite and pay $36.00 p/m for HD sport.

          Contact Foxtel 131999 and say "Disconnection" into IVR.

          Request the above deal.

        • @chupa chup:

          Satellite, had 3 months free platinum package. now paying $65 a month for sports, kids and HD

        • @Danstar: I also got the first three months free. Good deal over the six months…. Kinda.

  • I just signed up for this yesterday to watch Champions trophy and the quality has been pretty good. My internet is quite slow and the stream continues with dropped quality. It is bit expensive though at $40/month for just sports channel and movies.

    • Are the Fox Sports channels in HD mate? Specially the cricket? Is that in HD - 720p or 1080p? When I last had Foxtel Play the fox sports channels were in a very low res, quite unwatchable tbh!

      • Just signed up for the trial. I can confirm overall the stream quality is much better than it was on Foxtel Play. Can't confirm the resolution though, but I guess it's somewhere between 720p and 1080p.

        And yes, the cricket (ICC Champions Trophy) on FoxSport (507) looks very sharp and clear, very good quality.

      • The quality is quite good. I am only watching it on my 12" laptop and my internet is quite slow. I am not sure if it's HD or not.

  • Foxtel will never beat the real streaming services… They are the same price for less content and they still have adds.. Even less content now then before… they make a big deal about rebranding play and it is on all the new services, but read the fine print…

    From 5 June 2017, BoxSets, 13th Street, Binge, Syfy, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, Lifestyle You, Style, World Movies, CNN, Smooth, BBC World News, CNBC, Max, CMC, Eurosport News, Foxtel Arts, MTV Music and MTV Dance will no longer be available on Foxtel Play.

    • +1

      True, But only if you don't place any value on live sport.

      Availability of AFL means that Foxtel beats the real streaming services in our house.

  • Is the APP on the Play Store?

  • Thanks - was planning on getting foxtel for a month to watch the lions tour

  • Cannot locate FoxtelPlay in Google Play store anymore, looks like FoxtelNow is a direct replacement of FoxtelPlay…

    FoxtelNow won't run if your mobile is rooted. not sure about FoxtelPlay as I've never installed it before.

    • Foxtel Play was never in the Play Store. It was (still is) called Foxtel Go.

      Getting around the root block is easy with Magisk.

      • Can you please elaborate? My device is rooted, so Foxtel doesn't work. I can't find an app called "Magisk"

  • +1
    Merged from Watch ICC Champion Trophy Final Free by Signing up to Foxtel Now Trial

    Signed up to 2 week trial and looks like every pack in Foxtel now is free for 2 weeks including fox sports

    ICC champion trophy final watch it legally and free :) through this

    • The picture quality via chromecast is very good. Looks like HD.

    • +1

      they will need your credit card details when you sign up..becareful - you will be charged after free trail period..

      • I used a cancelled card

      • U can cancel right away and still get 2 weeks ;)

    • Can those who have signed up for this 2 week Trial then successfully enter the 3 month POP Trial code?

      • It still charges u the full fee. I just did it, hope they refund after cancellation.

    • Unable to watch now…says upgrade to watch

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