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DOCTORS CHOICE DCAP-01 AIR PURIFIER $49 @ Godfreys Save $80 62%off


Perfect for purifying the air in bedrooms and other rooms in your home
Includes built-in night light - perfect for childrens bedrooms!
HEPA filtration for pure air
Low power consumption at only 5W
Optional aroma oil tank (oil not included)
68m3 air flow for effective purification
One-year Doctors Choice warranty

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  • Although you can pick it up for free, If you want it delivered ($7 flat rate) you can use the 5% code if you buy it from eBay with C5OZ + 1.3% cashrewards.

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    They also had this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/263910 for $129 and it was posted on ozbargain at $49. Not long after that it was reduced to $29 and it is still that price www.godfreys.com.au/home-hero-air-washer

    • A humidifier - suited to outback & dry areas.

      • just what i needed so good on him for posting it.

    • i love you man, was actually needing these as the heaters we have dry out the office badly.

      • but the black one looks cooler… :P

  • Is 1 litre enough for a large room

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      1 litre of water should be sufficient for quite a large area but it all depends on relative temperatures and humidity. To raise a 5m x 3m x 3m room to 30% humidity when the outside air is 15c at 10% humidity and the interior is at 25c would take about 250 mls initially and then an amount equivalent to losses to maintain.

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    Doctor's Choice, the brand that isn't a doctor's choice.

    • there must be at least 1 doctor out their who would choose this??

  • Is an air purifier diferrent to an air humdiifier?

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      Yes it is. Why not look them up in your browser? It would have taken less time than typing your question here and would have gotten you an instant answer.

      Note: Some humidifiers are also air filters.

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        It would have taken less time for you to give him a straight answer than to be a d*ck about it.

        • No, not being a d*ick at all. He would have learnt a lot more than I or anyone else has told him through a simple search. After he had gained some knowledge he could then have asked more informed questions about efficacy, brands and so on. There is no benefit to be had from asking something and waiting when he could have a far more comprehensive answer instantly.

      • some people like others opinion as well

  • Anyone owns one of these able to provide a review?
    Online review of this product seems vague

  • What about repacement filters for this? I can't find them anywhere.

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      I was concerned that the HEPA filter would be difficult to replace however the store I visited was able to stock filters. I was still about iffy about whether they would discontinue stock. I checked out the Cli-Mate CLI-AP10, the Doctors Choice appears to be an exact clone of this better brand product and appears to use exactly the same HEPA filter, which would ensure replacement are available for a long time. Ended up getting the $49 DoctorsChoice air purifier, thanks OP.

      Turns out the Cli-mate is a clone itself of the Duux Air Purifier, which is widely sold in the US.