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50% off Brazil Vs Socceroos Tickets - 13 June 2017 MCG @ Lasttix


Received an email from Lasttix, pricing as below:

Platinum WAS $149.00 NOW $74.50
Gold WAS $109.00 NOW $54.50
Silver WAS $99.00 NOW $49.50
Bronze WAS $49.00 NOW $24.50

Game is at 8.05pm Tuesday 13/6/17 @ the MCG

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    Just note that Neymar will not be coming.

  • I wonder what the last possible time is that you could buy a ticket. I've provisionally been offered a free one tomorrow but would still like to go even if I don't get a free one in the end.

  • How mad would you be if you stocked up on platinum tix when they were selling for $149.00!

    • this is how they should battle scalpers. start all tickets at 1000% of face value and lower them slowly over time. let the artist get the stupid prices the 1% are willing to pay, not the scalpers. then do what billy joel does and save 100 seats at the front for real fans who could only afford the cheap seats and randomly hand out upgrades.

  • I just realise you can wear green yellow to this match and cheer for both sides

  • thanks got me 2 platinums ;) Aussie Aussie Aussie

  • Yeah I looked at the pricing MCC was asking from members and immediately decided I wasn't going to attend. There really isn't that much of a soccer crowd in Australia to draw 100,000 to watch our ordinary side vs the Brazil U20's.

    • Care to elaborate on how it's an U20's side when they're only missing a couple of their big name players?

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        Their U20's would still beat our side lol.

      • They've brought out a pretty big squad. I'm sure their better players will line up against Argentina. For this match, I'm not so sure.

  • I am going to see Argentina vs Brazil tomorrow.
    Messi et al..
    I thought it was only Neymar missing for Brazil?

    Goalkeepers: Diego Alves (Valencia), Weverton (Atletico Paranaense), Ederson (Benfica)

    Defenders: Alex Sandro (Juventus), David Luiz (Chelsea), Fagner (Corinthians), Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid), Gil (Shandong Luneng), Jemerson (Monaco), Rafinha (Bayern Munich), Rodrigo Caio (Sao Paulo), Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain)

    Midfielders: Fernandinho (Manchester City), Giuliano (Zenit St Petersburg), Lucas Lima (Santos), Paulinho (Guangzhou Evergrande), Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), Renato Augusto (Beijing Gouan), Rodriguinho (Corinthians), Willian (Chelsea)

    Forwards: Diego Souza (Sport), Douglas Costa (Bayern Munich), Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City), Taison (Shakhtar Donetsk)


    Goalkeepers: Sergio Romero (Manchester United), Nahuel Guzman (Tigres), Geronimo Rulli (Real Sociedad)

    Defenders: Javier Mascherano (Barcelona), Emanuel Mammana (Lyon), Gabriel Mercado (Sevilla), Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City)

    Midfielders: Eduaro Salvio (Benfica), Lucas Rodrigo Biglia (Lazio), Ever Banega (Inter Milan), Manuel Lanzini (West Ham United), Leandro Paredes (Roma), Guido Rodriguez (Tijuana)

    Forwards: Leo Messi (Barcelona), Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus), Joaquin Correa (Sevilla), Alejandro Dario Gomez (Atalanta), Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan), Angel Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain), Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

    • @smashed That's a must win for Argentina. I think Brazil only need one draw in the next 4 games to ensure qualification to the World Cup Finals.

      • I don't the result is too important in a friendly :)

        I am in the brazilian section tomorrow :D

        • Doh! I confused this for a WCQ match… oh well, ARG need to improve their form if they want to qualify later.

        • Still important to Argentina to win this. Their football is going through a crisis right now. They don't have their qualification to the World Cup assured yet. They just lost to Bolivia and they changed their coach with the hopes that they can qualify with him. They have to win at least three of their next four WC qualifying matches in order to qualify and their next rivals are Uruguay away (difficult), Venezuela home (easy one), Peru home (not as easy as it sounds as they are having a revival lately and now are in the running for a qualifying spot) and Ecuador away (very difficult as they are in the running as well and in a better position at the table).

        • @Nachotroncoso: Its a friendly. Messi will be off at half time. Neither of the coaches care about the result. The players just want to be on holiday. This will go down as one of the most trivial matches ever played on our shores.

        • @Gringoesai: check the Argentinian news, this one is massive for them. They have everything to prove on this game.

        • @Gringoesai: well….all of that was completely incorrect

        • @Symbiotic: The term friendly automatically makes the game useless. It's the equivalent of preseason. I didn't watch it but probably good to be incorrect if you got enjoyment from the game.

        • @Gringoesai: Not true. They are factored into FIFA rankings. "Useless" and "trivial" matches occur when top EPL clubs fly over at the end of the season to play the likes of Sydney FC for huge sums of cash. They field a weak team, play at 50%, and still win comfortably.

        • @Symbiotic: Did not know that friendly's counted for points - albeit a very small amount. Either way you are the first person that has defended a friendly I have ever encountered in my life. If you enjoy them then good luck to you. I think you are in the minority.

    • We should have an OZBARGAINER section and watch the game together :D

      • You can spot the ozbargain group from 100m away. They would bring their own food, smuggled alcohol, and portable heaters powered by eneloops to warm the food.

        • Not to mention Bose headphones and Connoisseur ice cream for a perfect Ozbargainer night :)

        • Not to mention Bose headphones and Connoisseur ice cream for a perfect Ozbargainer night :)

    • No Marcos Rojo?!

  • What sport do the Socceroos play?

  • Is this a reselling website? It looks like ticketek is the official ticket supplier?

    • Lasttix is legitimate. Accessing the site will take you to the official seller, but now with a generous discount. I've used Lasttix a few times for concerts.

      • Sweet thanks for the clarification I wasn't sure, haven't heard of them before

        • +1 vote

          They're worth signing up to, probably the only spam I actually read.

        • Not sure why im getting downvoted, it was a genuine question not a criticism of the deal. The very least it may help with the next person whos not sure and would have chosen not to buy the deal after hearing about all the other scams the last few weeks

        • +2 votes


          I don't know why. They are getting out of control.

        • @k-rokfm: Yes I know its getting a bit ridiculous lately. Don't let them get to you. I also wondered if it was a resale site too intially.

  • thanks, didn't buy due to ripoff prices previously, got me 2 platinum.. will match the color of my thermos

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    thanks op. missed out on the 30 percent deal but got this one instead!

  • Is this worth going from Adelaide to MCG? No, it would have been if I was already there for the Argentina vs Brazil match:(

    Those tickets were so expensive, wish there was a deal on it ahahaha.

    World Cup 2018 it is then.


    What does Platinum ticket get you besides general entrance?

  • What'll the atmosphere be like?

  • Would be good if Argentina's match is this price. As a 20 years Real Madrid fan, still love to see Messi's performance.

  • Pay that money to watch us getting destroyed…maybe not..Sorry Socceroos, no offence intended..

    • Right, because the Socceroos have never played well. Dude, just remember the last World Cup, when Australia played better than Netherlands.
      This is a good game to go say goodbye to Australia before they go to the Confederations Cup.

      • There's a reason the organiser couldn't sell all the tickets & had to discount them . Nobody wanna watch an one-sided game..

        However, my heart will always be green & gold..

      • In 2014, Hawthorn and South Sydney were Premiers. How are those teams doing now?

        Honestly, this Soccerroos team is embarrassing. Defence is woeful and they can't hold onto the ball for now than two passes.

      • Maybe we can use the last time Australia played Brazil. 6-0 loss I think. And then a week later Australia lost 6-0 to France. I wouldn't be surprised if a similar scoreline occurs on Tuesday. Not that I would want that to happen of course.

  • Cheers! I wanted to go to this match but the original prices were just way too expensive for a friendly. Been hanging out for some last minute deals. Just got Silver tickets :)

  • I'll only go to see Maradona if he ever made a come.back

  • That's a good deal OP.
    $25 is well worth the money. With or without Neymar

  • That's fantastic value only $74.50 per goal

  • Huge tip (IMO):

    They've re-organized the classication of seats, so sections that were previously Platinum are now classed as Bronze.

    For example, I just tried to by 1 x Bronze ticket and got assigned a seat in P14, which the maps says is Platinum

    So, if possible, buy Bronze! $25 for a seat that originally sold for $149

    • That happened to me at Guns and Roses through Lasttix. Bough the cheap seated area and ended up in a prime spot

  • Can't get any more than 2 tickets….