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LG G6 H870DS 64GB DUAL SIM (HK stock) $504 White Delivered @ DWI eBay, Plat/ Black $534 @ qd_au


Black version from qd_au OUT OF STOCK

Platinum version from qd_au

3G Network WCDMA 850(B5) / 900(B8) / 1900(B2) / 2100(B1) MHz TD-SCDMA 2000 / 1900 MHz
4G Network - FDD 2100(B1) /1800(B3) / 1700(B4) / 850(B5) / 2600(B7) / 900(B8) /700(B12)/ 800(B20) / 800(B26)/ 700(B28) MHz
4G Network - TDD 2600(B38) / 1900(B39) / 2300(B40) / 2600(B41) MHz
SIM Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, Dual Stand-By)

Ars LG G6 Review

HK Stock, HK variant, B28 support, support page:

Great price for a great phone + it includes Australian Bands for proper 4G+ services and full integrated DAC

Item Description:

FullVision display with narrow bezel in premium metal and glass body elevates LG G6 into the next generation of smartphone design.

The surprisingly large FullVision display into a sleek device provides more room for text, browsing, and wider view when playing games. The 18:9 aspect ratio and QHD Plus resolution also allow superior picture quality for a more engaging viewing experience.

Get the bigger picture with front camera no matter what the subject is!

Capture all of life’s breathtaking views with the dual 13MP rear-facing cameras in the LG G6.

Have more fun with photos and videos using one of the four different square camera modes.

The LG G6 with Dolby Vision™, HDR10 and a QuadHD+ FullVision display provides an immersive cinematic experience with enhanced contrast and color.

*Video contents must be created in Dolby Vision™ or HDR10 to take advantage of HDR playback.

Take the LG G6 just about anywhere without worry thanks to its outstanding IP68 water and dust resistance.

Capture fuller, richer, higher-quality sound with the two high AOP mics and high-fidelity recording capability of the LG G6.

The LG G6 invites you to the next level of gaming experience, and allows you not to worry about battery left thanks to the Game Battery Saver.

You can also adjust each indicator such as resolution, frame and battery on individual needs.

The voice-activated Google Assistant works seamlessly and effortlessly with the LG G6 and is ready to help in those times when you need a hand but can’t spare one.

Get an incredible listening experience with Hi-Fi Quad DAC playback, allowing you to hear crisp, clear sound that is closer to the source.


Sorry I'm on mobile… Filling in details with my lagging Nexus 5 is hard, sorry…

Big thanks to the mods for helping me edit this post and keep it updated! Gboard is a laggy nightmare!

Original 15% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    • +13

      For that price? Where?

  • Excellent price.

  • Is this a Dual SIM version?

    • +1

      Yes, compatible with B28 as well.

  • Sold out, OP.

    • White still has stock for now

      • Does it? Minutes ago it showed 'out of stock' for some reason.

        • +2

          Yeah Platinum showed as out of stock for me. White has 9 left.

  • +5

    As someone suggested in the another post, an extra $30 from QD, who have a much better after sales reputation than DWI.

    • +4

      Yeah that does sound nice, I'll add that in?

  • Cheers for the heads up. Great deal.

  • +1

    Platinum from QD for the same price now that DWI is out of stock. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/142356398127

    • Thx m8

    • Not the same dwi selling it at $592

      • Same as the black QD price as mentioned in the description tho.

  • grabbed a 2x blacks from qd_au

    forgot cashrewards though :(

  • -3

    Once bootloop always bootloop. Life is never good again. Hence no more LG for me. Forever tainted. Does matter how awesome the phone is I will never ever forget how they treated me after sales and support

    • +2

      Stop flogging a dead horse. We've all heard this story for the billionth time. Build a bridge and get over it.

      • +5

        Go ahead buy it and know the risks. I don't give a damn if the bridge burns and falls. There's no need to get over anything as I'm already safe

        PS. I'm already riding on a good horse, no need to hop on anything else

        • I'm going to buy one just to spite you.

        • @lostn: Good Luck!

        • @pauper: Don't need luck to buy it, all I need is a credit card.

        • Nice thread. I wasn't planning to get one at all. Good to see its confirmed. Probably won't happen until 1 year after

    • i agree, the sales and support is important, no phone just email replies in 2-3 days !

    • Yeah, I owned Nexus 5 and G4 both have bootloop issues, so I personally will stay away from LG no matter how good or cheap the phone is.

  • Thanks StrayfireX , I scored Platinum version From Q_D, I have bought from them before. I always miss these Codes. Thanks for saving saving Me AU $94.35 with your voucher. :)

    • +1

      You're welcome! I hope you have a experience with the phone!

      • +1

        StrayfireX, Thanks. It its as Good as My LG G5 I will be very happy. I love the Quick charges 3.0. Only down side of G6 is inbuilt battery. I have 3 Spare Batteries on my G5.

        • +1

          It is a shame that LG doesn't have replaceable batteries anymore.

          That said, a cheap place for service is the Jakarta LG service centre. They changed my Nexus 5 battery for about $20.

          I would imagine similar service centres exist in SE Asia.

        • @StrayfireX: how did you get it to Jakarta though?

        • @clgt:

          I was physically in Jakarta because I was on exchange there.

          Otherwise I've read reports of people getting batteries replaced for a similar amount in India. I expect the rest of SE Asia to be similar.

    • +4

      TL;dr the thread OP asks if LG G6 bootloops. No reports so far.

      • Rich Rigney
        Yep,, I just picked up my Warranty Replacement today for my LG G6 which ended up in the dreaded Boot Loop. It was just over a month old, past the "Buyers Remorse" time period of only 2 weeks through T-Mobile. So now I have a Refurbished G6 instead of new one. LG needs to recall the G6 and fix this issue. I am DONE with LG phones now.

        • My wife and I purchased our Brand New LG G6 phones on Apr 15, 2017 from T-Mobile. On May 19, my wife's device was sent an Android Update through T-Mobile which she was able to perform successfully. On May 20, my device was sent the update and after the update install my phone went into the continuous Boot Loop and wasn't recoverable. I just picked up my Refurbished Replacement from T-Mobile today. LG Still hasn't corrected their issue obviously and now T-Mobile claims this is a "Known issue" as of 3 days ago, (actually it was 4 now).

        • +3


          On May 20, my device was sent the update and after the update install my phone went into the continuous Boot Loop and wasn't recoverable.

          thats a software fault, not a hardware problem

        • @OzHan: Only 2 people out of 63 pages of replies. That's not bad at all. If there were more, we'd get more reports because people are more likely to comment if theirs is defective than they are if they're not defective. So there is a silent majority out of there of phones that work fine.

      • +1

        Too early to tell.

  • +3

    I bought it for $585 (15% off 688). Have just use it for a few days. Price is dropping so quickly.

    • Cc2018, Very Quick price drop.

      • +1

        indeed, that was what held me off at last 10% off deal (price was $622 after promotion and I knew price would go down so quickly), grabbed v20 for $472 instead.

        • +1

          Now just over $400.

        • +1


          True, price dropped $70 in just 2 weeks!! Anyway I'm happy with v20 so far, nice phone with IR blaster, removable battery, decent audio chip, fun wide-angle lens, will wait for v30 :)

        • +1

          @windbox: just very big phone but you are right. Not compelling enough to upgrade.

    • +1

      As did I.

      I got mine just yesterday and haven't had chance to use it yet. Looks to be a good upgrade to my G5.

      The phone came not sealed and had a tiny ding on top of the charger port. Oh well :P

  • +3

    To those that matter, you cannot unlock the bootloader on this model.

    source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g6/how-to/official-lg-g6...

    • +1

      Thanks!! I'll keep that in mind!

    • FAQ says still possible in future.

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322481917247

    black one back in stock, just ordered :)

    when i ordered it was 8 left :), good luck! ends tonight!

  • Damn, such a huge price drop. You reckon this will hit close to $400 in a month or so?

  • +1

    That was such a quick price drop

    • +1

      LG is known to tank on prices. It should stabilise soon, to around the 300-400 mark.

      Doesn't even help much that they stuck to Snapdragon 821 instead of the latest version.

      • Wait, it's expected to be around 300-400 mark? For such a high end phone?!

        Screw the fear of bootloop, I'm getting it when it does get that price. I REALLY like this phone.

  • Damn, lol, this keeps dropping.

  • +1


    been looking at this case, what do you guys think?

    • +1

      I have one of those for my S8. It's pretty grippy and is also quite slim compared to the Tough/Slim Armor cases. Can't compare to any of the clear cases because I've never owned one.

      The only thing I didn't like was the pattern on the back, but that comes down to personal preference.

      • I cracked my S7 edge thats why I am buying this, function over form for me. IMO it looks pretty cool anyways. Thanks for the review :)

    • CanadianBeaver, I have one on those with the kickstand for my LG G5, And Ordered the same for my LG G6 Got the http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LG-G6-Case-Genuine-SPIGEN-Slim-Ar... and screen Protector http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LG-G6-Screen-Protector-Genuine-SP...

  • ignore that, turns out its Toll shipping
    (and coming from HK… as its over $1k, 2 phones, better be no GST issues)

  • My LG G3 was bootloop and dead finally , i will stay away from LG

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