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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Minimum $75 Spend) until Midnight


Just confirmed on eBay Facebook Live again…
eBay 15% Sitewide
Confirmed LIVE NOW! Ends Midnight!

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Terms & Conditions

The Short story:

  • This Voucher is one time use only.
  • Maximum discount is capped at $300 dollars.
  • Up to a maximum of ten items can be purchased in a single transaction
  • Cannot be applied on these categories: Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Bullion (178078) and Gift Cards (172,009).
  • The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.

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  • +25

    Not again……….

  • Here are the terms

    Ends 11:59pm. Same terms as usual.

  • +1

    here we go again

  • I forgot, it's hump day again.

  • anyone have thoughts about pre-ordering the DJI Spark from specialbuys_warehouse?

    They claim to be an authorised DJI reseller…

  • maximum discount appears to be $300

  • +2

    One time use only. Make it count :)

    • +9

      Until the 15% off weekend bonanza.

  • +2

    I'm guessing there won't be a 20% so I'll grab my stuff tonight

    • +1

      I wouldn't hold my breath for 20% site wide.

    • I was holding back, I am not now — If that helps at all.

    • Maybe at the end of the month?

      • If so, It would be like a 1hour before midnight thing IMO.
        .. squeeze in those last customers that waited the entire month along the marketing ladder they had set out.

        • I'm expecting this too, but gotta get the items in in time for my flight (for GST refund) :D

    • Actually gonna wait.
      Coupla weeks to go.

  • +2

    Don't know if I come for the bargain comments or the price jacking comments. :D

  • Is this the 7 PM deal?

  • Anyone recommended something to buy?

    • +27

      I've PMed you my wish list - thanks for asking 😀

      • +1

        Can you send it again? I'm really interseted in seeing it. My private message was set to off :(

    • WD Red 6TB + HP Elite Tower i7

  • Hoping for another 15% off again with a higher discount cap (i think it was up to $600 last week)

  • +27


    • +1

      I can

    • +11

      Seriously, how do I get banned from OzBargain???? What do I need to do??

      • Broden

      • quite easy check pm

      • +3

        Easy… Just tell everyone how you hate Eneloops.

      • +1

        Argue that AMEX-only deals deserve to be posts and don't belong in the forums. Double chances of banning if you do it during Christmas season!

      • +1

        Post naughty stuff. That'll get you kicked off for sure.

      • +1

        Dick pic

        • +1

          What if the pic is just 1 pixel?

      • You have to comment "thanks OP, cleaned out the whole of eBay"

      • Support jv and her comments on Ozbargain

  • +8

    They know how to play that psychological trick of making deals that go only for a short period of time. Less time = more pressure and impulse buying. Well played, eBay.

    • +10

      They have a team of psychologists working for them - called the Marketing Department.

    • but.. I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING TO BUYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… though I think I'm alone in this…

      • I was not planning to buy anything until I came across the GoPro deal that TA posted. Didn't waste a second. :)

        • +1

          If my gopro didn't spend so much time in the drawer I would have too :)

        • @mit: I feel ya. There's a big chance that the one I've just bought will collect dust somewhere in my apartment too. Lol

        • I was expecting MJ.. but thanks.

  • Can this be used on auction items?

  • +3

    Meh, no rush. I'll wait for 20% off next Wednesday night.

    • +15

      I'd laugh if they release a measly 5% off code: YOUGOTROLLED

  • Annoying it's not able to be used on travel luggage :(

  • missed the gaming desktop and wish to move to the master race…would someone be so kind to suggest me a gaming desktop for 1k? no screen required

    • +2

      Ugh, I guess… In parts?

      • I actually would enjoy doing a home build, not after a Ferrari just a Volvo that would get me there

        • +5

          MSY Stock Pricing - This is a very 'current' build.

          CPU: Ryzen 1500X $249
          Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming Pro $120
          RAM: 8G Kit (4Gx2) 2400 Kingston HyperX FURY $99
          GPU: 4G GTX 1050 Ti Galax OC $197
          SSD: Crucial MX300 275G $135
          HDD: Seagate 3.5" BarraCuda 7200rpm 1TB $65
          Case and PSU: Antec 500W PSU VSK3-500 $77
          Windows: Win 10 $139

          T ~ $1081

        • +1


          Alternatively, if you want to take advantage of the ebay sale - $908 for i7 7700, GTX 1050 2gb, 8gb ram 2133 ram.


        • +2

          @eskylidder: This guy is correct in terms of taking advantage of the deals as far as I can see.. but the one thing to keep in mind is that they will perform very close to each other for quite a while, the parts I linked are much more future proofed though, up to how you want to spend.

          Feel free to ask anything else.

  • Dang, coulda saved ~$2 if I placed my order now instead of over morning tea today :|

    CLAP10, more like CANNOYED10, amirite?


  • +1


  • I only want something for $30, anyone want to share an order?

  • -1

    Bullshit. No Bullion ….again

  • +2

    - Intel 7600k
    - gigabyte K3
    - kingston 16gb
    About $70 less than I was about to pay at msy. Despite being pita to rma…

  • +3

    this i7 7700k comes down to $292USD delivered from the States, or $385AUD. Not sure if this comes with the 3yrs international warranty though…

    • -1

      Possibly the last good 7700k deal before halal mal's netflix tax.

      • +1

        Apparently, Amazon has already starting to include the tax.
        It shows " Price + $x Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Australia"

        • Yeah… Started a year or two ago.

  • any macbook deal?

  • Anyone (did a quick google and couldn't find much) think the ThinkVision X1 will be okay with a dell XPS 9350 13". I care about
    - screen quality first (4k at 60hz)
    - usb hub second
    - charging third (nice but im not too fussed)


    • i use it with my 15" mbp only downside is that you only get usb 2.0 when the screen is at 4k

  • Here is the facebook live video: it's awful and amzing…

    • Oh dear…

    • I'm trying to distance myself from that! Ugh!

  • *checks for any MacBooks from MYER, nope all gone from 10% deal.

  • has anyone ordered or deal with AU trading_centre before. their camera prices are pretty good.

  • So, should I buy a Oneplus 3T for $475 after discount now or or wait to see what happens with prices after the 5 is released? Currently have a Galaxy s6, and have had enough.

    • +1

      Just get it. It's a lot of phone for $500, a steal at $475. I use a S8 now but I still yearn for the company of my 3t which I unfortunately broke during a hike.

      • +1

        I miss my oneplus 3 over my current phone too.. Just do it man, Seconded.

    • That is a ripper price for 3T. Doooo eeeet!!

  • Spent $4100 and got $300 off with the 10% deal, the 15% deal would also have given me the $300 off too. Same same either way.

    • Unless you could have split the purchase.

  • Knew this was coming however I don't think they will give us 20% site wide. Maybe on the the day when Amazon official opens shop here

  • Great, about two hours too late in seeing this… Oh well, got 10% off.

    • I did this but one day ago with Apple Pencil from Myer. Lucky me, coz that item is now sold out when this deal started.

      • well then it was a win for you you missed out on this deal :)

        • Never buy from eBay when it had only 10% off we know from past records they can do better

        • @neonlight: and past record has shown that 20% off sales = price jacking….. So 10% off is often cheaper and covers EVERY seller. Not a fixed list. This 15% beast is nice too, oh well. only 5% diff. I'll live.

        • @JimmyF:

          Is it only some sellers that have been found to be price jacking? I was spooked off taking the plunge on a lens from Teds Cameras during the last 20% off, but I see their prices haven't changed since then :-(

        • @kiitos: Not all seller ramp the price up. You just need to be aware of the prices to see if they do or don't.

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