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Kogan - 65" 4K LED TV for $799 + Shipping (Was $949, Save $150)


Built with a stunning Samsung panel
Ultra HD 4K 3840 × 2160 resolution
LED technology – save space and energy
PVR – pause, record and rewind live TV
USB media playback
USB 2.0 × 1
HDMI input x 4
VESA mount capable – achieve a sleek, space-saving finish

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  • Only available to some areas of Sydney and Melbourne.

    • Only Melbourne now

  • That's not bad!

    Had a Kogan TV in the house for 8+ years, with about 5+ hours use a day.

    • What happened afterwards?

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        Won a free sony one that was bigger

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    How do these compare with your name brands? Surely with that big a price difference there must something lacking?

    • Software… Kogan software is terrible. Frequent crashes and restarts, Upscaling is bad etc

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        Can you get around it with chromecast or similar? Or does the entire interface just go stupid?

        • Keen to know whether also.
          Someone who knows, please help out

        • @Jonski: I bought two xaomi mi boxs and paired it to both of my 4k kogan tv (43inch and 49, 49 has a better colour) and they look amazing, just spend 20 minute adjusting the picture when you set it up the first time and it's perfect.

        • @steveozdealcomp: thanks steve. I've been eyeing out the xiaomi 3 box. Glad to hear you recommend

        • My father's Kogan set crashes every 3rd time you switch input to HDMI (his chromecast) so it does affect it. It has to reboot the entire set, so you have a 2-3 minute wait.

          It's a pain the ass but if you're ok with waiting etc then it should be OK.

        • @bunnybash: Sounds like he got a dudd? Warranty? We have them at work and got 1 or 2 out of 8 replaced under warranty.

        • @mit: He tried and they just kept making him update the software… no luck on it being any better. This is the second time I've experienced terrible software on Kogan TVs.

          I just think the hardware, sourcing decent panels is easy enough, but creating the software to get the most out of the panels is the hard part that Kogan cuts corners.

          If Kogan just figured out how to put Android TV on there it would be a much better idea, that way they could just do something vanilla Android (no one else is really doing vanilla) so they would stand out. They would have to put in more expensive processors etc to make it run well, but if the software was amazing, they could get away with charging a bit more I think.

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    Not bad for the price, but no HDR…

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      You should probably do some reading on HDR. It's not what you think. There are few sites worth reading for reviews of TVs, but here's one of the few that I respect.

      "Sony, like all of its competitors, claims that its mid-range XD85 supports HDR (high dynamic range). However, XD85 does not have the hardware to reproduce HDR "

      In my honest opinion, most review sites either have incompetent reviewers, or are paid shills. I was very impressed with this site (flatpanelshd) when I discovered it a few days ago. While this is not talking about Kogans, it discusses (in another article) that HDR is a letdown on most TVs. I'm not picking on Sony. I originally found the quote when I wanted to find out more about Sony.

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    $88 delivery 🙄

  • Tempting, don't know if i need a tv of that size though..

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      Yeah, I was thinking it was a bit small too. 😉

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    Would this be good for a bedroom TV. Viewing distance about 5 meters?

  • Just be aware:
    Like the Giant Aldi 4k TV, Your favorite Blu-Ray Movies will look great.

    However, some Free-to-Air TV stations that don't yet broadcast in HD (This becomes an issue especially in regional areas) will look REALLY bad as the picture is upscaled (i.e pixels just enlarged).

    It's not a massive issue for some poeple, but just take that into consideration when calculating the Wife Approval Factor.

    • I only really watch free to air, some downloads, a little Netflix, not much else. Would something like this be an overkill to replace my old 50" semi-HD plasma then?

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