This was posted 6 years 5 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bcbgeneration down Jackets $8.48, Hawke & Co. Various Coats $6.48 @ OzSale [New Members Only]


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  • Anyone know what the ETA is for Standard Delivery? Is this shipped from China?

    • They'd certainly be losing a lot of money by shipping locally. Even shipping from China I dunno how they can break even unless the jackets are compressible into tiny little packages and weigh next to nothing.

    • When I've bought from Ozsale delivery was quick and received item within a few days.

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      Between 1 to 2 weeks.

      • Thanks :)

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      From the product pages:
      Estimated Delivery
      26/06/17 - 30/06/17

      So sometime next week

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    Could you post some info about the jackets? I don't want to sign up just to read the description. Are they anything that might actually keep you warm?

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    Bought one jacket…will see how it goes (assuming it's ladies, can pass it on to somebody else. :)

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    Down, down, jackets are down.

  • Grabbed one. See how it goes. Thanks for posting OP.

  • Thanks heaps OP; bought a jacket for my daughter.

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    Looking at a previous OzSale expect some sizing and/or quality issues. Good deal for referrers.

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      Are you suggesting that you refer yourself for a new account, then buy a jacket with that new account, and then "buy" 2 jackets with the original account using the referral credit?

      • No,interesting idea though. The new account would need to make a purchase too.

        • minimum spend by the new account is $40 to get the $20

        • So using the referral here for purchases under $40 is useless to the referrer?

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    I bought a gunmetal grey BCBG jacket in the last deal. Description doesn't mention that it is packable (comes with it's own bag). I haven't worn it yet but I think it would be a medium warmth. Actually looks better in real life, the pictures make it look a bit shiny. Great for the price, Ozsale had the same jacket advertised in other parts of their website for $39, Amazon was $110. Delivery was a bit over a week to Melbourne and it was just in a satchel (not compressed). I also got the boys Hawke@Co Jacket, this will be super warm! Both jackets were true to size and good quality with authentic tags etc. Alot of items I have bought from this sale recently appear to be overstock from Macys.

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      i got that one too, its pretty warm, but I had a pretty severe allergy reaction to that jacket :(

  • Are the credit card transaction processed locally or do I need to a card free of os fees?

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      It's an Aus company

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      Are you seriously worried about a 3% fee on this deal?


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        This is OzB isn't it? Besides, I don't want CC providers getting any additional money out of me on principle.

  • Yesterday it was a Kenneth Cole down jacket. I make a habit of checking these sales every day now.

    • how can you check if you are existing member as you won't see it coz only new member can see it after sign up. right?

      • You can still check the link with an existing account, it just won't let you order it.

      • new ac

  • Created an account to try this out, but ended up not proceeding when I noticed that, at checkout, the site requested authorisation to recurring payments from the site to my Paypal account. Am not comfortable with this, as I had expected to authorise just a single payment (I haven't chosen the 4x payment option). Indeed I don't know why paypal has this "recurring payments authorisation" thing, as this to me is defeating the main advantage of using paypal over credit cards.

    • You can disable it afaik

      • Can you share where/how to disable it?

        • paypal settings > payments >managed pre-approved payments

        • @tf2manu994: Thanks for the pointer. This is where previous authorisations can be canceled. I was hoping that there's a setting to disable this recurrent payments feature for my account, i.e. automatic rejection of any such requests from merchants, so that I cannot accidentally click yes without even knowing about it, as the recurrent authorisation screen could be easily mistaken as the "normal" payment authorisation screen.

    • I guess Paypal sees autopayment as an advantage that credit cards have over them and therefore are emulate it. It would be attractive to some merchants just as direct debit. It would be nice if they gave you a blanket option to refuse them I suppose. You can remove the authorisation easily enough - I did one a while back in order to remove a credit card on file with a site and then immediately cancelled it. Like you I despise the thought of people putting their hands in my pockets and taking out whatever amounts they feel like - which btw anyone who knows your bank account number can do - since the bank only cares if you complain and will only see your direct debit agreement if you dispute a payment. I do cave occasionally for a good deal with someone I think is reasonably trustworthy but the linked accounts have respectively next to nothing and nothing in them. I prepay the latter merchant before the direct debit becomes due anyway.

      • I agree with all the things you said. I did search the PayPal site where they do say you can cancel a recurring payment but that apparently needs 3 business days notice. The main reason I use PayPal is the perceived security offered by the single authorisation model. If PayPal thinks the merchants are more important then I guess I'd be using PayPal less - not that they care though as I'm just a small customer.

        • Your issue is really with the merchants who want automatic billing. It seems pointless for a single payment purchase. Perhaps the idea is to encourage impulse buying. Some people seem to like automatic payment as direct debit is quite popular.

          I don't know the specifics of notice paypal require for autopayments. I also remove my credit card details from Paypal if I don't expect to be using it again within the next day or so which is something you might consider if you're worried about a charge being made during the notice period. Could the 3 days be to cover a pending direct debit?

        • @Stingo: Exactly - it does seem pointless to me for Ozsale to ask for recurrent payment authorisation when I was just trying to make a single $8.48 purchase. That was why I didn't proceed.

          Don't know the reason for the 3 days but assume paypal have good reasons. I guess I can cancel the authorisation and remove CC details as suggested but feel that it's too much hassle - maybe I'd do it for something I desperately want…

  • I got the "32degrees" version from previous deal.

    Whole jacket is only 350g XL (I was expecting an Asian XL, but it really is big.)
    Fill-weight is not much so don't expect an amazing R-value. It is comfortable though, and looks good if not examined too closely.

    Stitching quality is not great, a number of visible defects. Possibly seconds, more likely a knock-off.
    I'm not game to try washing it.

  • Mine arrived this morning (ordered Fri 23/06) in an express post satchel.
    Quality much better than expected.

  • Ordered on Jun-23 and received my order pretty fast!

    Love the jacket! Soo soft and comfy to wear! Looks good too… Thanks OP! 😊

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