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Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S BFQ04RM Dual USB Bluetooth || Preorder @ Banggood: US $21.99 (~AU $29.78)


I have been using Previous model Roidmi 2S and it has been very impressive so far except built in microphone. This newest model is compatible with all cars and has some new features like battery monitor, Navigation broadcast. Previous Roidmi models have poor built in microphone. I have to scream most of the times during a phone call. I hope this microphone problem is fixed in this version.

Main Features:
Dual USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously
Intelligent noise cancelling, HD sound for you
3.4A dual ports with high performance, conversion rate up to 95 percent, charge devices with fast speed
Bluetooth wireless connection, one time to pair and restart automatically
Real time to monitor the voltage, deliver alarming message when it occurs abnormal situation
tretchable iron pieces for better connection and not easy to cut off

Model: 3S
Color: Black
Input ( Car Charger ): DC 12 - 24V
Output ( Car Charger ): DC 5V 2.4A x 2 ( Max. 3.4A )
Apply To Car Brand: Universal
Working Temp.(℃): 10 - 60 Deg.C
Dimension and Weight
Product weight: 0.0400 kg
Package weight: 0.1200 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 5.30 x 2.50 x 2.50 cm / 2.09 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 10.50 x 10.50 x 5.00 cm / 4.13 x 4.13 x 1.97 inches

Package Contents:
1 x Car Charger

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  • Just a word of caution that I bought this but it doesn't fit my 2014 Camry's lighter socket.

    • The 2s had the flat-bottomed plug. This 3S has the spring-loaded sides and bottom terminals which means it should fit in all cigarette lighters.

      • I have the 2s and official Roidmi splitter to use the thing in my VE Commodore, but every time I use it, the app annoys me with a battery overcharge warning - as the voltage it's getting is closer to 14v.

        I don't think the 3s will be any better. And, weren't they promising the shake function to switch tracks? The iOS version of the app hasn't been updated for yonks and I think it still doesn't have that feature.

        So, I got sick of the voltage warning beeping every 15 minutes and went back to using a Belkin 3.5mm cable from my headphone jack to the AUX input on my stereo. Might not be an elegant solution, but the audio quality is far better and it sure beats the almost $1700 it'd cost to get the standard tuner replaced in my VE (stupid thing has the AC and climate control integrated into the one system).

    • +2 votes

      You're referring to the older 2S model. This is a preorder for the newer 3S model.

  • $27 is cheap for this I reckon.

    My GP wanted $400 for hemorrhoid removal and his device didn't come with Bluetooth or USB.

  • Beside the change in physical design, what are the improvements over the older version?
    I had to modify my 12v socket to use my 2s :-(

    • I think as yojabba metioned it should fit in all.

      I know OP mentioned he hopes microphone will be fixed but i doubt it. I think big part of microphone problem is size and position It s tiny mic and most people lighter socket is no wear near the steering wheel/dash which is wear it should be so it will pick up your voice the best.

      I can't find any reviews online.

  • Does this provide better sound than FM transmitter?

    • I'm pretty sure it is FM transmitter still.

      • It is an FM transmitter. The sound on this thing is as good as FM transmitters get. I have owned several including a Belkin.

        • I see. I havr Belkin now but not impressed by it. Might get one..

        • @nubzy: I had a Belkin. The first version of the Roidmi, which I have now, is much better.

        • @thecrevis - is the FM transmitter stereo or mono please? I had a cheap bluetooth FM transmitter but it was mono only. Thank you.

        • @gizmomelb: I'd imagine it's stereo but you have access to exactly the same spec list as me so you'd have to check it out

        • @thecrevis: ahh I thought you had one, there is no mention at all of stereo FM transmission in the spec list, which is why I was caught out with a similar device and found out after I'd bought it from ebay that it was mono FM only.

  • I bought one of these as well for my 2004 Subaru Outback. It works in the main console connection, but not in the spare one in the center console. Still is an amazing and the sound quality is awesome. App works well and auto connects to bluetooth in seconds, plays from Pandora automatically.

    Great investment for a car that doesn't have bluetooth connectivity

  • No good, doesn't have QC2.0 or QC3.0

  • Agh! I ripped my centre console apart to replace the cigarette socket so the second version would work. Now number three has come out !

    • lol isn't that a bit excessive. wouldn't you have been better with just going for a new car audio player?

      • Aahah. You would think so. I have tried a few in the past and the Roid Mi has the best quality of the ones I have tried. I also love that it is Bluetooth. It was a good weekend project. The gf was not impressed that I have the car in bits.

  • Price is now 29.78

  • +3 votes

    I'm confused- is this thing an FM transmitter with a bluetooth receiver? Worth updating the op

    • this device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and connects to your existing car stereo via Fm transmitter to make a link between your phone and car stereo so you can hear/listen calls/music on your car speakers. Especially designed for cars that doesn't have Bluetooth functionality.


      A quick review for you…

  • Can someone explain what this thing does? Read the product page and came away even more confused?

    Is it an in car bluetooth kit, or does it just allow you stream music? If so via what speakers - car or in built to the device?

    • this device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and connects to your existing car stereo via Fm transmitter to make a link between your phone and car stereo so you can hear/listen calls/music on your car speakers. Especially designed for cars that doesn't have Bluetooth functionality.


      A quick review for you…

  • Wondering to upgrade

    I have the 2s and bought an adapter for it to work in the dentre console…

  • Thanks! I just preordered one.

  • I've got a 2s and found it to be far superior to use than the previous generic Chinese device I had. It also sounds nice

  • I'm doubtful that the mic is going to much chop. Older cars have a lot of ambient noise (esp on the highway). Consequently higher end head-units include an external mic to be mounted at head level (e.g. sunvisor). OEM manufacturers do the same thing and stick a mic on the ceiling.

    12v sockets tend to be located at the bottom of the centre console which means any mic mounted down there will pick up a LOT of road noise.

    • Would be better if the mic was external cable that you could run. My lighter socket is down in the passenger footwell so would be impossible to hear me from down there. Good for music playback over FM I guess though.

  • Real time to monitor the voltage, deliver alarming message when it occurs abnormal situation

    I wonder what "alarming message" it delivers?!

  • Do you need to install an iOS/Android app to get this to work?

    Also the "arrive on July 25" is that when they expect the preorder to ship?

    • You need to install the app to set the FM broadcast frequency. It also allows you to change the colour of the LEDs inside (to match your instrument panel). Once that's done you won't have to use the app at all (the settings save on the device).

  • finally,, a roidmi which is applicable to all cars as I have bought my roidmi 2s without realising its not compatible with my car =(

  • I have the Go,comma version of the 2S. Best FM transmitter I have ever used. I only notice interference at some traffic lights and near high voltage power lines. My ancient Camry has no AUX socket, let alone Bluetooth, so this is a cheap and entirely acceptable solution.

  • So I understand it's pre orders, but when will they be filled? There's no mention anywhere

    Edit, when you press pre-order it says 25th July! Then their slow shipping. So close to 2 months from now

    • Yes can we get confirmation for this? 25th July is when they are expected to receive the stock… And there's no guarantee it will come then, could be a delay (not uncommon) and plus the shipping from them to us. Quite a long time if pre-ordering today, to get the actual item :/

  • I have the original Roidmi and it's awesome, held off on 2s because of the mic issues. If 3s mic issues resolved I'll get one, so I'll wait for some reviews first.

  • Bought the 2s and it didn't work in my Mazda CX-7(2012 model IIRC).

    What adaptor did you guys end up getting?

  • does anyone know what the lowest possible operating frequency on these is? my jap car radio only does FM 76-90

  • Got mine today if anyone is wondering!

  • Finally received mine today. Plugged it into my car and downloaded the app. works well EXCEPT the app on my phone tells me theres an update for the roidmi. I clicked on update and nothing happens…

    • hi Pork Chop - so still trying to solve if the FM transmission on these things is stereo or mono - what's your experience with it please?

      • now that u asked, I went to check and the sound does sound like Mono to me although my car audio system is showing the FM channel is 'stereo'.

        Can I ask which music player app everyone is using if u have an android phone? I m using the android music player and it doesnt always auto play and I have to press play on my phone.

  • following up - the 3S DOES support stereo FM transmission, so I'm very happy with it.

    Observations are:

    • the Roidmi app says there is a firmware update, but I cannot get the update to work at all.
    • I cannot change the default frequency of 96.4 using the app, it is dimmed and cannot be selected.
    • FM transmission appears to be amplified, ie: I had to lower the volume from my mobile otherwise the music was clipped when played through the car speakers.