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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Gaming Headset $159.20 @ JB Hi-Fi


Not the cheapest on OzBargain. I got mine from Amazon UK @ £78.90

Very cheap price for local stock. Especially the white version.

Credit to ThePriceMatchGuy for forum post Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G933 Vs G533 : Who Wins and Why?.

Part of JB Hi-Fi 20% Gaming Accessories

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  • Good price, and thankfully 100% local supply, so local warranty.
    I am on my 3rd set after my first two had issues. Logitech replaced them quickly each time.

    Don’t think I would buy them again, but at this price, it’s difficult to beat for a good wireless headset. I would have to spend a lot more to get better.

    • How is the mic quality? I've heard mixed reviews on this. More in particular, how does it handle background noise? I am upgrading from a Turtle Beach Stealth 400, so I assume this will be better?

      • As in, my background noise? Not sure, I make damn sure there is no noise around when I play. Hate it when others have a tonne of noise around when in a party.
        Overall, a huge improvement in every way over my Turtle Beach PX5s. I used my Bose QC20s for a good period too, which had far better clarity than the TBs, but shite bass. The G933s are very clear, good bass, good battery life (once you turn the LEDs off). I have had no complaints on the other end about my mic level.

        My first set had a failure of one speaker, and the mic wouldn’t mute when raised. Second set wouldn’t really turn off, battery had to be disconnected to turn back on (they auto turn off after 10mins of no audio). 3r set had hiss in one speaker for a couple of days, sometimes, but since then all good. So I know have two spare batteries, and ear cup replacements if I ever wear them out.

        If buying again, I would probably spend over double on one of the stupid expensive sets instead of these again. On a budget, I would get these again. Also good for Slim consoles without optical, as it uses USB transmitter.

        • Can the LED's be turned off when using on PS4? Also, am I able to tinker with the Presets/ button map on PC even though I will be using them on console?

          & by background noise I mean like a fan?

        • @ThePriceMatchGuy:

          Yes, there is a button on the headset to go through the different colour options, or just off. You can also set it to be off on the software, that requires a Windows PC.
          When I turn mine on, they automatically cycle through a few colours and then it has them all off.

          I have had no complaints, or any comments re background noise.

        • @snuke: Been using them for the past two days on my PS4, amazing quality and comfort. Only complaint is can you lower the game volume coming to the headset while keeping in-game chat high? For example Overwatch?

        • @ThePriceMatchGuy:

          No, this headset does not have separate volume controls, it will have to reply on the game or use the PS4s slider in the quick menu to adjust priority from one to the other, or maybe that is only for party chat, not game chat.

    • What Issues did you have out of interest? I have been having issues with mine not unmuting and the cable that came with it has been giving me grief.

      My cousin also has the same headset and he hasn't had problems.

      Other than my problems a few notes as a review:
      We've both been happy with the sound quality through the headset and the mics.
      The battery appears to last for a decent amount of time and it recharges relatively quickly. (I turned all the lights off for extra battery time)
      Range is pretty far although my house is quite open - I can get about 10 meters before the connection becomes unsteady (disconnects and reconnects intermittently)

      The only reason I went for this headset instead of a different one at the time was the programmable buttons - I wanted to walk around the house and be able to press a "push to talk" button on the headset. Although now I just use voice activated broadcasting so in all likelihood I would go for a different headset in the future - which is a product of the problems I have been having with the headset.

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    Thanks for the mention Tony, didn't have to! blushes

  • From my research, this is not a good headset.

  • After going through 3 Logitech headsets in about 6 years (each one broke at the hinge connector to the band/earcup) I dont think I would buyn another logitech headset.

    • It can happen to anyone, if you don't drop them/ take good care of them they shouldn't break. Sometimes people are just unlucky with things like this.

    • So a headset every two years? That sounds pretty decent to me, depending on how heavy your use is.

      • Everyday, which was my reasoning for always buying another pair, but I still feel they would last longer if they were built a bit sturdier.

        • but I still feel they would last longer if they were built a bit sturdier.

          Absolutely, but what can you expect from a sub ~$150 pair of headphones?