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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headset £78.90 (~AU $132), Asus GTX1070 Turbo £300.38 (~AU $502) Delivered @ Amazon UK


Woah this is cheap, lowest price I've ever seen for this headset. VAT is removed at checkout to bring the final price down.

Combine with £15 Amazon UK credit for £7.99 via Audible deal for an extra £8.01 off.

  • Sound performance, personalised for you
  • Pro-G audio drivers and 7.1 surround sound
  • Works with PC, consoles, mobile and most home theatre devices
  • Customisable lighting, G-keys, tags and sound
  • Simultaneously answer calls, play music and communicate in game

(Backorder) ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Turbo 8 GB GDDR5 VR Ready Graphics Card - Black £300.38 (~AU $502)

Lowest price I've ever seen a 1070, if you can put up with that annoying blower cooler.

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  • I think it only provides stereo if connected to PS4.

    • Yeah I have this. The surround sound is Digital, as in, requires a pc. Still works as a gaming headset + mic on xbone and ps4 though too, just have to plug it in via the mic jack.

      • are you sure you have to plug it in? i watched a youtube review which said you didnt and only had to plug the dongle into the console.

  • I wanted a reason to upgrade from the G930 but all reviews say it's just a refresh rather than an upgrade.

    • I retunred my g930 almost three days later because of the severe amount of connection drop. I'm currently happy with my PS4 headset which is working perfectly to me but at this price i'm having some deep thought about it.

      • Don't get me wrong, if you don't have the G930 then I would highly recommend getting a set of these if you need something wireless. Apart from the pleather degrading and having to replace the earcups my G930s have been going strong for years, so if these are a refresh then they're worthy at this price.

      • The 930 was known for a connection drop. The 933 fixed this issue. It is a decent gaming head set and the price is incredible!

  • i looked at these and just went with the steel series arctis 7.

  • Wow that is seriously cheap. I paid about $200 with an ebay discount when it was new, and that was a good deal at the time.

    The basic wireless audio streaming works really well with no dropouts to speak of. It can dynamically alter audio quality with signal strength so it works across my house.
    The lighting effects are flat-out retarded, the unit is pretty ugly and bulky and the headset will drain dead flat overnight if not manually switched off.
    The battery is removable and replaceable and the usb receiver can be stowed in the headset (neat!).
    The surround sound features don't work on all devices.

    I'd recommend the headset.

    • Yup, I bought the G933 for $215 a few months back and for $132 this is an absolute steal. Great gaming headset.

  • Damn just bought the Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1 Gaming from SE for $369 less TRS. I knew I should've waited for Cyber Monday :(

  • Cheers OP.

  • when i select the change region box why australia is not on the list?

  • Does anyone know what shipping times are like from the UK atm?

    • Just bought a pair. I live in regional Queensland. Estimated delivery: 5 Dec. 2016 - 10 Dec. 2016.

      Should be a day or two quicker if you live in a capital city.

  • Looks like the 1070 is eligible for a free copy of watch dogs 2

  • Man thanks for sharing! Just got a pair, bargin!

  • Nice one lyl

  • Anyone know if the surround sound works pretty accurately on the PC?, do you get a sense of the 7.1 surround or is it just simulated?

    • My g930 on surround made a definite difference for directional noise

    • TBH I've never found a surround sound headset that gives me a real sense of true directional sound (for example, sound that seems like it's coming from right behind you). I'm not sure it's really possible anyway, since they're just headphones and not actual speakers positioned behind you.

      It's definitely a lot better than just stereo headphones or speakers though. As far as gaming headsets go, the G933 is great — every bit as good as the Astro A40.

  • thanks. ordered.

  • The g900 is also this price for anyone else interested

  • Bought me one just now, thanks for the awesome find :-)

  • Thanks for this. Been waiting for the price to drop on these. I couldn't be bothered with the audible discount as it seemed a few people had issues with unsubscribing.

    • Hadn't read into unsubscribe issues but I did to add I didn't realise until I saw an audible payment then checked back and it had been for two months. Went on chat and got refunded.

  • Just picked a set of the G933 up. They're never going to be as good as my other wired headphones, but I just want some freedom when gaming! Thanks OP.

  • Thanks. Bought the G633 for $150 (eBay 20% sale) for my brother in-law and I've been pining over them ever since. This is great at ~$135

  • Dam $500 for a 1070!

    Do you think they will be cheaper after Xmas?
    I dont see it getting much use before then

  • Anyone know if this headset would work with a wii u? Or even the switch when it comes out?

  • So this is just stereo headset for consoles? Not true 7.1 surround for XB1/PS4 ??

    • There is no true 7.1 for PC players either, it only has two speakers. It’s fake 7.1 for PC.
      There was a headset a few years ago, may still be around, that had several 10mm drivers in the ear cups. Result was craptacular.

  • Thanks! I stepped on (and broke) my wired ones a few years ago so about time I bought some new ones! Thanks <3

  • Bought 2, thank you OP!

  • is it ok to have 2.4ghz 2cm from your brain for 4+ hours at a time?

  • thanks OP; recently had my headset break; an old turtle beach PX3; so about time for an upgrade!

  • Has anyone had their order for a G933 processed yet? I ordered when the OP posted and am stuck at preparing to dispatch. Chars

    • yes mine has tracking and says its on its way, supposedly will be here on monday

      • mine arrived today ha i win

        • Mine just arrived today and so far i like it the range is better than my wireless Logitech F540 headset and i hope the random USB disconnections are gone as well!

          PS. The LED lights are cool when you are turning them on for the first time i just disabled them straight away lol.

  • Been looking for a headset was either this or the seinnheiser game zero for my ps4

  • Expired its now £97.18