Social Dilemma

I'm flying to Melb in a couple weeks.

My flight arrives at 2pm. I plan to catch up with someone I've only ever met through the phone. He's a corporate professional who helped me get a job. He's about 25 and works in the city in professional services.

I want to just thank him etc. But I want to meet him at around 3 or 4pm. I don't drink alcohol, so I prefer not to go to a pub (I'll be fine but I'm sure he'll feel awkward)

What can we do instead? It's too early for dinner and too late for lunch. Is a coffee catch up suitable for that time of day?

Any other suggestions? Thanks guys


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    Also, what's a suitable gift ?

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        As a thank you for getting him the job, probably. Did the same for my old manager who got me into the department I'm currently in

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        Common decency

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          Oh the irony, haha.

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      Guylian Belgian Chocolate Shells…

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        I would love someone to buy me those! :D

      • Or property on Mars

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      If he drinks, buy him a scotch bottle. As for where to go, cafe is probably best, but if he likes drinking, go to a fancy bar and order a mocktail for yourself. I know the city like back of my hand. Let me know if you need any help with cafes or bars.

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        Surprise: anonymous01s hands has only palms.

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          Surprise: I have no arms.

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          @anonymous01: or balls o.O

        • @Slippery Fish:

          did you just assume their gender?

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    • A watch.
      Get him a watch.

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    You could always suggest a tea or coffee — it's a bit late in the day, but it beats the pub, especially if you don't drink and you plan to chat.

    As for a gift, a nice bottle of red wine would probably be suitable. Even if he isn't a frequent drinker, it could always be brought out for a special dinner which he could share with family or friends.

    • Thanks! I was thinking a coffee catch up but it's really late in the day for that :/

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        A coffee catchup doesn't have to mean coffee. He might just grab an arvo tea pastry or something. At that time I think a coffee shop is your best bet.

        I also agree with a decent bottle of red.

        No one ever complains when they get free coffee or wine.

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          No one ever complains when they get free coffee or wine.

          I don't ever drink either coffee or wine.

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          @ItsMeAgro: wow, your missing out..

        • @ItsMeAgro: Same here - so it's "no-one except Agro and me ever complains when they get free coffee or wine" :-)

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          @pjetson: You shouldn't really complain anyway. A nice bottle of wine is one of the best re-gifts! PM me and I'll shoot you my mailing address.

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          @QW3RTY: You can't seriously think I'm going to pay the postage to you, do you? I'm an Ozbargainer!

        • @pjetson: Me three…

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          @nubzy: I don't do Drugs.

        • @lainey13: Me four!

      • Really?

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        3-4pm is perfect for a coffee catch up. I go for a coffee break at that time every day.

      • There's no such thing as 'too late' for coffee in Melbourne.

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    I'd want to go get ice-cream. Maybe that sounds too much like a date, though…

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    Coffee is not odd for a professional at 3 or 4 pm.

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      Completely agree

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      Yeah, as a professional at 3 or 4pm you've still got another 5 hours of work left to do.

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        3-4 is about a time for another mental break

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        Sounds like you don't work for the government.

        • I completed a 6 month secondment into a government department a few years ago. Living the dream in there. I've worked for a few different large international consultancies, and across them all, hardly anyone leaves at 5, maybe the business assistants and receptionist.

        • It depends in what department and in what capacity you are working. When I was a legal intern at a prominent department in Canberra not long ago, it was not uncommon for the lawyers to start at 8am and leave at 6.30pm (and sometimes much later during politically eventful periods). Obviously much better than the 70 hours the average uni student or graduate lawyer puts in, however.

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        As a professional, I leave at 5…

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          Completely agree. If you're working until 8-9pm you're not a professional, you're getting screwed.

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          I dunno, I think the working professionals mostly get screwed after 10 PM.

        • @fieldo85:

          That's one more hour per day than my peers and I spent studying whilst at university, for six-plus years, yet we weren't getting paid (but paying the university). For our efforts, only half of us ended up securing relevant work during the year after graduation. So the modern day professional doesn't have it that bad!

      • so some would make you believe, but its not true.

    • Sometimes I would have 6 or 7 coffee meetings a day, it's completely normal and often preferred

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    I always get $2 coffee at happy hour (after 3)

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      no such thing as a $2 coffee in Perth… unless I have a coupon for a maccas one…
      never heard of happy hour for coffee…

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        My place does flip for free between 2 and 3. Flip a coin and call heads or tails, if you get it you drink free if not, you pay.

      • Checks out username!

        7/11 always has a $1 cofee :)

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      Yeah mine used to do that now they give discounts if you bring your own cup instead.

      • love this!

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    Melbourne has really good cafes everywhere. So just coffee and cake will be appropriate for 3pm.

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    $3 large coffee for $1 @ 7/11 with ATM receipt

    keep it professional.

    • Drinking mine right now - these are saving me so much cash.

    • i don't support blatant disregard for workers minimum wages in australia. just sayin. is it any good anyway or do they mix diesel fuel into it?

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    Short Stop Coffee and Donuts - in the Melbourne CBD. Nice place for a coffee and some fancy donuts and they close at 5.30pm.

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      you're amazing - thankyou. I'll be heading there!

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    Are you male or female?

    Flight is scheduled to land at 2pm, I think you're better arranging a meeting time at 5pm to play it safe.

    You're going to be rushing to meet in the city at 3pm and the last thing you want to be doing is rushing or stressing that you won't make the appointment, or worst- being late.

    At 5pm, you can meet at a restaurant/pub and have a light meal, he can have a drink or meal, and you can have a light meal.

    If you wish to thank him, rather than a gift, just take him somewhere nice.

    • I'm guessing female to corporate male, given the 'social dilemma'. A pub or meal would stray too close to personal than professional given OP has only spoken to Mr. Will second a bottle of wine, for want of something else.

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      Thanks mate.

      I'm a male. I think you're right. I'm now tossing up between a cafe at 4pm or a light snack, early dinner at 530pm.

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        If you want a vaguely higher-end feeling place, Calia in Melbourne Emporium.
        They do teas/coffee and pastries, but also really nice for a sit down meal.

        • Would recommend Calia, amazing coffee and service. Affordable luxury

  • intrigued as to how you met him via the phone.

    can't just go to a decent restaurant? he can then choose if he wants just a drink or a light meal or a proper meal.

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      I met someone at a networking night…and he introduced me to this bloke via email.

      • Nice!

      • What role/ industry did he set you up in?

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          Funnily enough, he set up in one of the big 4 accounting firms.

          But I didn't actually take the job. I had a competitor offer me somethign better haha.

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    Meet in a public space near some cafes and shops - hand over the gift and then suggest you can buy him a coffee or something and leave it up to him. He might know a cool spot to grab something.

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    would a BJ be out of the question?

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      Ben&Jerry's…too cold for ice cream imo.

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        BJ, um, not Ben&Jerry's, no, he means a Bachelor of Journalism

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          ahahaha I'm sure he means that ^

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        Well handled. 10/10

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      Found the guy.

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      Or wine….

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      I want ice cream.

      • …and the penguin said, "No, that's just ice cream".

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    Your place or his place after?

  • As others have said, going to a cafe in the afternoon is perfectly fine. Lots of places around to choose from, and people can have coffee or tea or even a hot chocolate (highly recommend the Chilli hot chocolate at Koko Black). If you want to give them a gift, then yes a bottle of wine is a good idea. Or even simply suggest paying for lunch sometime in the future - can always make a joke about it being McDonalds if the job turns out to be rubbish. ;-)

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    Do you not drink alcohol because you are too young?

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    Why not just give them a choice? - "Hey, I'd like to catch up with you when I'm in in Melbourne. Are you free around 4pm? We could grab a quick coffee or beer, whichever you prefer."

    No professinoal adult will feel uncomfortable if you order a lemondae while they have a beer.

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    Are their any 25 year old "corporate professionals"? You mean "graduate" right?

    • Anyone working for a corporation is technically a corporate professional.

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        Not in my book